Minecraft Survival Mode Playset Tundra Tower Expansion Mattel Toys Huge!

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Minecraft Survival Mode Playset, The Tundra Tower Expansion pack from Mattel Toys. The Ice Biome meets up with the original Survival Mode Playset, to create an enormous Minecraft world! The Tundra Tower is full of action features including, trap doors, exploding walls, spawning Snow Golem, and Steel Bars cage to Capture the Villager Zombie! Also includes storage chest for all your survival mode items. Recreate in 25+ combinations! Builds to 25" tall or more!

Found USA retail, Toys R Us $60


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Spider Juice

Wii creator Monroe
Wii creator Monroe
find the Ender dragon or is their not
Ayesha Qadir
At 8.00 the torch lights up
Devin M
I love you 😍
EnderAlan _
I have the custom minecon survival mode figures
Yoani Garcia
12:04 lol wolf was angry
Pam Tyler
you the best
tom gevers
I saw a enderman at 11:24
Epic Reviewer
cool set.
The Naemes mosqueda
I Saw Berry Loook Like A Snow Golem
toy Bonnie 57 cool
I skipped breath qnd the beast for this epic channel
Rhemie Ogoy
Moustafa Dana
I'm a poooopopopopo
Matthew Prom
I'm getting that toy on Christmas day
orlando vanaro
i will n2pever get a like
white wolf gaming
Elhey Cabrera
RubenPlays Roblox & More!
0:19 he got rekted by a snowman
Archer Craft 847
I Love This Video
jizzle xx235
At 12:03 I was like 😮did that dog move on its own. 😆
Retrogamer 1265

the snow golem doesn't shoot??

Alexander Pedin
At 11:36 sounds like you're attempting a derp Ssundee impression
Andz Montero
snow golems
Jayden the pirate
nice video I subscribe
Nathaniel Capitano
OK so first of all your a very funny channel 2 you don't make your videos too dumbed down for younger kids like those videos by the other kids channels 3 you can make anyone laugh or ast least smile c:
The nyan Pug gaming
I like trains
Stormtrooper Reviews
Why didn't you review the zombie
| Tony Planet |
The Meme Lord
There's a Wooden Button,but at the same time a Wooden Pleasure Plate
Tomiliose George
EpicEndGamer29 AJ
Wow, the little Landrey at the beginning is so fluffy. :3
Phillip Cain
I mean at 0:25
Phillip Cain
Lol enderman at 0:10
Deadgoatcrap Hill
I love your videos
jo ramas
squirrel stampede theres the new funko sister location action figures and if you collect them all you can build the bunos ennard
Sonic Gaming
where do you get those invisible sticks?
Lightning Gameroid
review the biome settlers series...

what? everyone is requesting this... right?
Nadif Indrawan
i see enderman! 11:24 and 11:51
cool dude gamming
too many sound effects
Aidon Swaysin
can I have your phone number so I can call you tomorrow morning talk to you
Dylan khuang
Pin me pls
Cathy Kelley
Margaret Robinson
ca you send me one please
Nicholas Stella
also do lego minecraft sea monument when it comes out soon; please read my comments and thank you for great videos like this one
Nicholas Stella
squirrel stampede try and find series 8 of minecraft mini figures and review them
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