Mariela Quiroz
Dude u know how the genie told that the girl only say hi well when they went into the room they stared talking normal😓😓😓😓
Patricia Martinez
they seid something els
Jessica Tran
They can only say hi but after when u go out and come back they can say other stuff than “hi”
Jenny Avocado
I come from the future, Donald Trump won the election and North Korea is about to nuke us
Mabel Pardo
Love si
Kris colvin
I would of wished for money to pay it
Maria Dolores
If that were me I would've wished that I was a billionaire then I would've wished for the girls in the bikini then when he tried to charge me I would've wished him and his girls away
Johny Mendoza
I like when the paper said bitch
Johny Mendoza
How did the girls cloths fall off her
Carlos Reynaga
I love his Rudy's videos they are so funny😂😁
Panda Lover
18 seconds - 20 seconds
Who is here in 2017 while Donald Trump already won the election
It's your Boy D.F.
It's your Boy D.F.
It's your Boy D.F.
It's your Boy D.F.
It's your Boy D.F.
stelios lika
whats the models name in the tv ?
Gamingwithmaryna YT
omg the ending when the bottle slapped him. Im dead
Seerat Mohammed
Donald Trump DID win the election😂
Ugh, this is creepy, not funny. Casual sexual harassment and sexual objectification really sucks. You can do it in a comedic way that draws attention to the problem, but this video seems to just reinforce sexism. Disappointed :(
The Gød _Gīrø
Donald Trump's really won the election lol
Joakito Hobdy
I wish i was a handsome black guy 🤣🤣🤣
Gabriel Moreno
why is everyone talking about the Trumptard. Inanna Sarkis is banging <3 in bikini.
Lailah Jones
He says Genie, and pulls up a picture of a hot girl ✌🏾✌🏾😂😂😂
Bryan Cervantes
Stop looKing at me like Donald trump one the ealitions
Jake H7r3z4
شباهممتمحنووزدىوٌزررز رزوىًزددت
Randel Mezi
Hana Duraku
AriyAn Afrid
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
Giana Pina
Nasra Husen
Feels V Good
wazzup u little bitchhh!
Things i love from u rudi...
You hilarious but you dont laugh...
Keep that...
Famouse man Dexter
Coping bach
Mehran Khan
All the girls were hot af
S Miclemie
Who is watching this in 2018

ANS: me
mz k
"A handsome black man"?? Wtf why would you choose that? Fame ? Wealth? Bigger house? Or even more wishes?
mz k
Ohh imagine a threesome
Shwet Ranjan
Wish for $1M dollars and gives 5000 bucks to genie...!!
Faze Bosley
0:31 lmao
Tanya O'connor
I just finished colouring my doll Harley Quinn it's a Elsa doll but how's iTs HARLAYY QUINN XD LOl 😂
Hush Whisper
Armageddon is about 4 Major Events.
The White Horse with the Bow is a white missile, that NASA will SEND up.
The Red Horse with a Great Sword is the STRIKING moment of Impact.
The Black Horse with the Scales is the Rock SPLITTING into 2 pieces.
The Yellow Horse with Fire is the SEARING effect from what happens when 1 of those pieces hit the "Fire Plate" near Indonesia and thus tipping up and down the Fire Plate and causing a pumping motion of Lava to shoot up to the skies because of it. It's when it falls you need to worry about. Please come see what I found and make sure you read the comments, you'll be glad you did I promise.
Natalie Estrella
i will wish for money and a huge house
Elizabeth Guzman
Codesta 2006
High five!🖑
skye paproth
Stop that flamengo fite
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