Andy Serkis Becomes Gollum To Read Trump's Tweets

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No better voice could embody Trump's maniacal, power-hungry ranting than 'War for the Planet of the Apes' star Andy Serkis' famous character.

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Very talented guy
vince martens
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video of the year right here
Randy Castillo
WOW! What and INCREDIBLY talented man!
Rudy B
I would rather have root canal than endure a minute of Colbert's smarm. You don't have to be funny when all you do is disparage people. He is a slimy little puke and funny only to the intellectually disadvantaged.
Edward Kochie
colbert is an idiot.
Reggie King
He's good but the thing i want to know is... what's it got in it's pocketses precious?
Matthew Klees
Talent at its best !
geht euch n scheiss an
just an actor who gets millions and a nurse get nothing...yeah righttt
Non-binary goat ride
Butterfly t-shirt is sexy!
Not all gollums wear capes
Crom Forlife
Liberals are absolutely infatuated with Trump.
Dana Mitchell
You can see Stephen mouthing along to the cofefe tweet
Mega Cuck
Adam N
Andys hairline leads me to believe he has either had hair replacements or he is wearing a hairpiece. I could be wrong on both counts though.
Johan sigurdson
Do they do anything other then talk about Trump on this show?
Liche Christ
Brilliant actor!
Liche Christ
Andy Serkis has a most interesting facial profile. Everything is nearly perfect.
Никита Энтин
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Michael Hunt
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Skip to 4:13 for the hilarity.
oh god THANK YOU - I f..... loved that !
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bobby bobby
utterly brilliant, lmfao
lucy mcintosh
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This gentleman is so very talented. The tweet reading was just awesome.
Axel Molina
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Gem Ruisch
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Skull & Bones
Colbert - Anti trump wanker.
Finley Ellis
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Nastasya McDonagh
"3 ft ring junkie" 😂 I died
I died at SAD.
Tom Blue
Awesome awesome..awesome..... love you GOLLUM RULESSSSSS
Злата Ефимова
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Joe Masters
Von Greiner
Gollum is spot on.
Supreme Leader Smeagol
Fishvfefe precious.
I'm Kekistan, Gollum gets to read all of trumps tweets.
haha trump debunked another excellent video from Colbert not out of touch and unfunny in anyway
I like his guy
Злата Ефимова
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He really knows how to sell a movie
What's 'covfefe', Precious?
Fizz Pop
I love this!
Нина Дорофеева
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