How lovely is he? People have been poking him for years to do that voice and he's still so generous with it. I wouldn't blame him if he said no but he still does it. I thought Stephen was going to start crying he was so happy lol.
Woolder Taylor
I loved this interview.
Nati Whatever
What a brilliant once in a century actor.
Laurie Bolles
Again overwhelmed by the insanity so I came to the Gollum character. I needed a good laugh.
Wow this guy does a great gollem impression
Daniel Orloff
ja ja ja Genial
Ed Hastings
Much love for Serkis
Good Old Days Gaming
I can't look at his face and see a man. I just see Smeagol.
HOLY CRAP!!! That was awesome!!! I thought that his voice was heavily altered in post production, it was all him!!!! WOW!!!
Judith B
The best part of this was Stephen's face lighting up like a kid's on Christmas! :D
Derp Lolzor
This made me want to watch the trilogy again
Wow! What an amazing actor
Golem should get his own show. Nurses and golems!
or perhaps. Law and order and golem.
Lorelai B.
Brown jin
he needs his special tea to speak like gollum though....
wolf guy
I've heard The Joker, now Gollum. I need to see James Earl Jones read Trump's tweets as Vader!!!
dawn mathieson
Haha brilliant
Caesar is my favorite charcater that is played by Andy Serkis he has more development and more depth and is overall better than Gollum in my opinion
Cyril Carisosa
clone this guy we need more of him 👍🏼
Nick Gazard
Amazing, this should become an ongoing thing or app for every tweet!
Brick King
Jayden Warran
LMFAO serkis is my spirit animal
For Gollum: our audio app (12 voices)-
al videos
I'm not anti trump but I would have liked to have heard more =/
Kyle D
Stephen Colbert is such a great, kind, intricate, and thoughtful interview. Best ever. Andy Serkis is the man, best ACTOR ive seen since Micheal Cain.
Rosemary Williams
That is Dam Good Acting! I love all the Planet of the Apes movies..."Yes! All of them" but thank goodness they got him to play Cesar :)
Nas A
That's it, going to binge watch the LOTR movies..(again).
This was the happiest moment in stephens life lol
Ridho Ahmad Batubara
What's covfefe precious ?
Jasean Hill
starts at 3:56
One of the best actors we have today.
Madeleine Tam
this is iconic
dave aston
I wonder if he read the same text as Ciser as we it would seam different.
Nicholas Jaurigue
Kind of pathetic how this guy always seems to try to attack Trump. it's the only way he sees fit to get his views pathetic piece of scum of anti comedy
Miskogwan Red Feather
The german voice of gollum is a lot better. Check it out!
Donval Harris
TheeSophisticatedCarrot /_\
Fucking funny..
Piss off Libtard Colbert
Angel Beltran
Fucking awesome man! He deserves a fucking oscar if he hasn't received one already❤️
Akhilesh Kumar
look at stephens' face
maragani sasank sai
His voice I thought it is computer enhanced but it's real 😱great this guy is a genius😮
Mangi Rabaul
Omg! That was awesome
J&N Gaming and More!
Shit he even did the actual voice, I thought that voice was like auto tune or something.
4:51 right there would have been perfect for Gollum to have started coughing from the pronunciation.
HD Campbell
4:12 is where it starts. You're welcome.
00 Foot0Z
How many likes can this get
Alexandros Petrou
He is amazing. I love him dearly
cocky morty
Funny a member of trumps campaign team is snitching around this time.
zakaria dinar
if this didnt put a smile on your geeky face i donno what's will
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