Pence: US era of strategic patience with North Korea over - BBC News

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US Vice-President Mike Pence has said his country's "era of strategic patience" with North Korea is over. Mr Pence first made the remarks at the demilitarised zone (DMZ), the area dividing the two Koreas, during a visit to South Korea to reaffirm ties. His visit comes amid escalated tensions on the peninsula, with heated rhetoric from both North Korea and the US. He arrived in Seoul on Sunday hours after North Korea carried out a failed missile launch.

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Matthew 24:6,7 describes a period of time marked by its increasing badness namely via wars, famine and pestilence. 2 Timothy 3:1-5 describes the characteristics of people in this same period of time. We see these prophecies being fulfilled right before us.
We used to impeach idiot woman called 박근혜.
David Hart
Only the USA is allowed to conduct "legal" nuclear tests. Of course, the United States is also the only country who has killed people by using nuclear weapons in a war.
Let me guess? More empty threats! !!
Michael Mariner
Just another American War Criminal happy to carry on enriching the Arms contractors and Pedophiles in Power..Coward!
Similo Ndiweni
Provocation of biblical proportions.... when millions of people die in Korea.... Pence should not be "shy" to take the credit for lighting the matches I hope the BBC will attribute credit where credit is due....The regime in North Korea is not behaving any different today as they have done in previous decades....
Anglo-zionist cartel is coming down, I don't care what BBC, Trump or Pence say.
Your militaries are WEAK!
You make your young men and women die for nothing but your cartel's interests.
I am for peace, but I would really like to see US military face another real military, like Russia, on the battlefield. United States would get CRUSHED
Even North Korea's army would be able to inflict lots of damage if the US were to enter their territory directly.
I used to support Trump, because I thought he would do as he promised and not start creating more wars. All of that changed when he illegally ordered the attack on Syria.
And because of this treason to everyone on this planet with common sense, the US will go down. Along with the crown and the banking cartel.

Kenneth Surgent
Just take out Jong un and the country can evolve! Spaced based sabo's "Rod's from God" one strike and it's over!
Guy Schneider
1:08 I think that missle is crooked kim.
Randomness Tube
the start of world war 3
Lincoln Meredith
Demons being called to fate... "think I'll coin that line"
Lance Anderson
Hint hint!!! War is coming! War IS coming!
Henry Reynolds
Pence: Not threatened by North Korea's potential nuclear attack, but scared about what two men do in the privacy of their own home. #Priorities
Johnny jai

Mahfuz Munir Khan PT
ppl believe this nuclear BS, it's an elaborate hoax
Alexander James
Something needs to be done and done quickly before the point of no return which will be devastating for the entire world. The people of North Korea need to be informed of what is likely to befall them and their country and if that entails hundreds of millions of flyers being dropped all over their cities and countryside to tell them well then that is what should be done. A people's uprising in North Korea would be a far better result than a world uprising. If it fails, well then no one can say that they were not warned.
Micro Aggression
The only reason that Trump is doing this is because NK is the ONLY independent country standing in real opposition to Israel. Leave NK alone, Neocons!
Ronan Garrett
Attacking North Korea COULD spark war? Obviously
Ronan Garrett
North Korea is a joke
Jim Miklas
Trump is just another warmonger who lied to his supporters. No change here.
Google Approved
I just want someone competent at the helm of this ship. Yes, NK is a problem, but Trump doesn't know jack shit. He's like a temperamental child. He keeps making these decisions while vacationing at Maralago. I can't trust that shit. Get someone whose is qualified to govern this country.
Nadim Abdul-Munhem
rushikesh reddy
american bastards who are you to order not to do missile test?
Dardan Dema
trump is the one who's gona drawn usa....imagine after all the threats he did to North Korea ,and nothing is done..? ..humiliation for amerika..
Dustin Tacohands
You all lost the chance for a surprise attack best hope is...
abby white
I dont know why everyone is blaming trump for everything. Yes he's our president and has a lot of power but in order for any war act to happen, so many higher people have to give it the okay also. So stop blaming trump, and talk to the UN
Sudden Revelations
If you put sanctions on another country do you suppose they might become more militant. Now it looks like only China can intervene. We need a broad coalition of countries not hot headed politicians that rush headlong into war. Just look what taking out Iraq 🇮🇶 leadership created
Mattblaster 14
North Korea is so fucked.
nick nuts
Haven't seen NK attack any country. But we've seen the US destroy peace around the globe.
Jason Bourne
BBC cucks have to make their leftist commentary.
Elizabeth Barreto
esto se va descontrolaaaaar :v
Angel Banuelos
Why the hell did the US wait so long to deal with the situation? They like to Police everything anyway. They new for a long time this was their (N.Korea) intention to become nuclear ready. So the US waits until they have a nuclear bomb ready and now we act. It's a fact that we are involved in some type a war every decade. Hopefully this is just US propaganda making us believe that he has WMD's like Saddam and nothing more. I hate to see missiles come our way.
We should have just nuked NK and China the first time around.
Remember when he said "Americah first"?
I'm just thinking.... If there was a war NK surely would not want their soldiers crossing the border cause a majority (or all) of them will see how much better S.Korea is and just give up. lol
Drone Adventures
I have to head to South Korea in case this war breaks out. I will get the best drone footage ever ;p
I hate this President and his administration. Nothing but lies and shit from him and his team. Thanks to the dumbasses that voted for him. If people die, the blood is on their hands.
Francois Berkin Jr.
Yet to be proved? What an idiot!
i think we could take out their missiles and nuclear program in one well-planned strike. it's intolerable they regularly threaten neighboring countries. it's intolerable they threaten america with a nuclear strike. time for cocoa and finger sandwiches to end. time to take them out.
Clorox Bleach Lemon Fresh
But but Hillary is the warmonger
Jason Milton
WW3 is about the Begin and Millions of People are going to Die... Trump was the biggest mistake we have done and I'm Leaving the USA before all Hell break loose..!!
Tom Rukos
When the war begins, I say draft the liberals first. They are the most unproductive useless people in society. Let them go first.
Wolfsgang Neutro
US has made her mind. Very clear
Neo E
(North and South) Korea will be reduced to ashes. The American way to solve a problem!
Dan P
Pls nerf too op
Steban Dihdo
Clintons & Obama = Criminals
Bush I-II & Trump = Criminals,
kadar adam
American Media wants war
Mukhtar Ahmed
mike pence burn in hell
Nigel Farage
I like how the Trump administration is actually going to do something, unlike Obama.
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