Until Doss
Ed Sheehan and Chucky from rugrats
Book Worm
I don't see a resemblance between Ariana and Lola Bunny. Lola bunny is tall with a good figure and she's a damn bunny for crying out loud
This is sorta off topic but I feel like Prince would've been a spot on Jafar from Aladdin, no doubt about it
eleni sokali
Avan jojia is aladin
annie mayhem
You spelt Pratt with one t! Like idiot
Jodixo Robertson
I get a lot of people saying that I look like the princess from brave. I'm a Scottish redhead have long curly hair and blue eyes. Except in my profile picture for here.
carmen castillo
Jade Thirlwall looks like Jasmine
Daisy Leo
ok only amanda looks similar to rupunzel but the rest you made are so stupid they look nothing like each other such a waste of timeπŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’ btw did those celebs payed you to post this?
Onesie Kids
Peaton list and elsa. Like if you agree
harley quinn
kim looks nothing like jasmine !!!!!!
Michelle Tratchtenberg from Ice princess in the end when she goes down looks like Belle
she pronounced Amanda's last name wrong xD It's (SI-FRID) not (SEE-FREED)
Hello My friend
They just picked random people and dressed them up
Nadya Zalota
yEAh bRo
so weird just yesterday i thought about Chris Pratt looking like kristoff from frozen :'D that's definitely a twinning...but i dont agree with the rest
Royal Cookiez
Am i the only one who thinks Amanda seyfried looks like Karen from mean girls?
davidas davida
Only true look-alikes in this: Emma&Anna; 2:28
Amanda&Rapunzel; 1:58
Demi&Snow White; 1:15
Simply Jess
The only one that really looks alike is Amanda and Rapunzel
Albert Einstein
Oke.. I think this is creepy.πŸ˜…
Reese De leon
Ummm no to the jazmine
Essence Jelani
Not a sphenoid a sphen from frozen
Essence Jelani
That not a sphenoid person..coal is
Adrian Ruiz
Actually ariana really looks like lola!
funny hearts
Kim looks to fake and too much like plastic to be Jasmin
Sue Ramirez
Emma Stone is super twin in AnnaπŸ’‘πŸ’‘πŸ’‘πŸ’‘
the liiwa
cole labrant is twin kristofer from moovie frozen
Alexandra Selecktor
I actually see Cara Delevinvge in Rapunzel....
s. elmidaoui
+prof Gigglesworth you are so and extra right Γ bout kim
Jonah Hermenegildo
Who is Betty Boop?
Natary Pasta
I think Daisy Ridley should be snow white her face look really like Snow whiteβ™‘
Ly Leroy
Sarah Michelle Gellar made the perfect Daphne screwyou
PS. I want a live action Tangled with Amanda, even though it's gonna be haaaard to find a Flynn.
trinity sowers
Demi kinda looks like Betty boop
Kody Maxwell
Emma Stone and Anna from Frozen look alike, but I'm pretty sure Anna has blue eyes.
Billie-Jean Bellfield
Saniya Sadaf
Emma Stone
the song please?
Diana Whitney
How about Taylor Swift as Cinderella? Taylor have blonde hair and so does Cinder. Taylor have blue eyes and so does Cinder.
sarah smith
Oscar looks nuthin like Obama
sarah smith
I Rilly look so much like Ariana grande. B-)
barbie Mander
Aryana grandad! πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…
El Dee Ar Em
Chris Pratt looks more like Hans than Kristoff
Katelin ussery
kim does not look like jasmine at all
Ener Leal
payton list looks like elsa when payton does her hair in a braid
Melissa Sidiali
saying that ariana grande looks like lola means you Never heared of natalie dormer πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’
you read amanda seyfried wrong
Autumn Davis
Just because they have the same hair/skin color doesn't mean they're automatically "twins".
Island Rebel Makeup
I don't see most of these very much.
shaqueena real anrelate
uh i think rapunzel and ariana are the only one
emma stone and anna
Maria Sandoval
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