Elite Nerf Strike: Arsenal | Full Movie! (Nerf War)

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Full version of the Elite Nerf Strike: Arsenal!
Mya calls the Elite Nerf Strike to stop the evil Damon from stealing the kids Nerf Arsenal. Mitch, Star, John, and Oliver with the help Aaron try to stop him. 

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Main Blasters Used!
Mega Rotofury (Mitch) http://amzn.to/2ktnjoc
Elite Rapidstrike (John) http://amzn.to/2kZ6v50
Modulus ECS-10 (Oliver) http://amzn.to/2kvdCoT
Rebelle Flipside Bow (Star) http://amzn.to/2kZinUE
Rival Zeus (Damon) http://amzn.to/2kZifVl

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Thanks for watching!
Aaron  :)

Eliazar Diaz
I like all your video's I watch them over and over again
Batman Freak
The next one should be blaze and Daiman team up
Sean Gannon
Beast idea
Vivian Laniog
Please make another elite nerf strike video
dont you think these need some sad part??? in my opinion, to make a good overall vid, someone has to get hurt or something. this should have had some more depth to it. who agrees?
Random let get it Guy
ryan godwin are we related my last name is godwin!! pls dont hack or copie my lastname plsss
danny 47
so aaron you broke your maverick from gun game 1?
Maheshwar Ragoobeer
can u do a zombie veido
Malte Salminen
God filming
Diamond Hollow Gamer 2.0
Bad show Aaron
1: extremely bad casting, none of the actors (except for you and some of the older people) put any emotions into their acting
2: they have no sense of strategy or tactics, and as the director I expect you to do a good job of it
3: I saw at least 2 of the people who got hit smiling as they were "nerfed"
4: you could have done a better job of scripting it
And 5: all of them have sloppy blaster usage (especially star, she has no idea how to use a bow properly.)
So, i hate to do this, but, overall I am not impressed by this movie.
Linda Mitchell-D
my name is Mitchell
Nick Parlingayan
Johnn why were you smiling at the camera
Are you guys sponsored by nerf or something.
Minedod Vlogs
Make another one about people stealing other people's nerf guns but it's people stealing the rival
Aaron Castaneto
overwatch references
jazzle gtyer
when is the next video going to released cause I love ur vids
Panos Papiotis
give a like to my comment if you think that damons soldiers were stupid traitors and the friends of the elite nerf strike team did the most job
Minedod Vlogs
Like it it's sooo good of a nerf movie
Batman 3455331
The leader of the bad guys is wearing a dude perfect hat
sipplayz MCandmore
This cringe
Bijin Huang
Wow sry
Jayden Dinh
Ckn toy
Declan Ronnoco
yu-gi-oh weider
tvrtko hrstic
im kiler
The leader of the bad guys have a dude perfect hat on. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
fouceskiller Bruner
Matt Esser is Aaron Esser
Edgardo Vega
They copied this off the walking dead
Enzo Manalo
I liking this pls pls make more elite nerf strike
Victor Davila
can you guys make a other video
Victor Davila
Hey John
Victor Davila
Hey guys
Victor Davila
Hey oliver
Laurent Hannay
Ramiz Kurdi
the girl should be nicer
Ms. Watakamis
Nice Overwatch refence
Noob 231
The guy who broke the gun probably had a leg broken
banana boy
can you make a kidnaping elite nerf strike like if you agree with that
Carlos12 Lopez
Fire bomb beast
gg nerf or nothing
Merlie Taroma
Manuel Renteria Lara Jr
or narcos
Manuel Renteria Lara Jr
something big hu nerf cartels
Mitchell's in my class. πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚
dragon chargers
A rival and a boomco
dragon chargers
Omg I would kill for that machine gun
dragon chargers
Spoiled kids I have 2 nerfguns
Febe Espartinez
nice video
Delmira EstΓ©vez
walking dead
good idea would of done it with you
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