Samuel L. Jackson Acts Out His Film Career w/ James Corden

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Samuel L. Jackson and James Corden act out snippets from Samuel's legendary film career, covering everything from "Pulp Fiction" to "Jurassic Park."

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They didn't do 187 :(
" I was a Teacher! I wanted to help you! You can't kill me!"
Awesome Samuel L. movie a lot have never seen.
Should have done Formula 51
"Aw, fuck... Can't a brother just deal some GODDAMN DRUGS?!"
Rupali Vaidya
Wohooooooo Samuel L Jackson !!! Respect
I forgot he was in Incredibles lol. I heard he's reprising Froze Zone too hehe.
damn when they did soul men made me think of bernie mac RIP
Jakes Life
They mist one
erkan yunis
you seen any movie ever? he's the black guy
I still wonder why he hasn't recieved the Nobel Piece Prize
when is sam going to run for president already
Fiyan Zaki
Habibi K
what? say what one more time... i dare you i double dare you
Where's Formula 51? That's one of my favorite movies with Samuel L. Jackson
Lexi Acossi
no offense but i just realized james looks like an overweight mark wahlberg
Penny Loafer
hashirama senju
what about 187 😳
by far kingsman the best one
Hero Bot-AZ21
They missed the movie where Samuel L.J said "English motherfucker! Do you speak english?"
Champloo Films
I can't wait for leo to do this
Pavel Doychinov
Black snake moan
Georgia Shuler
I didn't see Mr. Glass from Unbreakable . . . he was really good then too. :)
Nation Martyr
Anyone else searching up every movie in another tab as they're acting it out
Nathan Me I 315
Vincent Arceo
7:29 that's a real spoiler right there
The Earth Is a Cylinder!!
- "Do you think you'll do more Tarantino movies"
- "Haha hell yeah"
I like that attitude!
All the movies. Because what the hell has Samuel NOT been in?
orio jules
Samuel l Jackson sounds better than Morgan Freeman
Andjela Tatarovic
I love this, it was so good; really showed the power of story, when you get a succession of 30 different ones in a row :p bravo!
I'm sad they didn't do Formula 51
Keren icehand
He is awesome!
Christopher G.
If they did Jackson's entire career this skit would still be going on.......
Fuckboy Da Best
where the hell is shawshank redemption???
Bee Leng Tay
samuel sucks
Bee Leng Tay
fuck him
adhwa rana
I'm so sorry but i got distracted on how fine Robert downey jr is
How creative! Just reuse good scenes without adding any new contribution of your own...
Absintholic 999
Black Snake Moan is my favorite Sammy L Jackson film.
WHAT!? No Formula 51?!?! That movie was the bomb! You could've done a lot with that movie in the re-enactments James! What is this man!? :P
Meddie Ford
I'm so tired of so many UK talk show hosts in America! There are plenty of qualified and willing American talks show hosts in the U.S. ready and available for work who "get" American culture b/c they grew up here . Hire them!!!!
Nancy Taylor
What about The Red Violin?
what about Se7en?
jack thracian
one chance. pulp fiction.
Megan Murphy
That looks like the guy from the Capitol One wallet commercial.
You blew it. You missed a great meta-joke here. I kept expecting to see James setting up a scene from the Matrix, and Mr. Jackson getting pissed off and leaving, preferably with his signature phrase of "Motherf..."
Elizabeth Goodpaster
I'm so sad they didn't do a Long Kiss Goodnight. the "ham on rye" line would have been great. I love Samuel L Jackson so much. now I want to watch Jackie Brown.
amazinggianaisnotonfire _
For a second I thought they were going to skip Avengers...
eddie Towers
A year to the fucking day, of his show airing on CBS, and he outdoes established, hardworking like late show comics? Outright bullshit!
eddie Towers
This is sad, specially when you consider, in the tradition of Sam Jackson, who the fuck is James corden?! Even now! James corden comes off as a petulant child, who has enabling parents, that grant him what ever he wants, exactly like Richard Pryor character in, "The Toy", an overpaid house boy to appease the child of massa. Via James Corden's foreign, egotistical WANTS.
RealWinner ClickHere
It's when I see things like this that I respect the most the actors. Have you seen the movies he made !!! i almost forgot about A Time to Kill and The Negotiator, two of the best of the 90s !
RealWinner ClickHere
Not sure Samuel L Jackson hear a lot of ACTION, he seems so ready and professionnal, no laugh at all !
RealWinner ClickHere
1:00 John Travolta is perfect and the reason he does not deserve oscars !! hahaa
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