Creepy Desert Creatures!

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In this segment of On Location, Coyote and the crew head out into the desert to see how many creepy crawlies they can find in a single hour! 

A lot of people have been writing in asking how Coyote and the crew spend their free time when they’re not out making new videos for Brave Wilderness…well, truth be told they mostly just stay outside to look for more wildlife because...what could be more fun than that?! 

So to show you what this "work break" experience is like they decided to bring the cameras along with them one evening in the Sonoran Desert and WOW, you’re never going to believe just how many animals they found!! 

Get ready to get up close with all sorts of creepy desert creatures! 

Thank you for joining us On Location! In these segments you will get a behind the scenes look at all of the fun and exciting things Coyote and team experience on their adventures when they’re NOT making episodes of Breaking Trail.

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Follow along with adventurer and animal expert Coyote Peterson and his crew as they lead you on three exciting expedition series - Breaking Trail, Dragon Tails and Coyote’s Backyard - featuring everything from Grizzly Bears and Crocodiles to Rattlesnakes and Tarantulas…each episode offers an opportunity to learn something new.
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Abdullah Alqenai
If a king snake can eat a rattlesnake then why is the king snake safer
Frank Balmes
I just happen to live in Tucson
Wyatt VanDorien
I've had 15 spiders in my bed so you don't know what is on my leg and you don't want to know
Phantom Dark Phoenix
I used to have a female yellow and grey fancy leopard gecko named Gigi
Psycho Child
i wish i had as much energy as pup
kid is braver than me
Melissa None
How can a kid eat that much candy
Marshmellow Gamer
YOU HAVE KIDS!?!!?!?????!!!!!!
Ice cream XL
I like that kid she's like me
Maria Perez
Jack Appleby
you didn't find a black widow
Marquise Martin
them editing skills are on point the song at the end had me smiling lol like fr
Yvonne Yap
she reminds me of my sis
The creepiest desert creature is the one showcased in the first 1½ minutes
John Paul Philip
Pork chop Charlie! hahaha
Cynthia Williams
Cynthia Williams
I love you guys
Tah LenRi
what a really cool kid. Awesome video
he deserves wayyy more subs like 10+ million . im serious 😂😂
Ben Dodgson
And I am 9 years old and I love your new videos.
Ben Dodgson
Hi ime nine years old and I love your videos
ITP ItsThePro
1:36 what is the girl doing 😂
i love this guy cause he reminds me of steve erwin. And he was my favorite growing up.
Other people being really critical of an 8 year old acting like an 8 year old. Yeah, she got hyper, but that is how 8 years olds act, especially when they are excited. That was such a genuine moment of father and daughter bonding and she is definitely going to follow in his footsteps.
Ashlee Jenkins
Please. Bring me next time
Jim Brady
Holy crap! That girl creeps me out how she talks and wait did she actually eat that much candy cause if she did she needs help
brandy bernat
is pup Peterson (the little girl) the coyotes daughter????
Raising Robertsons
She is so adorable omg.
Nevan Kulp
come to my house
pork chop charlie
Caddie's Corner
"and in a way, they are kinda cute!!" i mean WHAT??!?!?
Caddie's Corner
Coyote: centipedes give me nightmares

Also coyote: oh a tarantula

Also coyote again*geys bitten by an alligator

I mean really?! Your awesome but a centipede?? I still love you tho but this is just something that i had to point out! 😂😂
"I'm looking for a sign of a rattlesnake"
"what's a sign of a rattlesnake?"
"A big snake in the middle of the wash"
Kung Fu Dino
I had a banned gecko
Abby Malcolm
I'm nearly ten and the only way to keep me up till midnight is give me a harry potter book
Coyote get me a pet fox I will tell you my address
Avocado Smash
cutest awesomest kid ever
Nijas Bech Thomsen
or just give the children redbull
Pure Extinction
She's kinda annoying
Beth Flores
Isn't tarantula, spiders?
owen carpenter
is Mark a Peterson
Brent Johnson
coyote opening gate "alright we got 1 hour to find as many animals as we can" coyote's kid "hey look dad your nightmare fuel" lol
Cristina Soria
lol the little girl is badass
It'sPronounced Baking
Ok well I'm kinda afraid on what this kid will turn into
SpoonDogg 1401
Anyone notice the time on his watch...wasn't exactly out for an hour was he at 01:30am!!! lol
Joel De La Cruz
They didn't film the black widow spider
Asadgameing Pro
She is a hipper girl and she is crazy like CRAZY
Dominykas Zakrys
where is the black widow ?
Firdavs Masaidov
Tarantulas are spiders ffs -.-
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