Giraffes Fighting! Giraffe Battles!

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This video is a montage of a bunch of clips of giraffes fighting each other with their necks. Giraffes are very majestic animals but when they fight, things get pretty crazy.

I do not own any of these clips. No copyright infringement intended.

The Hero
Tasty Tinfoil
I'm here because I just remembered that these animals actually fight like this
Pappiii Ricoo [o
who got here because of impractical jokers
Holy shit this is loud
Joe Masters
I don't know what this Neagea or Ninigaga is but that's not why I'm here. I'm stoned & for no reason did a search for 'girraffe fights'
A Koncerned Kafir
Anyone not here because of NigaHiga but just because they wanted to see giraffes fighting?
Pie Pierrot
Anyone else here because of Game Grumps?
Rubika Jayanthan - Silverthorn PS (1160)
this vid got so many views because of ryan
Watermelon Crusher
i wanna be a giraffe now......
Well I thought the red button on ryan's video was taking to a fake tittled vide
im just here because of the game grumps who is nigaiga
Eason Du
Candice Reynolds
Eth's Gaming
jesus christ the ear rape
Simon Cahill
that music gave me ear aids
Donald Falk
Distorted house music. Worst video audio ever
Dre Allen
here because of impractical jokers
janea malikkahn
yo its funny how giraffes fight
dat1gamer 12
So how many "who clicked this b/c of Ryan" comments will there be by the end of 2017?
W Boring
worst music, if you can call it that.
Waldemar Marzan
Impractical Jokers brought me here.
fayaz jiwa
impractical jokers brought me here
sreelakshmi gopinathan.p
Akshita Garg
Am I the only one that's not here from Nigahiga because my bio teacher told me about it and we laughed about it for like 15 minutes. If you want to laugh more, search up about how girrafes drinking water
Flagged as Spam
Who else from nigahiga?
Maryam Hussein
Impractical jokers taught me
Mr. Grenade
Jasmine Ron
Im glad my left ear is blocked, everyone is complaining
Im Garbage
How much you wanna bet that all 1.5 million of these views are from that little red button..
I have no idea who nigahiga is.
I just find giraffes fighting hilarious.
Brian Isley
giraffes are some real head bangers
Snail Man
Here cuz of Game Grumps
Adolf Hitler
The only person here because of shane dawson :/ I seached wicker giraffe and this came up
Adolf Hitler
The music still scares me o-o
Andrew Burnett
next time no music this is ear garbage
camden smith
Just Us
swing first nigga swing first
rip ears..
I can do without the ear rape, but nice vid
nkspeedy098 Nathan.k
Fast forward
world star
Soda Warrior
Diallo Morris
vine lead me here
Jesus Christ
April the giraffe brought me here.
toxic fox
whats that soundtrack callef
Jordyn Levinson
rip headphone users
toxic fox
music is perfect!
Trash studio
I found foam pool noodles for well my pool
Cringeworthy music!
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