Hybrid7 00x
Steven is a faggot and Trump is all he talks about. His show sucks ass and is boring.
Propaganda indeed.
Liam Blaauwhoof
Mark hates every celebrity because they are liberals. Mark grow up
thats why i stopped watching snl. too much crummy liberal garbage. i miss its days of sandler, myers, farley, etc. where jokes and skits were good with little to no political theme.
Frieda Waters
Sorry to see Leno fired. But not too concerned about his future. $$$ Enjoy your retirement Jay. Fallon has NO worries. He's funnier than Colbert, to begin with & Colbert is burying himself w NOTHING but unfunny jokes about our President. I left him long ago. I'm NOT the only one! The Networks need to WAKE UP. The public is on to you. A Bunch of Biased Fools.
Adam Cormier
As a canadian, I watch the US quite closely, because it seems you people don't seem to be getting it (we have health care, how is it that the greatest country on earth can't seem to sort this out??) What I have noticed is that Mark Dice is doing the exact same thing that he scolds the "libtards" for doing, like you are doing exactly what they are doing...... exactly. What your point of view or belief structure is so much better? you are as dumb as the liberals, maybe even dumber, because with every video you post like this, you are playing their game exactly..... In my mind there is literally no difference between Mark Dice and Stephen Colbert
Scott Bros
Everyone should cheer.
I'm so soo sick of American politics. It's like a kids playground with name calling and shit. How the fuck you guys sit thru this day in day out is so sad.
CrazyLegs C
Kill both parties
Colbert is the biggest piece of shit since the brontosaurus roamed the earth.
bmh 86
I used to watch Colbert but I just can't do it any more...insufferable since the campaign and election
Tim D Nchantr
"said a source". sounds like cnn
Kinda ironic here. You cons still don't get it. You clowns watched Colbert for YEARS before you could finally figure out that he was spoofing you. The joke was, IS, and always will be on you!
Jeff Stanford
liberal piece of💩
Jeff Stanford
I'd like to brake his 👃
BroGod Headkicks
Stephen is obsessed with Trump. I think he wants to suck his dick.
What network in America does not operate according to some political agenda ? even the Disney channel is nothing but a government propaganda tool.
Joe Claring
ur just as good as cnn
jimmy fallon just sucks... that's about all there is to it, all he really has is good music... other then that the guy just blows.
Josh M.
Steven Colbert is fking hillarious
Dee Kobald
Colbert is waaayyy past is best before date... Colbert needs to go away
Julian Robert Zamora
Stupid Treason defines Trump. You're as stupid as Trump. Fake news from NY Post. Who cares about this?
Barrier Boy
colbert reminds me of matthew brodrick, but without being good at acting or being funny in general. you could put him in Ferris Bueller, as Broderick's silly-nilly cousin who nobody likes or invites on fun adventures. he's just a turd boy and it's more fun when he just stays at home.
Mister Black
Stephen colbert your not FUNNY.
damn they go so hard on trump
Colbert Report was at least worth watching when nothing else is on. Good thing they moved this crap to a timeslot when nobody watches tv
Julius Lee
I didn't realise how much of a penis he is
Rene Galarza
Mike Dice. You need a nose job, badly!
Joseph Farhat
Colbert is a chump and glad his Audience knocked it off his game.
Three Dee
Spartan 117
Mark Dice is controlled opposition. Parties don't matter. Presidents are selected by freemasons.
Bahahahaha...Trump is WINNING !!!!! stupid stooge liberals.
Colbert became such a douche
Steven O'Brien
What a loser.
I've been grinning since election night!
David Richardson
I don't necessarily know if they're trying to destroy Donald Trump, they just know that half of the US population would love to see Donald Trump destroyed. And they're trying to milk that for everything it's worth. But it's just very very beyond stale at this point. The buddy buddy relationships with Obama combined with the then flat out war on trump is infuriating, but what do you expect.
Steven is sally jessy Raphaels twin
Blake Buckner
Fuck ABC!
Blake Buckner
Fuck CNN!
Blake Buckner
Fuck Colbert!
Ben James
Jimmy Fallon is the only one of these late night liberals that I actually like.. I dont watch him but appreciate that he is a person who can form his own opinions (unlike the audience at Colbert)
Stephanie Smith
Stephen Colbert is such an idiot
Escapate Mental Slavery
SC is a pedophile like all his democrat chums
What a hypocrite. You're doing a partisan show with a clear political agenda -- which is fine, cos you're not a news show. But then why's it so wrong if Chevy and Baldwin do that same thing?
Champis theBunny
If colbert and Jewhn Stuart are considered 'liberals' in the amerikan empire, then the word has no meaning. Or like most words amerikans use, it just means...whatever the speaker wants it to and any given moment in time. But the manufactured endless 'war' of 'liberals v conservitards' in the uS does make for endless, and distracting theater.
Megaman I
Colbert you are a comedian, and you make youre audience laugh. THIS ISNT FUNNY
@Mark Dice "We the People" is a collective and thus liberal principle that conservatism is patently erroneous and treasonous to, but you knew this, no?

Sure you did...

You haven't the slightest idea of mal informed you are and if you ever develop balls, you can try to counter me...

trick point, no has ever been able to...

Silly you, Osama bin Laden was a conservative too, but you're too politically illiterate to understand how or why...

Gerald Wicker
Either liberal or conservative, this is a prime example of brain-washing that has confused the target audience. I've been a keen observer of this over the years. The younger people and older people in our society are prime candidates for this. The media, education, military, religion and corporate entities that control civilization take the same notes and pretty much use the same tactics. It's left up to people to distinguish what is true and right. With so many people telling lies who the hell can figure it out.
Chris Savage
It was announced way before Obama that Jay Leno was leaving the tonight show and Conan was taking over.
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