Cristiano Ronaldo ● The Most INSANE Free Kick Goals Ever

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Title: Cristiano Ronaldo, Free Kick, Goals, Skills, 2017

Brandon Scott
Correspondent cloth common astronomer limited hand refugee.
Juraci Fernandes
mensagem linda
Abonniert mich
Gergő Lacza
ronaldo is the best
David Beckham
he was.good in free kick in MU
Come on, the first one was a deflection!
How is that "insane"??
The one Person
Sub to me or else die
Why was there a free kick in the box
Senhadji Mohamed ÃmÎnø
gautam ply
best player of all time
Daanish Ilyas
Ronaldo is sick at football and he his my best footballer ever
gnostik74 gnostik74
good goal 2:58
<3 Ronaldo
Sjak Ventieltjes
His last 100 freekicks he almost scored 1 goal XD
Santos Santos
que é melhor Messi x cr7 c neymar
Antónia Júlio Carlos
fantástico! !!
Antónia Júlio Carlos
fantástico! !!
yo tip
let's get a messi over here
21 million views :D
A great player Ronaldo.
Milica Stojkovic
Yoyo Yu
gooaal C.RONALDO💪💪💪
Rumen Ivelinov Rumenov
El puto amo del real Madrid
الإسلام انتشر بالسيف وينتهي بالفيس
الهنود بشر تقدس بقر
والمسلمين بقر تقدس حجر
Piotr Skowronski
jestes gownem q
I'm new to soccer. Are they kicking the ball so hard it's too fast for the goalies? Because some of these dudes aren't even moving lol
Abdo Kénitra R's
CR7 Nise
Samuel Madlener
Adil El Hrichi
Billy Turner
Twisted Soul
4:37 commentators are doing something fishy 😂
Rooney Asho Photography
Messi , Neymar and Suarez are the worst
Luigi Tili
Fess7171_ YT
Mr.Tampan Pembrani
Free kick Cristiano ronaldo is the best forever is to you.. (Y)
GO.GO.GO.GO Cristiano Ronaldo (Y) (Y)
Elin Gudjonsdottir
0:30 how did he did that long shot.... its so longggggggg
he is way better than messi.... messi is to messy!!! get it xD
Sohel Hossain
Nice CR 7
Some of these are freakishly good...but why include the first's a deflection
nicodemo Lopez Lopez
jugaba mejor ronaldiño se la mataba gacho
I'm better than him
Der Käferzüchter
Lykke Hansen
That it Was in Danish on of Them 🇩🇰
Boruto last hokage
wurz elle
excellent football, lousy background noise
Samuel Habtu
Smashing goals I am proud of
MuhaMed Ibrahimi
c ronaldooooooooo
MuhaMed Ibrahimi
ta qifsha nanen\
Sayedfarhathusain Husain
0:44 a player was coming to hug him ronaldo didn't
Julien Dutour
Merci aux ballons flottants. Je préfèrais les coups francs brossés (Zidane, Platini, Beckham, Roberto Carlos contre Barthez... ou le talent seul faisait la beauté du coup franc). Ronaldo reste le meilleur tireur (avec Juninho) depuis ces nouveaux ballons.
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