Stephen Colbert Trump Joke Backfires - Then He Scolds Audience

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Stephen Colbert lectures his audience after his first joke of his monologue backfired when he thought he would be skewering President Trump, but as you will see, thins didn't quite go as planned!  Media analyst Mark Dice has the story.  Copyright ยฉ 2017  - Subscribe now for more videos every day! 

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Mark Dice is a media analyst and bestselling author who specializes in exposing the power mainstream media and celebrities have on shaping our culture.  He has been featured on the History Channel's Decoded, and America's Book of Secrets; Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura, Secret Societies of Hollywood on E! Channel, America Declassified on the Travel Channel, and is a frequent guest on Coast to Coast AM, The Alex Jones Show, and more.  His viral videos have received more than 300 million views and have received international media attention.


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Kathy Heagney
Sheep must be herded
Colbert, Fallon and the rest of these a--holes have no clue. People didn't cheer because Comey was fired for investigating Hillary during her campaign. That's how Colbert tried to save it. The crowd cheered because the country is starting to realize that Hillary really is "Crooked Hillary" and that she has the blood of American citizens on her hands. BTW, even if the Trump camp met with the Russians, it's not illegal. How F'ing stupid can you be? You know what's really great? Trump will win a second term if he decides to run again, even though he is not a spring chicken anymore. Whenever President Trump is finished, his daughter, Ivanka will become the first woman president of the U.S.. I hope Hillary is alive to see it and can never get it out of her head. God bless President Trump and God bless America.
Samson Gabriel
Colbert is a fag.
Mike B
Colbert has small hands.
Mike B
Communist China owns much of Hollywood does Communist China write the checks for Hollywood's leftists ๐Ÿค”
Daniel Block
Jimmy foul lup
Vin D.
James ComeyProject VeritasOfficial statements fron other high positions of authority.CNN employees.
Like how many times do we need proof for these faggot butthurt liberals to know that they are just retarded? Oh btw I'm not gonna be PC about this. Cause idgaf :D
Michael Moran
I remember watching Jay Leno because it was actually funny, now we have this atrocious bitch Samantha Bee doing nothing but repetitive political comments which I won't even call jokes because, jokes are supposed to be funny. The two main late night hosts are doing the same but Jimmy Fallon does actually have a somewhat funny joke every once in a while, nothing like Jay Leno but at least better than Colbert and Samantha Bee. I remember when Saturday Night Live was funny with Cris Farley's motivational speaker routine, Wayne's World, deep thoughts and so many other hilarious skits that used to make the show something to look forward to. Now it's all just the same as most late night idiotic repetitive political propaganda that makes idiot progressive liberals laugh and smart people just change the channel because they accidentally put it on!
c. harley francis
Steve Frye
Isaac Marshall
You just earned another subscriber! Brilliant channel, Trump is really misrepresented online and you do a really good job. Thank-you on behalf of all Trump supporters - England and Pakistan
Marius Fortelni
Just another Hollywood Commie, that's all!
Lord Luppart
This DICKWEED said "Colbert was chastising his audience " - I didn't hear anything of the kind. A word for the Mentally Challenged - criticize WHAT people say, not their STILE! !!!
Cindy Witter
This guy is such an ass! He continues to prove it over and over again every time he opens his mouth ! ๐Ÿ‘…
Kyle Newkirk
That's your base of support Steve. A bunch of idiots who don't know why they think the way they do. They are programmed to laugh after you say something, and that's exactly what the left relies on during elections - people just taking what they say for granted.
Bruce David
Stephen Colbert, haha, Jon Stewart`s water boy.
Siedler Joe
My god, you are such a retard :-O
Donald Eife
Just shows how the libtards don't no whats going on
JoeMoe Moe
Shouldn't Colbert be training for his space mission to Mars?
leBraz Psairo
Funny thing is I've never been a liberal but before this whole election I liked Colbert but fucking something happened and it was a sad thing this is a good comedian just let down the wrong path
fakenews propaganda
Carter was such a great president lol
Great person one of the worse president though
Maiden Utah
Stephen Butt Hurt
Mark Dice you are a bitch- I went to high school with you and you were hated then and even more hated now - LOSER get a real job and not one that lies to people more stupid than yourself - !
Onkl Andi M
Stephen Colbert is human garbage. Pure and simple.
Mark Cannon
Liberals are dying out. .Buh Bye Libtards!
JewishPeople AreTheBest
When SNL started bashing Trump every week I cut the shit off. Not like the show is funny anymore anyway.
What a fool
What did this guy do before trump ran for president? He has no content other than trump Hillary shit did he just make his channel last year?
Troy Head-Counsell
I see this channel is for low life, butt hurt, going nowhere, privileged, still living in their moms basement, cry guys. I'll see my way to the door
Quagsire Crossing
Stephen Cuckbert attempts to mock Trump and is keked
Larry May
Bring back Jay Leno !
Anthony Love
Colbert,fallen,stewart,lemon,Anderson,chase...such fucking idiots..elite mental midgets.
R Syrjamaki
Little John
John Stewart and Colbert are jokers....Sold out hosts!
Stryder Tesshu
Chevy Chase is completely washed out. he barely knows where he is.
Stryder Tesshu
Colbert is a jack ass of the first order.
Carole Ann Davis
I can't stand this idiot Colbert!!! He's such a dumb ass libturd!!!!!!
Jew boy Colbert is a foul Human!!
Eric Christian
The zombies didn't realize they were supposed to boo! Haha he failed to give them their instructions. Can't just go flying by the seat of your pants colbert and expect the minds slaves to think like reasonable adults! The left didn't design them for that!
Colbert is a pedofile.
All Valley Media LLC
Those ratings are brought to you by CNN .. the same who were saying Hillary was way ahead in the polls
Chad Gregory
Fuck that looser and fuck Trevor Noah. Bunch of libtard looser.
Patricia Murray
Garbage bastards.Definately not men of honor
S. Canady
Colbert is funny as hell. Tired of Conservative- Liberal extremists. They are ruining our country.
Larry Arnemann
stopped watching late night tv. I read in bed for entertainment and learn a few things along the way. try it!
Colbert is a smarmy, squirmy little weasel.
Red Neck
Colbert and Jimmy Fallon both suck anyway, not sure how they're still on tv
All Colbert has talked about since the election is trump, trump is basically responsible for any ratings he gets lol. Colbert is just part of the propaganda machine.
Odillio Lewis Channel
Watch my newest video.
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