Samuel L. Jackson Acts Out His Film Career w/ James Corden

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Samuel L. Jackson and James Corden act out snippets from Samuel's legendary film career, covering everything from "Pulp Fiction" to "Jurassic Park."

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He doesn't look a day over 50. This isn't right!
Samuel L. Jackson one of my favorite actors!
MJ Trace
this is fracking amazing
Guilherme Hermes
You should make one with Sean Bean so he dies in every scene.
Corden looks like the guy that says," England is my city." Forgot that wankers name.
what about miss perregrines
KKay 000
I've Had It With These Mother #%!*₩/@ Robots In This Gosh Darn City. WHERE'S MY SUPER SNAKE
Lil Bitch
Παυλος Σαρουγιαννιδης
Does he look like a Bitch ?????
Bougie Suzy Favs
this made me soooooooooooooooo happy to watch!!!!
Bobb Sanders
where's "fresh"?
Alicia Lewis
I'm crying
It said avengers infinity war
Queen Fan Forever
Freaking love SLJ!!
Love Jackson, can't stand Corden.
And I'm from the UK.
9:39 I love how they put Avengers: Infinity War there tho it isn't even out yet.
Sharon Secrets
Samuel rocks!
Hi Clara
I wanna see this with Morgan Freeman
But does he like anime tho?
Fishtownboy 99
They forgot about the movie “jumper”
Andy Ramone
This guy is the very best!!! Samuel L Jackson!!!
Absolute Legend
Thank fuck James Corden went to America with all the rest of Britain's failed comedians. At least he entertains the retards. I think Frankie Boyle should tour America.
Elixia Makara
They forgot Ms. P's Home for Peculiar Children
Raoul Duke
missing platoon
Alexander Richardson
I just watch soul men
Richard Monaghan
His movies are amazing. Just realized it now.... go Jedi
The first thing he does is flash gang signs.
Dennis Fontler
Yeah I've seen to many movies... only four here I havn't seen and two of them are not seen by choice (Snakes on a plane and Black snakes moan). Also havn't seen Kong yet.. ^^
If I was black, every halloween I'd be a different Samuel L. Jackson character
Tr Tech
.this was epic
James Corden is my textbook definition of an absolutely talentless spoiled hack.
Matthew Morciglio
Amazing!!!! 😍
Ron Anderson
Ur ass used to be bootyful <3
WestWard Pomona Gyrl
Woman if u dont tell me where my super suit is!!! 😹😹😹
1st time ever i heared the name James Corden, i s he famous in the US&A !?
Andre Shankle
Luizz LJ
Lmao 🤣 I love he’s movies
Andrew Cifuentes
what about Loaded Weapon 1
Side Shooter
The Sheikh
The sunset limited???!!
Zina Right
Marvel absolutely knocked out in 10 secons
"Jurassic Park" and "Deep Blue Sea" my favourite parts! 😁
Spade Santana
Hope he does Tenpenny from San Andreas
Stuart K. Seels
He needs to change his name to, Samuel J. Motherfucking Jackson!
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