Giraffes Fighting! Giraffe Battles!

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This video is a montage of a bunch of clips of giraffes fighting each other with their necks. Giraffes are very majestic animals but when they fight, things get pretty crazy.

I do not own any of these clips. No copyright infringement intended.

Derpy Bear
Cool you came from nigaiga but did you come from impractical jokers
Gam Jam
I was watching Impractical Jokers when they mentioned giraffe fighting, and I looked it up and found this.
Lexi Castagner
Impractical Jokers were right, this did ruin my day.
who came from the nigahiga clickbait vid
Un coup de coup on appelle ça une coufle #coufle
my ears... ;-;
Craze AndreasRF
thx for the ear rape warning Ryan ... atleast i can't hear Ryans voice shit i heard something anyways what was it it sounded like ttt TeeHee
Aizah Zubair
I'm dead this is hilarious
When I am a child,I often watch animals videos like this...I remember the time
Your music sucks and I hope you die from AIDS, faggot.
John Smith
i'm really drunk right now and "sped-up footage of giraffes beating the hell out of each other with their necks while dubstep plays in the background" is precisely the viewing experience i needed to have tonight. thanks
Colin Giles
SpicyBurrito 9
Anyone else came here from a good taste of youtube?
DiamondPixel HUN
10/10 would jack off to again
Jj Ulo
Is it weird that I actually find this funny?? 🤔🤔😑😐🙄
You spin my head right round, right round...
Ciarra Manfredi
This video is so funny... I am crying
Haley Nixon
I'm here from impractical jokers
Song name?
Colby Edwards
I came here because my economics teacher describe giraffes fighting as “disturbing”
Goddammit Danny
Butt Head
I was gonna thumb this up... then i thumbed down cause of the gay "music"
Rhonni Sto
Dude, your levels are too high, holy distortion on the sound.
Rhianna .k
Watching this at 3am, scared the hell out of me
SillyRhys7 Gaming
LittleAGaming267 A
Ljubica Mitrovic
R.I.P. headphone users
mike kimbrough
The music in this video is unbearable, but nice giraffes.
Drippy Sauce
RIP Headphones
Matt Deemer
i'm hear because of impractical jokers inside jokes
Camo Regrow Red
from ryan HIIIGA
Lethargic Parvalbumin
dude, i think your audio encoder broke
This music
Adriana Cruz
I had a dream about giraffes and now I'm here
Will Brennan
1hour Owls
This is "I whip my hair back and forth" gone wrong....
An Immature Genius
Okay we get it, nigahiga sent you here.
Super Dude
who's here cause of Ryan higa
Raise the volume up to full blast. I DARE YA!!!
Alana Turner
I wonder what they were fighting about....
Ava Madeline
Miaow Games
DreamSleepEat Repeat
Everyone said they got here from Ryan higa but I got here frame deligracy lol
did anyone watch this just because of ryan higga?
Caleb Wyatt
I was told the my eardrum could be busted I think it's because of the music
Victoria Baker
Anybody else here because of impractical jokers?
Impractical Jokers brought me here
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