Giraffes Fighting! Giraffe Battles!

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This video is a montage of a bunch of clips of giraffes fighting each other with their necks. Giraffes are very majestic animals but when they fight, things get pretty crazy.

I do not own any of these clips. No copyright infringement intended.

Pubescent Autistic
i like when the griaffe punch
lol im in this video
David Betts
whos here from nigahiga
what obnoxious music and sound levels. thumbs down for you.
Best Video ever made
Blue Robot
Althea Cooper
Epic dance battles be like.....
Brianne Angelo
i got here cuz of ryan higa
Autism Reacts
Noname Bazzer
I'd love to see humans fight like this 😆
Shenlong, Mystic Dragon of the West
Thanks for the ear rape
Impractical Jokers told me not to search "giraffe fights" online because it'd ruin my day. Well, here I am.
Samoyed Mapping
Lol thanks Ryan!
Candy Apple
Anyone else here from the actual show?
Man this is a shit video.
Ludvig Emanuelsson
Top 10 anime fights
- dodolex -
nigahiga wtf bro
Camo Regrow Red
rip headphones users
Nocturn0x 87
Bread NoLastName
Here cuz of impractical jokers hahahah
mary kate
I thought it was a subscribe button and he said that just to trick us into subscibing, but i guess not
VJ Ford
Im high af watching this shit
Karen Elliott
came here from gamegrumps
Daniel Hopkins
Gotta love that neck action
Riyanna Davis
It's like a dance
Micah Card
Top 10 anime fights
Joseph Andry
I got here because of dope island vines
Beauty to my eyes and ears
Derpy Bear
Cool you came from nigaiga but did you come from impractical jokers
Gam Jam
I was watching Impractical Jokers when they mentioned giraffe fighting, and I looked it up and found this.
Lexi Castagner
Impractical Jokers were right, this did ruin my day.
Jack and David
who came from the nigahiga clickbait vid
Un coup de coup on appelle ça une coufle #coufle
my ears... ;-;
Craze AndreasRF
thx for the ear rape warning Ryan ... atleast i can't hear Ryans voice shit i heard something anyways what was it it sounded like ttt TeeHee
Aizah Zubair
I'm dead this is hilarious
When I am a child,I often watch animals videos like this...I remember the time
Your music sucks and I hope you die from AIDS, faggot.
John Smith
i'm really drunk right now and "sped-up footage of giraffes beating the hell out of each other with their necks while dubstep plays in the background" is precisely the viewing experience i needed to have tonight. thanks
Colin Giles
Anyone else came here from a good taste of youtube?
DiamondPixel HUN
10/10 would jack off to again
Jj Ulo
Is it weird that I actually find this funny?? 🤔🤔😑😐🙄
You spin my head right round, right round...
Ciarra Manfredi
This video is so funny... I am crying
Haley Nixon
I'm here from impractical jokers
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