Bill O'Reilly Gets the Boot: The Daily Show

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Trevor celebrates Bill O'Reilly's ouster at Fox News by looking back at some of "The O'Reilly Factor" host's most racist moments.
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unfunny subhuman niggerrilla clown.. go back to the monkey anus u came from u fuckin cotton pickin, chicken finger lickin, watermelon jizz gurglin coon!
DAVID veilleux
This guy, in addition to being exceptionally stupid, is pure evil.
longview Resident
fuck you trevor noah. fuck you for making a mockery of our country and my vote. fuck you for trying to make my voice not matter. and really FUCK YOU for undermining all my family members who served for this country and lost their lifes to uphold the freedom we all enjoy, so u can sit there and talk shit about the President who i voted for, the man running our country, the man who won the vote in the united states of america. you are not only talking shit upon me, you are talking shit upon over half of our country and our people. thats over 180 million people you are shitting on. I AM A TRUMP SUPPORTER. i am proud of my vote and where i come from. SHAME ON YOU FOR PISSING ON ALL OF MY FELLOW AMERICANS and what we stand for. we are what founded this country. grow some balls and show some respect for our leader. anything less and you are asking for us to fail as a whole. grow some balls you liberal piece of shit.
Robert Mcrae
Fox news has been one sided so called news org. For years they have had hypocritical standards they have been one sided on all their reporting with hate machine behind the reporting! And for bill O'Reilly his hate & hypocrisy came back to bite him! What goes around comes around in some form or fashion!
Imagine that bill O'Reilly, black people acting like civilized human beings. Shocker!!!
Sarah Smile
Omg he said the man looks like a cocaine dealer. I am speechless.
Sarah Smile
That Bruno Mars mystery race comment nearly killed me.
David J
So racist to acknowledge that blacks area loud? You all know it's true
Gabriela Villanueva
"What neck? what woods? woods don't have necks. it doesn't make sense. it doesn't fucken make sense. ahhh. fuck it, I'll do it live!" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Pedro Ferrer
O'reilly would make a great palpatine
John Grunder
Did anyone ever notice that Bill O'Reily was one angry old white man? Jazz-up Bill ;-)
Brandon Smith
Such a racist host the daily show!
Source Records
just started watching this guy & he's awesome very smart guy
Nicolas Mikhael
O"Reilly is races and a molester piece a shit, KKK fuckturd πŸ’©
everything was funny until i realized that bill o'reilly had probably the single most largest influence in perpetuating this propaganda of white victimization and instilling white fragility that so many people now display. it's fucking pathetic, whites had eons of genocidal behavior and now all of a sudden when minorities want equal rights and equal representation they whine bitch and moan, "wahhhh my white privilege is gone wahhhh" fucking losers.

note that anybody who advocates for the status quo, that is the existing power structure of white christian male dominated hierarchy, are the fucking ones who enjoy and simultaneously deny the existence of white privilege with AMAZING hypocrisy. fucking bitches. bill insulting that professor was the most childish conduct I've ever seen, bill has nothing on that man and that professor is a million times better than bill in every single way. bill and the rest who rely and defend white privilege could never do what some of us do, that's why they want the existing power structure, so that they can keep their hold over the rest without having to work as hard. lemme ask you lazy fucks, what's wrong with having equal rights and equal seating at the table? what's wrong with equal opportunity which is what america stands for? fucking pieces of shit. as an immigrant I still reigned over and performed at the top of my class, hold an advanced degree, work as a scientist, and earn six figures. that "cocaine dealer" is a Columbia professor and holds a PhD. can't fucking hold us down. blacks being ill-educated, thugs, cocaine dealers, tatted up, and had it good as slaves? why don't you lay off the condescension a little bit cuz all you ever will be is a disgraced tv show host, with a mound of harassment cases, fucking lowlife.

also trevor's burn on bill's temperament and attitude is an amazing display of bill's hypocrisy. if you hold the stereotype that other people act like thugs and hooligans, and act like a thug and hooligan bullying other people from your own show, you should shut the fuck up and be glad those people aren't actually thugs and hooligans that you made them out to be, cuz I can guarantee you they won't take kindly to your "jazz" coming from an entitled racist jackass.
Artie Breland
Absolutely Amen to that
Aaron Reamer

"Well let's say you're a cocaine dealer, and you kinda look like one..."

That is a well cleaned up man with a Ph.D. Literally nothing about him looks like he deals drugs other than his skin is black. I'm amazed by this.
RIP roger ayles
Stupid verbage for people who don't know what that is
I'm waiting for all you progressives like Trevor Noah to one day realize why Bill O'Reilly exaggerated the way he did, after you sabotage our country, it will happen believe me shit will hit the fan for you willfully ignorant people who lack values.
natalie marden
Trevor Noah you are my favorite person in the world, honestly
Muta With Lolo Cy.
This is the funniest episode of Daily Show.. O Reilly is something else.. LMAOOO
Victor Wagner
I'm sorry Trevor but You're more like Fin. You kinda look like him a little bit.
Raquel Goddard
Soooooo..... you like jazz?
Bob Comstock
Loved the O'Reilly show. I will miss it.
Sam Geuvenen
"Tattoos on their foreheads"? No, Bill, you're thinking of skinheads. VERY different people
Nassiba EL ABSI
holy shit, this show is hilarious !
el Garee' Bee
Mr. Noah knows this US code speak. He comprehends it well via his experiences of being a kid in apartheid South Africa. Understand what that meant. Read that twice!

It still exists in the US. Abide.
Lee Stu
his show was like his books ..some one else did the footwork and he just took the credit
Lee Stu
explains all the drug commercials on his show
Lee Stu
of course none live in the "INNER CITY"
Lee Stu
"Killing Bill O'Reilly" By Bill O'Really
cj Baker
GOOD riddance to bad Bill O!
What a jazz hole...
louis grivel
asians dont have it good in the US? get the fuck out of here
John Wehrly
ball sweat
John Wehrly
jock itch baltics
nicolas osteguin
bro this was epic
Asthens Beech
Harrasment of staff or bias and stereotyping in reporting the news, he knows better. He got the feedback from views and crew. He chose how to continue acting and why, the victims are not wrong because they handle it wrong either. its just shows how stupid and cliche everything has become.
Joann Bankhead
Good riddance to bad O'Reilly rubbish!
Glenn Rudman
Trevor Noah is wrong,no matter if President Trump us wrong or right this is all he talks about,he is not a US Citizen,yet he comments on our country in a negative way,he does not have the right.
Glenn Rudman
Trevor Noah needs to have respect for America,he is from South Africa,maybe here on a
Glenn Rudman
Good lord I forgot just how incredibly much this guy deserved to be cancelled. Ty Trevor.
The Numbers
To be fair, if you watch all of his pissed off "play it out" clip, he totally nails the outro, and his improv is better than what they had suggested. He nails it. I think that is how he got famous, being a superior demagogue.
FUCKtrump FUCKtrump
tap tap tap tap tap tap🐹
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