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my favorite one was da 1 and the cream and i will eat the cream and yes i love your videos😊
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You are the best
Jadedpug Lover
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Is papa squish japanese
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that was really cool i've never seen a squishy with "cake icing" in it!
Melanie Rankin
I love your videos
zenze ZENZE231
I mean i like real things and i like squishi
zenze ZENZE231
1.i like the squshi bread
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That cornet squishy looks like maggot
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What slime are u
1 butter slime
2 crunchy slime
3 glitter slime
4 metallic slime
5 Christmas slime
6 fluffy slime
7 rainbow slime
8 anti stress ball slime
9 duck slime
10 fart slime flarrp
Pick any one u like and tell me in the comments
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I have a egg
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do you also speak japanese or chinese instead of english?
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Anna Esposito
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awesome gauthier and fan of fnaf
U know how to speak Japanese
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