Giraffes Fighting! Giraffe Battles!

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This video is a montage of a bunch of clips of giraffes fighting each other with their necks. Giraffes are very majestic animals but when they fight, things get pretty crazy.

I do not own any of these clips. No copyright infringement intended.

Domingo flamingo I think I lost my halo
Well that was 2 mins of my life I'll never get back
Charlie Whitmore
Why the fuck did you speed up the clips?
Charlie Whitmore
RIP Headphone users.
Victor Enzo
this song is HORRIBLE
RIP my ears
how did i get here from watching iisuperwomanii??
Pl2 5ub5cr1b3
I didn't think Ryan was serious
wrong music, way too loud even on low
thums up if clicked nigahigas red button omg he dident lie
The original "ear rape"
Ryan Hudson
OMG the dang music 😫
Luna The Wolf
That looks like it hurt...
who else watched this video?
Wrath Milten
huh. No wonder nothing fucks with them
unicornandwolf lol
......thanks Ryan?
rajaa malhi
يتشاجرون على مراة ما فيها حياء
Elias Topp
It's surprisingly hard to masterbate to this
Courtney Ruff
SGT Andy
When people say use your head
eva geiskopf
Am I the only one here just to see how hilarious it is and NOT because of NigaHiga?
fuck this stupid ass music
i came here cuz of ryan
Heloise Cantin-Gilmore
Mohammad Tanim
horrible music
The music isn't loud enough.
sirenia ramirez
I can barly hear anything
sirenia ramirez
Martin Bodin
what is the name of the song?
Gaurav Gupte
How does ryan find these videos...?
John Bowley
Great video! just shittiest soundtrack ever!
Sydney Yang
omg dis is legit
RIP headphone users.
delores emeagi
Ok everyone's here from Nigahiga's video. Let's talk about something else now.
Nugget boom
Why is this video a thing?
Nigahiga sent me
allright, lemme just click the video
okay its loading in
video loads
my ears
why so loud, daaaank
Marissa Derousse
Ha this video is so hilarious I love it
Nigahigha squad
OH MY GOD MY EARS !!!! and my headphones
Mountain Shark
Who came here from Ryan higa
Random Hater On The Internet
Best anime EVER!
Abbie Friedrichsen
Thanks Ryan

Tee Hee
nice song, whats the name?
Anderson Roark
when my dog heard the ear rape of this video he did the same thing the giraffes did
Anna Jankowski
Holy shit, that's violent, buse comes in many formes.
Jaaa C
let's see terrible fucking song. volume levels sound like you had your head in the toilet bobbing for shit chunks while you edited. video is sped up for some weird reason. just all around awful. don't forget to pick the shit pieces from between your teeth.
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