Creepy Desert Creatures!

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In this segment of On Location, Coyote and the crew head out into the desert to see how many creepy crawlies they can find in a single hour! 

A lot of people have been writing in asking how Coyote and the crew spend their free time when they’re not out making new videos for Brave Wilderness…well, truth be told they mostly just stay outside to look for more wildlife because...what could be more fun than that?! 

So to show you what this "work break" experience is like they decided to bring the cameras along with them one evening in the Sonoran Desert and WOW, you’re never going to believe just how many animals they found!! 

Get ready to get up close with all sorts of creepy desert creatures! 

Thank you for joining us On Location! In these segments you will get a behind the scenes look at all of the fun and exciting things Coyote and team experience on their adventures when they’re NOT making episodes of Breaking Trail.

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gard 246
that girl is so irritating
Stephen Coffey
Does the little girl have autism
Luis Topete
wow dude your kids a boss she aint afraid of anything liking just cuz of her
Jake Jay
nice vids always fun scar me a little but cool keep up the good vids
Adoniz Idontfwu
can you help me cure my fears?
Pokèmon Ninja
Her face at 1:42 is hilarious 😂
danijmoo 11
Pup like Coyote Coyote like Pup
Mike G
wtf is wrong with ppl hating on his daughter.
PlushTrap_33 roblox gaming
A kid who's my age needs 213,000 candy to wake up at midnight...

But I need 0 candy 😎
Kid Flash4
I have two Leopard Geckos as pets
The Kids Face At 1:40 Not Trying to be mean
Miles Thielman
Beck Powell
0:41 when you beat your favorite video game.
Mr. Cool
Spider / scorpion is cute 😸
Miles Thielman
If she's so brave why doesn't she spin a fidget spinner at 3 AM
Mohammed Abbas
im just hiding in the comments bc I'm scared of the Charlie thing
Tri Huynh
May I join you on a crew
Jett Baseball
please do a vid on leapord geckos
The King of You Fools Are Amateurs
Wow, there are some pretty awful people in the comments who couldn't help themselves but say horrible things about an 8 year old little girl who was excited (like pretty much every other 8 year old that goes on some adventure that they're excited for) to go out and catch creatures with her dad. There was literally even someone who said, and I quote, "I hate his daughter." How pathetic do you have to be to hate on a child for no good reason?
I ate porkchop Charlie
Sweetie Avocado
And when did you catch the black widow
Sweetie Avocado
Is coyote your real real name?
Sweetie Avocado
Coyote ok we have one hour to find as many animals as we can
Pup omg what is that?!?
Frost Boy
I swear she's either high, drunk or both
Claire B.
I hate how everyone is saying she ruined it, she's just a kid. Most 8 year olds are like that when they eat a lot of candy.
21stCentury Gamer
Wtf is that girl on😂💊🚬💉
Lori Witzel
no black widow
Erica W
Where I'm from you don't have to go searching for solpugids (AKA sun spiders) Places I've found them include: Basically every room in my house, my toilet, crawling on my thigh as I watch TV. They're scary little guys! 😭
Froggy Best
Good videos
Yes Or no
Porkchop charile
Adam Dixon
do it did
Mariah Stuff
His child is just way to hyper
Tiffany Ellis
Pup is so cute!!! She reminds me of my funny little self when I was eight!!! So brave too.
Katie LaGrone
That is one brave little girl👀
Charlene Jahan
9:18 Me When My Mom Tries To Feed Me Whole Foods Pizza And Vegetables 😂😂😂😂
So, I checked for scorpions... I found none. I live in Alaska.
um. this 8 year old is handling a wild tarantula and i scream when i see a tiny baby spider in my house.
I got bit by one
Phoenix Pot
The girl reminds me of Desiigner lol
viktorija petkovska
bugs hell no, kill em
damn it dale
if only I was as excited about life as that little girl is about finding insects
Wendy Carrillo Juarez
Wow pup is a really brace girl
Heather Bailey
it's not 10 its 11 counting the second scorpion
ever jurado
the girls face dough
Moka Channel
this lil girl is more brave than me
Eric Domingo
"What the heck what is that?!?"
Y didn't he film the black widow
Golden Eagle
I think that girl has a brain tumor
bLuE eYeS
'' Can I get pinched by one? '' Pup Peterson 2017. 😂
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