iPhone 3Gs Unboxing!

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Unboxing the new / old iPhone 3Gs!
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THANKS FOR ALL YOUR DETECTIVE WORK! :) I'll have a follow up video to show you guys how I got scammed. It's definitely confirmed this was repackaged. I'm so so sad
marianne de boer
soo my friend used this phone till 4 months ago 😂
SD Baseball 2016-2017
In the first 2 minutes I'm thinking, "just stop your bitching and just open the damn box"
Giorgio natale
ho anche io
wow this is the future of telephones!!
good video
Joe SuggForLifee
1:35 her singing😍😍😍😍😍😍
Lulu J
She can sing❤️😊
My first phone was a HTC phone it was a tiny phone but my first iPhone was an IPhone 4s! I currently have an iPhone 6!
Davi DIas e Silva
Pimbada violenta
CaLm Savage
That was my first iPhone I ever bought I've been team apple ever since 🙌🏾
Ahmed Bouhraoua
u should buy a sealed iPhone when one is released and try that
Milly Beasley
I got the I phone 6s in rose gold 🤙🤙🤙💖💖💖🦄🦄🦄
I Wayan Eka Rusmayana
best iphone i ever had.
hugo uribe
I still have the iPhone 3g
I bought an iPhone 3GS on eBay for £0.99 :) check out my Instagram account 'random_iphone26' thank you ❤😘
I have the iPhone 3GS but I regularly use the iphone 7 plus 💖😀😍🦄. Love you justice
The Most Hated YOUTUBER
The only reason I even knew about iPhone is I thought wouldn't it be nice to have a full touch screen phone. Then like shortly after a girl told me there is one I asked her what she told the iPhone then from there yeah I bought the 3g returned it and then 3gs but then for 6 years I never bought another iPhone tell iPhone 6s plus but truly that feels like a lifetime ago. Its crazy memories when you think back it actually feels like I was a baby when I got it but really 8 years but seems way longer. And yes I think everyone remembers getting there 3gs if they bought one.
The Most Hated YOUTUBER
Its actually possible dust and moisture to enter a box over 8 years old
The Most Hated YOUTUBER
That's weird I had the iPhone 3g for like 2 weeks then returned it because the 3gs just came out. And I remember the price was 199.99 and how it was so popular. I remember the first video I saw was this white girl on youtube in the back seat with the black iPhone 3gs recording video in the back seat while her parents were driving. Then like a year later I left iPhone for 6 years until IPhone 6s plus then stayed for a year but left Because the iPhone 7 and 7 plus isn't anything special or new compared to 800 to 999 dollar for a camera change I was very disappointed for the last 3 years the iPhone has been the same so now I'm even thinking the 7s and 7s plus well be the same until the iPhone 8 comes out. Which if that's true I don't know if I'll get another iPhone if any for another 6 years. Because its already been 1 year without the latest iPhone if the 2017 iPhone isn't different it well be close to 3 years since I would have bought a new iPhone and that's a lot of time in the phone business.
Huy Minh
I watch this with 3Gs
Its funny that the iPhone 3g S is Jet Black hahaha
Anika Elise
I remember when I had my 3G S!😂 It was like back I like 2011?😏 Like if you had one too!
my first iPhone was the 5s I wanted a 4 or 4s cause it was the first iPhone to Devon Verizon
olivia lee
this was my moms first apple phone
Yash Singh
Kyle's Corner
i was laughing when you forgot about the icloud mechanic and its release date! XD
Don Hasnain
man this girl is hot
Animated gif
Whoever sold it. Must be a asshole to sell a fake to iJustine LOL.
Hannah Shores
It was really hard for me to take a selfie on my IPhone 3 until I got the New IPhone. I actually had and IPhone 3 for 3 years until it dropped in the toilet. It was nice to have an IPhone that was pretty much ancient for a while, though, knowing it's hard to find one online now that it's out of the stone age.
Hannah Shores
Yeah, It's a sweet, sweet moment until you found out that you're scammed.
Tech Video Central
That was my first iPhone!
Charlie Du
From seeing that packaging. I can tell it is so fake. Cause I have the original 3Gs. And the box looked so sketchy
Mohsen Baldonado
she looks like Angelina Jolie ...greetings from uae i love you
Lorenzo Akers
I'm 11 I always had htc or Samsung but 2016/2017 was the first time I have an apple phone and now I have an iPhone 6s and I'm 11 years old
Kennth Sterling
can I have that phone i've been looking do one for so long
Bella's fab World
This was my first I phone I got it when I turned 5 by the way ilysm I wish I could meet u someday bye
Karina Flores
My first iPhone was the 6s lol
Mohammed Abdullah Malik
She is beautyfull
MaddieGaming _21
Your a good singer
Death Blade
Matter fact I still use that phone!📱📱📱
Justin Holden
I still have mine laying around, but I made it white...
Sarath Pillai
i just started watching your videos.... and now i think i should stop watching it
Do you want to sell me iphone 2g?
Mazhar Khan
y r u wasting tym
Another thing I noticed is that unless you had that phone connected to a speaker it was still too loud to be a iPhone 3
Fabulous Skater Kiley
Lol that was my first phone. Had it when I was six. All I literally did was watch YouTube and take pictures.
Avril Lavigne
They Gived You A Fake iPhone 3GS
i feel so bad...
Luca Bilic
You can ry to hear music with the Airpods, and the iPhone 3Gs
Davy Gal
where did you buy it?
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