Underground House - DIY | How to build a house under the ground

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Hey Guys!
You have asked us to make a house under the ground!
And today we’ll do it!
And if you, Yes, You haven’t subscribed to our channel yet make sure to do it right now.

Original: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LOW7_wB6ou4

Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound!

private private
Lame AF
David Tyler
When it rains the ceiling will rot and leak then cave in. Should of coated the “roof” with liquid rubber, it’s the same thing they use on camper roofs, didn’t frame it all that well either so the walls will most likely cave in too. Cool idea though
Kowthar Kiin
Fuck.what if rains?nothing made there
colton gutermuth
Ok what if someone accidentally drives a truck over it
John Duprey
you guys were luck you were not killed building this. pit could have collapsed and buried you at any time. So unsafe!!!
Did Hitler translate this?
Мудачье, на монтаже хоть бы вырезали Русский язык
Amina Gacek
What if it collapsed on them in there lol.ps.is that a tornado protection or a place where their going to get collapsed on💯🔥🔥😆plus I hate their accent and that doesn’t look so comfortable
Show a video right after the first 1 inch rain. There is no water proofing and it will flood.
sisys and bro sisys and bro
unknown relax
Childrens experiment
Xpert GamingTv
Make a roof
Pam Dello
good job
Landon Martin
That's not then I can here them talking in the back ground y'all suck just make a video that's actually you
Suzanne BURTON
Build a tunnel to the house
Jonar Rabago
i like and i subscribe
Craig Richo
this will rot out
Taman Inspirasi
Vax Buster
Nice large coffin you built there
Alyssa H
Please don't copy this idea. So very many worrying problems.
You could make this video in to a drinking game.
Take a shot of your choise every single time they say "guys".
even a tomb is better than ur underground house
r u guys kidding ppl or fooling them just to get the views??? how the hell is that house secured from rain soil bugs....etc? i think u all r bunch of idiots who got nothing to do but wasting time!!!
Fahad Ali
Nice house
Giordano Acampora
OneGuy Games
Learn to edit pls thanks otherwise good video
OneGuy Games
Johnson's Life
The guy in the red shirt sounds like Dracula😂
Zuriel Rodriguez
Masterstargameing3 Max
What language do thay speek
Víctor Islas Peña
wath hapen with radom gas ?
liam Collins
WAIT!! how is it DIY if u used a crane
Would love to see an update on how unstable this is at this time. That's not a underground house that is a coffin. This is 100% dangerous. All that wood will be ruined super fast from moisture. Not one piece is ground contact pressure treated. Bet that roof is on the verge of collapsing by now.
Danli XT
Why is an other voice talking its so annoying
Drizzyec dose
Cringe asf
Shatavia B.
Tf...he sounds like a robot
M, G
William Guardiola
Somebody's going to die in that hole. Those walls are not reinforce in any way and all that Wood is going to rot with the moister of ground. I'm glad the walls didn't cave in on them wail the were digging the hole but that's a BIG NO NO. Trench training 101
david johnson
anything waist-high should start being braced up
Maddie_ Unicorn
"This is protection from drug head and drug addicts " 😆 omg this video is cringeyyyy
Maddie_ Unicorn
not very great Audio editing....
Yasinta Safitri
thank you
Yasinta Safitri
Ronnie GamesVlog
Cool and awesome
Tim King
Your voice is Too
Tim King
Your an ugly motherFucker
Meganx_ Msp
Lmao I love the voices lmao😂😂😂😂
sonya p
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