Exploring an Abandoned Vintage House - Everything Left Behind

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In this episode we explore an abandoned home full of vintage belongings. It was haunting to see this many personal items left behind and abandoned.



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The Proper People
Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays everyone! If you want to see more of this house, don't miss our cinematic video that we posted last week -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZSXc4uwHlKw
Erin BoBarren
Where is the general location of this place?!!
rhonda h
I am thinking it looks kind of like a home where older people were being taken care of.
Likely the owners of this house went on vacation and never came back, disappeared, or got kidnapped
Crymsyn Nirvana
Looks more like breaking and entering someone still lives there or did recently shame on you.
Dave Henson
One thing I love more than anything about this house are those two lamps in the room at 7:20. They are beautifully crafted and the ornate details make them really unique. Such a shame they are being left to rot. A really fantastic video guys I certainly enjoyed it.
Simone Cristian
Essa casa me deu uma sensação de tristeza tão profunda que nem consegui assistir até o final!!!😢😢😢😢
And all it takes is 13 years
Kathy Boots
very awesome video, love it
Cariee Universe
Do Midway mall in Elyria Ohio
Magdalena Molęda
It was very beutiful house..... many old things...
It's too bad the children couldn't have had people come in to buy these antiques. Now they are just there to rot
poppy smith
I hope the little girl in the picture is OK and not buried in the garden.
Mark Harrison
This one makes me feel really sad :(
The YouTube Phantom Official
It looks like it was at one time a really, really nice house. Shame it's become so dilapidated.
The dolls, though, look creepy with the plastic cracking.
Heather Elliott
If the house wasnt so damaged and had everything thrown out then done up it would have made a beautiful home ♥
Heather Elliott
Oh how I wish I had that red doll with the red hat, they were around when I was a kid back in the 70s my cheep scate mother wouldnt buy me one, its suprizing its not dusty and I can recall that the base was a music box if you turned the base
Heather Elliott
It looks lke an elderly persons died, or killed themselfs or car accident. Or the goverment could have paid them off as a high way was going through there but never did, how sad
Lori Favela
This is really creepy..
Dian Adams
when you are going to show an abandoned home....go to the library and get the history about it....it will mean a lot more to you if you understand why it is standing empty......
Maggie G
Something very off about this home, I feel very sad and depressed watching this. There is a commode and hospital bed in one room perhaps someone was ill. So many personal items laying around perhaps something sudden happened or the last person was hospitalized and never returned. I don’t know it’s strange all four toothbrush’s are left there. Something off with this find.
13:03 That goddamn toy that every 90's kids had lmao
Jon Kolstad
Great video! That smashed Guild guitar @7:40 though.. :(
Carla Helin
Of all the many urban explore videos, this one hit me with the most sadness. You boys are so respectful, that is appreciated. Glad that someone put up a link to the history. I'll put it up again. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3900904/Inside-eerie-Mississippi-hoarder-s-house.html
Trina Golas
Just binge watching your stuff....that was amazing!
Mercedez_ Gets_fit
I will gladly watch your ads.
Anthony Lawrence
I sincerely hope somebody rescues all those antiques before it's too late.
Anush The Blogger
This, so far, was the most touching abandoned place! The house preserved a spirit inside, that no movie can recreate! I loved it! Brought tears to my eyes!
Andy Griess
Am I the only one who gets a sad feeling watching this video... feeling like the owner ran into a predicament and couldn't do anything to keep what they had or what not... like if they suddenly passed away or physically couldn't keep up anymore and didn't have anyone to help with the belongings of the house?
Billy Masoner
Seeing all of the geriatric equipment lying around, this home definitely belonged to an elderly person, most likely a woman, who passed away, and her family didn't want to be tasked with cleaning out her home, so they've left it to rot. How sad.
Rodrick HD
Im impressed how tat house stills intact, its rely rely a gem . i dont know if im my entire life of exploring im going to a place like that.
Gillian Gill
What an incredible house!
It must have been so exciting exploring it.
Fantastic video.
Adventure with Melvin
American pickers would have a hay day in there
Kathy Kent
I hear wisaling I think it's hunted in hearing things
Kathy Kent
I love old stuff so cool love I love 80 music .live hugs God bless you always.
Belle B
Definitely looks like it was a boarding house. It would explain the 2 kitchens too. Older couple or person probably ran the boarding house, but probably couldnt afford the upkeep and shut it down and just lived downstairs. Obviously they were living there when the roof was leaking. family probably found out about the leaking roof mold and bad conditions and moved person out of house into nursing facility.
maine home
It seems like there are a lot of bed frames.
Paul G
Is that a navy picture? NO, It's fucking Popeye!
Paul G
Force the door baby! My god.
Paul G
Nothing in this house okks to be worth anything. it all just looks like modern trash.
If that flower is real then I find it hard to believe no one is going back there
Michael Hunt
Ashes to ashes... we all return.
man ! ..all the reclaimed wood that could be gathered if they demo this place!!😳😳😬
theres a weird place like that in cordes lakes arizona..just up and left everything from like the 80's..when the state owns it they just let em sit there for decades!
woulda been neat to see details like the makeup she used☺️💞
so neat!
dam thats a old my little pony game from 1988 :V
Katelyn Rose
Beautiful but tragic
Sinta Seedwell
That house tells a sad story
And theres no grafitti surprisingly
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