THANKS FOR ALL YOUR DETECTIVE WORK! :) I'll have a follow up video to show you guys how I got scammed. It's definitely confirmed this was repackaged. I'm so so sad
The lost and the Irish
* has black i phones * ITS NOT A PHASE MOM!
Isabella Kroll
I have that phone my mom and dad bought it still kinda works
Fatihah Tihah
Tbh the old iPhone box more beautiful than now tbh
A Chapter From Aisha
Awww this is the phone I grew up seeing my parents using 😍
The Gang
My first iPhone was a iPhone 3GS in the white, oh the memories. But now I have a iPhone 6 📱
happy kitty
I've got that phone I use it for an iPod
Daring Wrabler
dont say any thing bad about the 3GS, because i still use it. lol
Pamela Bradford
Why does this phone seem like its from 2006
KayLynn Thetga
My first iPhone was iPhone 4
i have the ipod 2nd generation it looks kinda like the 3GS
Barbora Rozsypalová
Peyton Caldwell
Hey I have a iPhone 4s
Qive M
How much this apple ?
Jia Sablok
February 21 is my birthday!!
Ayaan Hohmarow
Il stick to ipone x
Cameron Thomas
I have the very very first iPad that isn’t supported anymore if you’d like it
Kawaii Princess
My first iPhone is going to be the se if getting it for Christmas a I had previous phones but they were/are Androids
valerie and omi
your a good singer
Michael Laurin
nice scam
Yvette Marie
My grandma has that phone I think and still does
Yashaa Nicole
omg now iPhone x is out imagine how long that was
Thomas Strader
I can't wait intill this phone comes out
Captain Mike
I remember the phone well, my grandma just got rid of hers like 2 years ago, I switched from Blackberry to this and luckily I owned my company because company policy was blackberry which I quickly changed after the few weeks, everyone got iPhones
girlonfire xoxo
beautiful knife
my first iPhone was the iPhone 4 lol
Madd Dogg
She’s a walking talking apple ad
Doris Bain
What is the point of buy a phone u can't use
Following the Map
Who else thought this was an older video? (before looking at the upload date of course)
Antony cobo
I never had the 3gs my first phone was the iPhone 5c now I have a 5s
Kanz Al Temimi
That phone is literally a fossil!!!
Leah Lazar
What's an iphone3gs
Colin's Melody
Justine, u predicted the future about having no home button!! 😂😂
Diego Arana
Watching this on the iPhone X
Shameran Anderer
i have the 3Gs but doesn't even work what do you do wth all the phones you get please answer IF your iJustine!!!! Thanks if so and also can i have a shoutout also you should do iphone giveways.
Ridge Burton
9:00 the phone with the grey back i have one that works
Rafael T
my mom had one of the very first iphones
even in 2009 apple phones didnt have video calling
AnimeGal 2002
Well I have a 4 so yeah...l
Mar Mündo
Now I want an iPhone 3
Brynn Nord
I’ve had I phones my hole life and look where I am I mean I have the iPhone 8
I was 2 when this came out
Whatching this on an iPhone 5 T-T I feel ashamed that I love my phone
It's definitely fake, the background of the phone on the front of the box is the iPhone 4 background
Bad Drivers
I still have my old 3GS ;) works just fine!
maggie hayes
I don’t even have a phone
HITP Valkyrie
Scammed LuL
YOUTUBE master
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