Nia Long says she PUNCHED Sanaa Lathan on set of Best Man Holiday!

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The ladies are looking glamorous as ever 14 years later in Best Man Holiday! Find out juicy details about life behind the scenes and why Sanaa was complaining about a sweaty stomach while filming! And yes, Taye Diggs is seated smack dab in the middle all that Hollywood radiance that can be seen glowing from each of the beloved actresses! 
host: Iesha Daniels
co-produced & edited by: Mike Melendy

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lmao 15 years ago I was only 10!

you people kill me with your false headlines tryin to make things sound controversial just to get viewers i hope no one else subscribes to your bullshit channel!
Lol i dont think Sanaa likes Nia. The tension is real XD listen to what Nia says, i think shes throwing it at Sanaa for being independent lmao.
Vladimir Smith
taye diggs was mad aggy like they would ask someone else a direct question and he putting his two cents like dude STFU!!!
Who watched this no needed sequel?
you cant fuck with me
only fightin women should do is wrestlin in ky jelly or mud in bikinis
those black women are hot
Looking back at Friday and Love & Basketball. It's amazing how shapely and sexier both have become.
It doesnt get hotter than this for black women. Nia Long s a goddess
TheoreOtis Anderson
Sana'a Latham can take a shit and I will lick her ass clean, lol bullshit but she is my dream woman, she is beautiful, Nia long is beautiful as well
Aaron -
i would dick them down with a vengeance!
Shata Watson
I cant believe I ran across this, I remember when she posted it on instagram. Look at my sis interviewing. I love seeing my people living their dream.
Translating Sanaa's facial expressions: "Girl bye!"
Adam Stokes
I love the cast of best man, I can't wait for part 3
Taye Diggs very obnoxious here.
Sanaa Lathan is uniquely different. Loved her work and her beauty for over 20 years now.
Ramone DeCurta
All I know is that I would smash both of the women. Nia long married a guy from my high school...lucky mothaf*cka!
Another click bate...
Sean Jump
Sistahs DAMN I love'em
H.L.C. Diaries
I thought something happened. This was definitely click bait !
Melissa Rosario
Nia Long seems so delightful 🐇🐇🐇🐇🐇🐇🐇🐇🐇🐇🐇🐇🐣🐣🐣🐣🐣🐣🐣🐣🐣🐆🐆🐆🐆🐆🐆🐆🐩🐩🐩
Dwight Oakley
Both of these ladies are Glamorous Queens
Cairo Alexander
maybe they take this a bit serious.....
Black Women, PLEASE STOP WEARING WEAVES! Return to you......
Free Reign Network
When is Quintons wedding?
Boss HoggOutLaw
Good interview
Why is this crap a part of my YouTube landing page 🙄
Gavin Scott
Somebody needs to lock Nia Long and Tamar Braxton in a room and have them work their issues out.
ronald Powers
they will pick a white man n a heart beat, especially​ lathan them hoe,s r fake,,,,,, OH my girl is extra real n bootyful.
lei utley
Divas beautiful Icons💯✨✨✨
Comfort Gold
Nia Long was low-key OR high-key dissing Sanaa Lathan with the marriage and kids comments, talking about how only "driven" women seek marriage etc...Why the SHADE?? :/
Mike V
Taye Diggs looking like moonlight director. madd suspect ma nigga
Pamela La Roda
Great clickbate
Robby Singer
i love both of these 2 pretty black women!
Miss. Jr. GodisGood
Michael Pignatello
sanaa Latham is so beautiful
Tanya Galitan
Lol there too funny gotta luv em I didn't know there was a PT 2 Welp now I do. 🎥😏
Roseline Bouquette
Sanaa look like a man Nia a small girly girl she could never have punched Sanaa
quinton guidry
: ClickBait !
Squeeze First Reptiles
I would eat Sanaa Lathan's groceries.
LMN Tree
Click bait but the biological clock part got real uncomfortable
Rochell Hodges
Nice, classy stays out of gossip and foolishness!
skahlan slytherin
sanaa lathan is a GODDESS!!!!!
Am I the only one that's been calling her Nina all these years? 😂
Sterlin Jordan
I just need one night with Sanaa I baptize her my gift (hung lo)
Gab rielle
Title is a LIE!!!!!
I wish I was Taye right now sitting in the middle of the
two of my finest favorite black women
Becky Stany
wow i just happened to click on this link. I grew up on Nia Long, girl still looks good for her age. That's just a group of gorgeous people, skin is glowing out of control.
Francois Suissae
Francois Suissae
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