Deelip Sonkamble
gUnS and Roses
Lets be honest if it wasnt for looks most would still be struggling
Dipesh Kumar
Akshay Kumar is my favorite
Dipesh Kumar
Akshay Kumar is my favorite
Fela Hmar
respect for their faithful hardwork
Kailash Narayan Dave
spelling of comment is wrong
Assassin Gamers
Rajini is the Best
Ayesha Siddika
God ki ashirbad agar logoke pass hote hei to koi bhi kam namomkin nehi hota
Entertainment Factory
rajnikant,akshay kumar and shahruk
Umma Hani
bit how s.k a.k
Ravi Verma
Vicky Bansal
bilkul Sahi bolrihi ho Bindash Goyal
vijay Kumar
akhir mehnat rang lie
Kashish Nayak Kashish
Dinesh Mahara
so how it became odd job???
Gunja Thakur
johnny Walker sir salute to yu
Raj Aryan
I am really ispired by them salute u
shivesh Poddar
Bijay Sitaula
The person who struggles in his/her life is a door to success. Priyanka Chopra is also one of the best example.
Goutam Ovhal
Amezing information
Magar Nischal
Akshay waiter.
karim prince
Chennamsetty Subramanyam
my favourite actor is Shahrukh khan
Dhanusri Singaravelu
dei pavingala thala ajith bike mechanica dhanada velai patharu ana avar pera podalaiyada poriki pasangala
surya rayapu
Hard is key to success this an example
king vlogs
earn money in short time in u r smart phone 20-30 k in months in a mobile just wats up me (8686230152)
Devendra Sahu
only hard work matters for success
Akshata Kadam
no one like rajnikanth
Akshata Kadam
but rajnikanth is the best and he is marathi
ugen tiran
Rajinikant is not a bollywood actor.He works predominantly in Tamil Cinema but has acted in a few hindi films as well.Get your facts right before you speak.He is a tamil film actor.
Michael Dawson
rajinikanth also worked as coolie and a carpenter
shivam dutta
luck is depend on your decisions
Russ Prince
you all are a looser
Russ Prince
you all are a idiot
Russ Prince
you all are a nonsense
Russ Prince
you all are stupid
Russ Prince
qamar abbasi
its a result of hard work on right platform.
Ayyappan mani
thalivaaaa your great
lourdez parker
super star rajinikanth.
Sonia Verma
Amitabh bachachan is great👌👌😙😙
sayyed Aftab
Sharuk khan
Manish tamang
kaas ki mera vi life story kuch aisa hi hota yaar..
Sheen T J
raghavendra bhojanala
S.K Haris
Sandadi Rajeswari
Jasmeen Kaur
akshay kumar is a material art teacher
Anarul Hossain
real video
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