10 Disney Stars Who DATED THEIR FANS

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10 Celebrities who dated and EVEN MARRIED their biggest fans! LOVE is NOT dead!
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As a fan, the thought of meeting an actor can be overwhelming. Sure, we may talk about how much we would love to date an actor from the cast of “The Descendants” or “Grease Live” but be careful what you wish for! For some fans, dating their celebrity crush actually became reality. Today we’re giving hope to love-struck fans everywhere as we look at 10 Disney Stars who Dated their Fans. 

We all have our favorite actors and love fantasizing about what it would be like to spend some time with them in real life. Even though imagining a relationship inspired by the JoBro poster on your bedroom wall seems far-fetched, it may not be as unbelievable as you think! Both Joe and Kevin Jonas have enjoyed the benefits of dating fans. One of these bros loved dating a fan so much he married her!  

Known for her role as supportive and hilarious bestie Lilly on “Hannah Montana”, Emily Osment is a celebrity who was never too crazy about flaunting her relationships. Considering her preference for low key romance with previous boyfriend and YouTuber, Jimmy Tatro, it’s not surprising that a fan would be perfect boyfriend material for this Disney star. 

Wait until you find out the fans who are dating Disney stars like Jordan Fisher, Olivia Holt, Mitchel Musso, and  more! Make sure you watch the video to the end to see which fan got to date our number one Disney star, Cameron Boyce! Don’t forget to tell us in the comments which Disney Star you would most want to date and subscribe to the TheTrendy for more!

yaein kim
Why does Trendy keep on using their last names....
Mil tank
You know what’s weird is that my name is Jonah and if I put Jonas as my last name I could be a Jonas brother think of it Jonah Jonas cool right?
Lenee Yang
Lol I came here for Cameron Boyce to
Cuz I didn’t even know he was in a relationship but I ship him with his girlfriend
Cuz in the movie Descendants I favorited them both ^3^ so I really ship em .0.
Xx cringe Callie xX
Why can’t I date Hayden😭😭😭 (Hayden is Jude from the fosters)
Rowi Han
Kpop stars who dated their fans please?
aesthetics x
i hope this happens with Johnny Orlando and I
Elizabeth Epperson
Harry styles dated a fan😂💓
Abbie Ferreday
Are you on Snapchat
Deena _ Gilinsky
So what? It's ok.
She said sleeping beauty’s castle, that was Cinderella’s
NoChillBaby MSP
Me waiting for Wyatt Oleff.
Nefeli Savvia
Alannah Fehring
why are you calling them fans just cause they're not famous?
Sanchez family vlog
☁ ☁ ⛅ ☁ ⚡ ☁
💓 💓 💓 💓 💓 💓
💞 💞 😘 👸 💞 💞
💖 💖 👕 👗 💖 💖
💓 💓 👖 👖 💓 💓
💕 💕 👞 👠 💕 💕
💛 💙 💜 💚 ❤ 💗
LeeLee Games
I don't have a crush...

I have a boyfriend.
kridjiti desai
Most of these aren't with fans. Demi doesn't count as a fan. If that were the case then literally any relationship could be considered "dating a fan".
Sarah Lynn
did they actually use the word “bae”
Gianna Hernandez
meanwhile i’m here tryna get shawn mendes too notice me
Norwegian Chill
Hilarious how you're using the term "dating". We all know what they're doing with/to their fans.
Why do I love Cameron Boyce? I DEMAND HIS AGE!
lana 123
Joe jonas is not engaged (idk how you write that im from NL) to sophie turner from GoT and other movies and series
Jacob Mcboss
Who is this cameron nigga and how tight is her pussy?
Dani Panda
lilly heatherly
Are we not gonna talk about Cameron's roots
Sunshine2007girl Fitzpatrick
Yea i think There dateing
candyz editz
''so cameron dated peyton his play sister on jessa woahhh
fariha zannat
Sempai noticed them....
I TechLegend I
Take a shot everytime she says "Adorable"
masemonkey 98
nooooo wayyyy
Katie Farmer
lmao i can’t stop laughing bc they said “sleeping beauty castle” wtf hahahhaha
Panda 22
My name I Gilbert
Natalia Kuster
jo jonas is married to sophie turner lmao
Natalia Kuster
im so uncomfortable?!
Matthew Norris
...I don't like how some of these people don't seem to be fans at all but rather they weren't famous when they started dating the star so your labeling them as if they started out as fans? wtf is that?
Isma Ahmed
Brenna is not allowed cameron boyce!!! He is mine!!!😍😍😍
Panic! Everyday 2
All my celebrity crushes are married so..
(Gerard Way, Patrick Stump, Brendon Urie, and Tyler Joseph)
scar gr
Wish this could happen with every member of bts
Antasia Kidd
Me to Gloria
Chery Mathews
My faveorite one was the 1rst one
Celina cabret
Wait that looks like Jesus from the FOSTERRRZZZ!!!
Darren James
I've ventured to the wrong side of YouTube..
Cake Slabb
I have the same name as Kevin’s daughter 😇
Sophia Maresco
I thought that the thumbnail was cameron and boo boo kissing
Gods BlackHole
Haha Jimmy “T(ah)tro”, hahaha ...... i need to write this paper....
Kms Kitty
“Fan” or just not famous? How do you know that all of these people are “fans”
Valkyrie Rose
I love Anne Hathaway she’s so beautiful
Alpha Wolf
I want Namjoon to be my bf or Cole Sprouse
Carrie Anne Gore
I have to meet Shawn Mendes .... Nope that's too far
Tha Bitch
Wtf who cares
Kelly Calypso
The only reason I saw this was because I saw Shawn Mendes 😍 that's my man
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