Ralph Anthony Espos
Replace "jazz" with "jizz".
Johan Liebert
Lee Johnson
The Donald Trump America is a "Pussy Grabbing America." Donald Trump Himself, established Pussy Grabbing Culture in America. Sexual Harassment has run wild in the Donald Trump America. Make America Great Again, Impeach Donald Trump.
Laugh Track
ya like jazz?
Bob Best
great send off.
Udono Mi
Ahh c'mon Trevor just gave O'Reilly a little jazz
Anh Duc
Anyone want some Jazz ?
John MacDonald
Good riddance Bill o Reilly, But oh did he give the daily show some good material, such as the "You can't explain that" proof of God's existence by the movement of the tides, I think Jon Stewart had it on the old daily show.
Tilt or Triumph Productions
omfg I spit my water out at 5:56 LMAO
ya like jazz?
Lee M.
Now I hate Jazz... Thnx a lot
Oh I LOVE IT watching old Noah clips where he sneers at O'Reilley and FOX getting hit by sex scandals. It's just orgasmic fun now that every leftist on the planet is getting found out to be an asshole. I can't wait for Noah's turn in the "he raped me!" Olympics.
Bucky Barnes
He's fired 1000 years later and people are clapping like it's a win. He retired. Look how old the people are when they get outed.
beach side
Did Bill say he was giving Jazz or Jizz?
Maria Hammarström
How has Bill O´Reilly managed to survive this long without being murdered Orient Express-style, where everyone gets to take a stab at him?
Mark Swaggerty
trev isnt close to jon Stewart talent
baba duke
Please Jon Stewart...Come back!!!!!!!
Whenever I hear someone mention the "war on christmas" with a straight face my eyes reflexively roll so hard that it hurts.
lorna nunez
He was making is 💰 to pay for is dick problem. Poor white grampa. What about the one in the White House. 2016. Can we get rid of them. Send them to the nurse home.. stupid he should sue Bill O'Reilly.
Gaius Scipio
RIP Papa Bear
Rape Inflamed Predator
eduardo landolt
Yes, we whites have been screwing around with all the other races on the planet for thousands of years, but like, IN THE BIGGEST WAY POSSIBLE, FACT!!! Also fact: mahomad tops the list of new born baby names in Europe, Zimbabwe kicked all whites out, South Africa doing the same, white culture equates prison in all the Arab countries, black on black violence is just that, white on black is racism, black on white is self defence, trump skin color counts against us..., the list goes on and on, and guess what?, I still think Obama was the best thing that happened to the US and the world, so, this can only be construed as payback time, welcome to oblivion my friends
Mohamed Musse
Black people God payed back for you. As a Christian wight man end up as sexual harassment. Haw worse could it get.
Maria Nagao
OMG he is from the hell.....
Larvitar Dratini
Fun time bill
Bob Rolander
Like when Joseph Goebbels screached with a guttural, unhuman scream: "Them jews are beasts."
Jerisha Glenn wellness
Ever met anybody like O'REILLY, eeeeekk
I recently found news that Fox might be hiring O'Reilly back and reopening his show!
alexandra wilson
Anticipate genuine effort three lens human happiness explosion surprising parental bad incorporate
Tuu Francis Nelson Hezekiah
Bruno Mars joke was lit😂😂😂😂
General Maudy
He probly liked saying jazz because it sound so close to ass
Humano InHumano
8:08 "Get some pepper yo" hahahhahahahhahahaa
Neal Orion
Shazzad Auncon
white people are stupid.
Jonathan Dagan
anyone thinks about the bee movie meme at the end - You like jaaz? xDDDD
haha rofl
fuck yes trevor!!
Wtf is jazz😂
Sounds to me like a stand up guy this Bill O'Reilly
Jason Shutt
He was always a horrible person the few times I had heard him. I had no idea he was still on the air after the nineties
K Henderson
knock knock!
Immature Bastard
[9:44] replace every "jazz" with "jizz"
Obama Mama
LOL. “...Don’t get pregnant at 14,... ill educated... blah blah...”. But don’t expect to have access to birth control or sex ed or health care or abortion.
Fucking hypocrites.
"for every black child coming into the world an old white man has to leave" if that is not racism I don't know what it is
Shayne Plackett
Salute to you Trevor! So very real! Love your sense of humour! Keep it up
Rage Raptor
Bill o reiley is like the standard stereotype that people from other countries see us as. I feel bad for people whos only news source is fox news. Its just a propoganda news station literally bought by donald trump. Of course all news news stations are bought but this one is the most evident.
You are the most racist person I heard! And you defend yourself with what? Making bad jokes?
What? For every black baby born and old white man dies???????? I can believe it and I'm not white
Manuel Guerra
Oh wow! I am so glad I never gave ratings to that channel even by channel surfing. You know when they teach us in school about racism they said it like it was part of our past, and that we didn't have to worry about it, but this just makes me feel like it's so bad that he got payed to say all this stuff, really? I mean damn, dude. By the way you're doing a great job with the show I'm sorry I can't give you ratings like I used to give John Stewart, and Steven Colbert but I have to take care of my mom and don't have money to spend on cable all I have is my cell so just waiting for you're next video here, plus you called me a winner so I'm going to watch you're show at Comedycentral.com lol.
O'Reilly knows he is doomed to hell. I guess he figures he may as well make the most of it.
Christopher Cummings
Statistically speaking, Asian-Americans do have a slight leg up when it comes to wages. Asian men make as much as 117% as white men. By one estimate Asian women make 109% of a white man's salary.
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