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On this episode of Breaking Trail, Coyote get’s SKUNKED! 

Well not exactly sprayed by a skunk but he has an epic encounter with one none the less! “Jungle” the skunk is as playful as they come and although she still has her musk glands fully intact there is no way she would actually “spray” the crew. She simply has way too much fun playing around!

Get ready to meet one of the friendliest Skunks in the world! 

Big thanks to everyone at Kids Saving the Rainforest for hosting the crew at this location. To find out more about their organization please visit their website -

*Kids Saving the Rainforest never lets the public touch or see the baby wildlife.  We only do so when the filming is to educate, which is our mission.  All wildlife caretakers were present during filming to guarantee the animal's well-being and assure to that they weren't under stress. Remember,  it is never acceptable to have a wild animal as a pet.

Breaking Trail leaves the map behind and follows adventurer and animal expert Coyote Peterson and his crew as they encounter a variety of wildlife in the most amazing environments on the planet! 

The Brave Wilderness Channel is your one stop connection to a wild world of adventure and amazing up close animal encounters! 

Follow along with adventurer and animal expert Coyote Peterson and his crew as they lead you on three exciting expedition series - Emmy Award Winning Breaking Trail, Dragon Tails and Coyote’s Backyard - featuring everything from Grizzly Bears and Crocodiles to Rattlesnakes and Tarantulas…each episode offers an opportunity to learn something new.
So SUBSCRIBE NOW and join the adventure that brings you closer to the most beloved, bizarre and misunderstood creatures known to man! 

GET READY...things are about to get WILD!   
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Carey Hill
The skunk is cute awwww
David Quitsch
"Mark come over here"..... and zoom in on this skunks anus.
flame grilled toast boy
coyote looks like ed stafford
John Mark Fernandez
hey cayodi haw do find some memec OCTOPUS
ocean da fox
instead of yo he just got dunked on yo he just got skunked on!!!
xXSliver_ JusticeXx
Me and my sister were going for a walk down our favourite forest. And we happened to come across a skunk. My sister screamed and ran, while it charged at us. I stood there with big eyes just looking how amazing it was. Now of course I was scared to the bottom of the earth, but I had more courage than my sister at least -_-. It ran around me constantly and didnt want me to leave. So I ended up walking home with a skunk that didnt spray me. My family screamed after I got home xD. And we ended up keeping the little fella. but he ran away once. And I was worried sick :(. Sadly he didnt come back for a whole 3 months. He came back and I cried for hours. THE END :D but His name was Riley. And yes I know its a boy.
Ghosty Megashark
Has braves wilderness worked with bear Grylls
Jessica Medina
l agree Darth
Julie Ward
He doesn't get sprayed,thank me later
Nicolas Kaique Da Silva Timm
ITS so kind and funny
"Thats a serious number two right there." 8:45
Milton Dalhov
Dig bick you read this wrong
Tammy Smithson
Do they have teeth?
Tammy Smithson
Hey be in the bite zone with a tiger (tiger bite your arm)
Chelsie Protz
Oh, she's making a pee... 😂
artiola jetullahu
Scary o:
GMAXX Gaming
So cute
Colleen Huy
I'm about to go to sleep 😴 😴😴😴good night
It's Crystal Gurl!
Why would you just stare at it while she's doing her business! Just gross!
Tailess Meah
now I think skunks are adorable cuz u said their playful
Hunter Cowart
Should've came to Eastpetersburg Pennsylvania it's full of skunks
Why do I instantly think honey badger? Too much farcry 4
Handy Catz
Coyote should do an episode with a puma.
Handy Catz
Sorry Coyote, tomato juice is actually just a myth.
Hello Army
A skunk
The Pro Gamer
Sry if i spell wrong
The Pro Gamer
So cyoute
Alfie Singleton
its funny becuse When it run after him it look funny
Even though They didn't get sprayed the episode was still really cool and funny
N&B Games
am I the only one that could smell jungles poop through the camera
grace garcia
grace garcia
in 100 years we found a dead dinosaur its big we know the dinosaur can eat a 2 little animals
in the 3 year we found a big track of dinsaurs and its
a big
grace garcia
hey cayote find a dinosaur skull its right at the desert
bun doriza
Coyote can you take jungle to be your pet
Harsh Riyat
lucky you did not get sprayed
DaPickledCronut Cronut
Yeah go to Australia it would be awesome
Lil Canon
now i want a pet skunk
Seth Begley
Oop! she's makin a pee!
Seth Begley
gosh coyote. dont you know skunkos hate to use their spray, and give copious warning before they do?, you silly--head.
nooraajinah hj jarai
I think your the first person who touch the skunk
I can't even explain how adorable that animal is
Yahaira Escobar
I have a pet sduk
Ashe The Husky
I had eggs this morning too Jungle!! :D
porfirio martinez
hi coyote my name is camila did you know skunks are some of them are nocturnal
Lisa Holmes
Jonah Jontilano
This is clickbait he doesn't even get sprayed by a skunk!
Th3 Sw3dish Fish
Have you caguht a honey badger?
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