David Baldock
I wonder why a Bear or a wolf would care about being sprayed. It’s not like they’re going out to a fancy restaurant.
Kola Leaf
people should call it Zebra Squirrel instead of Skunk what a bad name skunk is... -_-
Sian Eggins
Yuck💞love your channel very much
Sian Eggins
The skunk is really cute
Daniel Roden
She’s so cute! As well as the other mustelids!
Tim Herlihy
The skunk out here in Texas is blond as a bat it literally walked over my feet at night while I was walking the lawn, it has to be somewhat domesticated and come out around spring time, it's not even threaten by humans. It does however smell like burnt tires. The smell goes away after 12 hours because it sprayed out fence because it got stuck somewhere near the fence line barb.
master gamer Pringle
So cute
John Emil Bragais
Stefanie Adragna
You should enter a danger zone with wild zoo animals1
Jay Jon
this video is cool
Tyler O
Coyote: this is where the glands are located.
Camera douche: dare you to lick its skunk hole...
Coyote: *liiiiiiiiiiickkkkk
surisada palothaivara
Nico Gotoh
Now that I've watched the video, I want a skunk as a pet but that's risky
Johnatan Trujillo
It's so cute
Churned YT
Skunk spray smells so horrible.
Joshua Blair
You didn't get skunked
I Hate Ronnie 2k
I saw the poop while eating pizza 🤭🤮
sanoss gaming skeletons Skeloton
why do you have to show us the poo
CelestialGaming 6425
That was so cool
Andreas Edlef
Interesting to see there are other skunks than the ones from disney, not the sterotypical white - black striped ones
Emilio Pangilinan
She is so cute!
D Train
I was working on the house one time, and I figured I would call it a night. I laid down in bed and I heard, "Ahhhhhh!"
My mom walked out of her room and started screaming. I darted into the other room, and was like, "Whoa!"
There was a skunk standing there in the living room. Apparently, I hadn't nailed down the barrier as well as I thought I had, and it has slipped in. I looked at her and I said, "Go back into your room!"
I tip toed by it as it kind of freaked out and started chewing on the paneling, and I was saying, "Good skunk. It is okay skunk. Everything is going to be okay," and I made my way to opening the front door.
Funny thing, it never opened its stink gland the whole time. Then I crept back by it and went back into my bedroom doorway, and said, "Shew skunk. Shew," in a high pitched tone, "Shew. Go outside."
It was like it understood me and walked in that direction, and then walked right out of the door. It only had a slight smell, but it never was super afraid of me or my eyes would have been watering after it opened its stink gland, but it never happened.
“You guys can’t smell through your screen”
Well we can’t feel you being stung by bees, bit by ants, pinched by crabs etc etc but you do it anyways lmao

I guess he rather be hurt and stung by something than stink like a skunk. Wow it’s THAT bad huh?
prank wars
The skunk kind of is like a dog😁😁
Joshua Reaper
hi hello
Hi everyone hope you have a good day
Yes I think you want to be sprayed by a skunk
socratis christou
Do a episode with a seal
Leila Lionsmith
Jungle is so pure! She never runs out of energy!
Maria Dodson
Are you going to ever snatched enter the dangerous zone with the wolf
Devonte Green
Out of all the animals and creatures you get close up to and watch and touch you finally did a video that got me not leaving my phone for a minute or seconds break
Janet Donald
Janet Donald
at 3:59 nooo dont do dat!
Janet Donald
Janet Donald
give a skunk beans & onions in a burrito
Braedon Daman
Skunks make my brother look good
David Cruz
Posen dart 3
Can you do pit viper
Aleyda McQuade
Do it with the poison dart frog
She whores herself for an egg.
Chloë Brisson
What a cutie pie! Seeing her run around and chase Coyote is so precious. So curious and playful!
FireDragon Blood42
so cute!!!
My ex gfs vajayjay stinks worse then that.
Josue Lopez
The skunk looks so cute
Get up close a light blue scorpion coyote
Lealexie Y
coyote you should do a video with a giant panda please
rebecca Lastclark
Isnt she to tame to be released?
Wasim Rahman
You tamed an actual skunk😷😍
Wasim Rahman
Damn there cute
Ms Ladybug
One time I was caping and in the middle of the night a skunk was going through are garbage but lukely it wasn't bothered
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