Giraffes Fighting! Giraffe Battles!

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This video is a montage of a bunch of clips of giraffes fighting each other with their necks. Giraffes are very majestic animals but when they fight, things get pretty crazy.

I do not own any of these clips. No copyright infringement intended.

Savannah Remiraz
This is "I whip my hair back and forth" gone wrong....
J Is For Jeffrey
Okay we get it, nigahiga sent you here.
Super Dude
who's here cause of Ryan higa
Raise the volume up to full blast. I DARE YA!!!
Alana Turner
I wonder what they were fighting about....
Ava Madeline
Miaow Games
DreamSleepEat Repeat
Everyone said they got here from Ryan higa but I got here frame deligracy lol
did anyone watch this just because of ryan higga?
Caleb Wyatt
I was told the my eardrum could be busted I think it's because of the music
Victoria Baker
Anybody else here because of impractical jokers?
Impractical Jokers brought me here
Extra Fat Giraffe
The one on the right is me :p
Jknews and David So brought me here!!!
bloodsplix gaming
Dylan greatest
why is it so loud
Hunter 27171
wow he was serious
Thomas Leggatt
Why.... just why would you create something.... SO BEAUTIFUL!!!
King cat !
is this supposed to be a meme?!
Cookie Shortcake
I thought Ryan was joking....
Aiden Depetro
i looked this up because of Impractical Jokers.
h o o d s i e
hey thanks for the ear rape!
Bruh my name austin
Mora Meep
Fuck your intro song. Blowing my speakers.
Neon Swing
I was gonna make some dumb pun here, but it didn't go with the tone of the comments.
I guess I missed a beat.
Yeah, I was way off key in thinking this would be funny.
I'm sorry. That was dumb. Really dumb.
Andrew Conroy
who's better at soccer - SK or my mom?

Trick question. They both suck at soccer
Riley Beer
this video was sped up heeeeeeps!
I Forgot My Name
first ear rape question mark question mark
Harsha Choudhary
''nigahiga secret society''
Cute Kitten
Cute Kitten
am i evil? i laughed
Dank Dabber
top ten anime battles
I had my volume as low as possible and it still made me temporarily def.
Chuck Turner
I hate fucking giraffes because I have to use a ladder.
Unicorn toots!!
I bet there is that 1 retarded giraffe that snapped his neck at the first swing of his neck
PreX' Stylez
nick stepp
whos here because of impractical jokers
Deniz Güler
copyright free earrape music
Anthony Thompson
Who else is here because impractical jokers said to not search this?
Jericho Manduriao
lol i thought Ryan was lying...
Potato, Tomato No Dif
Maria Bastida
nice background earrape music XD
who else cam from ryans channel?
Kayla H.
my volume us on the lowest setting and my ears are still getting raped
Logan Pate
Fuck off with the music
dam ryan and his adhd
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