Tallica 4Life
Speed limit through there is 80 mph.
Tyler DeMille
Sponsored by Zoomo: Making trains go over 100 mph since 1999.
COA Railroad Vlog
Most videos the wind and shaking ruins it. For this one it just makes it pure. Added it to our 'Best of Amtrak' p/l!
Got busted by my teacher tryna watch this. But who cares. This is way better than school.
Ritchey Gaxy
si corrimos trenes recio el numero once que era el piggy back empalme nogales con el titino esa noche era muuuy fría hibamos a 100 kms/hora
Milind Benjamin
The neighbours would be pissed
I once timed an Amtrak train going over 100mph near Breakneck (north of Cold Spring).
Dan Williams
American trains have always had the best horns!
Business Dude
This is great!
Gary Martin
That was fast, but not 110 mph fast
Why am I watching this at 1am...
G Alex
felt the train coming out of my computer for a second
Tom Skilling
slow bullshit, American railroads suck.
go to any other country.
monorails that do 700mph now thats a little better.
Connor Dowlatshahi
Rip headphones
Mike Waisnor
There is NO Way that's 110mph 109 maybe but no way 110
Angus McFee
110 mph ..??!!.. that's not even 110 KM/h. That's more like 65 or 70 at best.
Omnic Zenyatta
When you hyped after seeing the new Naruto Episode
So many videos of amtrak trains and how fast they are when you have trains in France and Japan that do 200mph, in Spain 220mph, and in China upto 270mph. Trains are not a US thing.
Boris Lyalin
its 110 km/ph, not mph!
Ken Gill Cole
Federal RR Regs allow "at grade crossing" trains (rails at the same grade as the roadway) like this one, to go a maximum of 114 mph. Anything over 114 and the grades have to be separated so that the train either goes over or under the roadway. In this video, the engineer is booking it and pushing the max. Recently took the 9 PM Amtrak from Chicago to Springfield (185 miles). Trip time, station to station, including several stops and one +10 minute standby on a siding for a northbound freight to pass, was a little over 3 hours. Not bad, comfortable with legroom and really pretty smooth for about $35. Two beers and a sandwich for another $15. At Dwight, about 50 miles out of Chicago, the engineer steadily opened it up on a long section of newly rebuilt track. We were running parallel to the night traffic on adjacent Interstate 55. But, we were passing the southbound traffic, which I knew was moving at +75 mph, like it was standing still. When the conductor came by, I asked her how fast we were going. She radioed the engineer and turned back to me and said, "109."
Anton Wilzewski
What a small trAin, in Germany it is more crowded, but the trains have twelve Waggons
Why does 110MPH merit several exclamation marks? When I go to Shanghai the shuttle train from the airport into town does 300MPH.
Mack Theknife
Brings back memories. I grew up here. You can here that horn for miles outside of town. As a kid I would fall asleep every night hearing that wonderful sound echoing across the corn fields way off in the distance. For me, that is the sound of home.
110 MPH ist fast?? LOLYou folks should come over to Europe and enjoy a ride on a French "TGV" or a German "ICE" Train... on 205 MPH! 😉
Gort Newton
Wow! I'd love a job like that, driving trains.
nemo nemo
why is the train so slow
Michael Jack's son
who came from the trending video
Kevin Jenkinson
The uploader seems to think 110mph is fast for a train.
Donald Graham
Try standing by the track in France when the TGV goes by at over 200 mph!
Southeastern Trains
What was the lead loco's number, it had a good K5LA
A T Morgan
And to think it only took me 22hrs to get from Portland Or. to the bay area in California...i think we were going about 10 miles a hr. But at least i saved about $20 and it took 20 hrs longer to get there. And with a sleeper cabin, about the size of a tiny closet, it only would have cost 3x more than flying. Never doing that again.
dontgive afuck
I'm surprised b/c in my town only commercial trains pass thru about 10mph
John Steinbeck
for some reason I thought the video said 1100mph
I love the fact that you think 110mph is amazing. I suppose it is if you haven't traveled on high speed trains in other countries - America all back of the bus as usual.
richard powell
in the uk i have regularly been at a station and they have gone through at 125mph nearly all trains do 120-125 mph on the east and west coast lines
Damn that almost knocked the camera over lol
pete wangsly
lol this is nothing compared to how fast the trains go in Europe and Asia. American trains are so shit. Ex : Amtrak. slow and unreliable and share rails with freight
Mike K
110MPH = 177KMH ... nice speed :) I wonder its so fast near buildings..
But i prever the german trains with ~ 186MPH ;)
Trap Music HD
The ICE is the Train Travel Company for Germany and they drive with 400 MP/h.
James Godfrey
That is NOT 110MPH
Jamaal Smith
Good God, I felt that through the video.
Now that is an unusual catch. An AmTrak train that is 1) on time and 2) not sitting on a siding waiting for a priority freight to lumber by.
Kevin Price
That doesn't look like 110mph. That looks more like 80-90mph.
Hungry Guy
The Lake Shore Limited on time? That's a miracle!!!
Cee Note
It seems unsafe for something that massive to be traveling at 100 mph ~~ if it ever derailed the results would be disastrous.
Greg Bennett
beautiful horn!
I'm surprised they are allowed to go that fast through town.
Drive 99
regardless how fast he's going , that's just crazy 😱😱
Caleb Lindquist
I live 12 minutes away from there in a town called Vatalie. I've railfanned there many a time
Jerry Smith
Looks your train to Italy is loading right now - don't let it leave without you.
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