[Official] DinoCore | Dark Angel, Kaya! | 3D | Dinosaur Animation | Season 1 Episode 6

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‘Baryon,’ the great Dino Master of Dino Star, is defeated by the evil ‘Darkno’. 
Before he dies, he sends his three most trusted DinoCores: Tyranno, Saber and Stego, to Earth with the ancient guardian Dino Tuner. 
Many years after Baryon’s defeat, a carefree boy named Rex comes across the Tuner and becomes the new Dino Master. 
Meanwhile, Darkno takes over one planet after another and finally reaches Earth..

★Story Line - Season 1 Episode 6
Darkno’s spacecraft. Darkno is angered by the continued defeats. Someone approaches him from behind. 
“Your suffering is great. Darkno...” The owner of the voice is a proud, cool woman. 
Darkno comes face to face with his subordinate, ‘Dark Angel Kaya.’ Kaya says that one must approach a fight strategically 
and that she will get rid of the Dino Master. Darkno decides to leave Rex up to Kaya.

★Characters Introduction
- Rex: Carefree / Optimistic / Outgoing
Rex prefers to act on his curiosity rather than thinking them through. 
He is delighted at suddenly becoming the Dino Master who can rescue the world. 
He fights against Darkno with the help of his friends and DinoCores.

- John: Smart / Devoted / Loyal
John is an expert on Dinosaurs. He analyzes Darkno’s Dark Mech Dino and helps Rex defeat them successfully.

- Emily: Sweet / Passionate / Enthusiastic
Emily is always supportive of Rex. She is eager to help him become a great Dino Master. 

- Darkno: Evil / Ambitious / Greedy
A monster who desires the Dino Tuner and dreams of conquering the universe.

- Kaya: Mysterious
Darkno’s partner who shares his ambition of ruling the universe. 
She works as an undercover archeologist to spy on Rex.

- Tyranno Core: Loyal / Trustworthy
(Element: Fire, Skill: Attack)
The leader of DinoCores . He teaches Rex how to use the Dino Tuner.

- Saber Core: Rational / Stubborn
(Element: Electricity, Skill: Speed)
Saber finds it difficult to accept Rex as the new Dino Master.

- Stego Core: Tolerant / Kind
(Element: Earth, Skill: Gravity Hold)
He is confused between Tyranno and Saber’s attitude towards Rex.

- Dino Buster
(D-Buster / Mega D-Buster / Ultra D-Buster)
DinoCores can combine with each other  and other  Mech Dinos. 
The Robot features different skills and power depending on the elements.

- Mech Dino
Dark Mech Dino: Mech Dino which is possessed by Darkno’s Dark energy.
Mech Dino: The Dark Mech Dino must be purified back to Mech Dino.
Dino Disk: Mech Dino can be turned into a disk and used in battle. 

▷ FULL HD 3D Animation / Korean Animation / Dinosaur Animation
▷ Hope you enjoy this 3D animation by TUBA n.

i wonder if people Will be brought here cause of Kaya ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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