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firstname iskowitz
I heard a cat at 0:11

turns out this was actually from the music
4:05 foggy
Shaniah Brown
Why the hell to the food u could of eaten it but I still love u
Shaniah Brown
Why did u do that to the NIKES they where some good ones as well 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 WOW R.I.P nikes
Lololololol, who gives a shit who stole from who? They're both still burning things, and that makes for some satisfying viewing.
king mack
What are those
Nightmare scar4457 2
Do 1000 degree knife vs 1000 degree knife
When you cant afford a grill 2:20
Minami Kenjirou
What would have made this video better is, if the title was '1000 degree knife vs. Jake Paul
maxxi drive
один украинец уничтожает айфоны, второй-уничтожает все подряд горелками и нагретыми ножами. что-то с вами не то, ребята
jeremy The frog
That must smell gross
LuvsAG Studios
Mr. Gear: I think I'm going to chop up some shoes today with a 1,000 degree knife and see how it goes! cuts shoes
Mr. Gear: It worked! 50 dollars down the drain!
gabby 1304
ha ha lol new fashion trend
cut in half melted sneakers! only $$ a pair. limited edition!
JasonIsBored -7
JasonIsBored -7
Jake DuQuenne
i only liked this video because he destroyed skechers lol
Maithè De Witte
denk eens aan de arme mensen 😠😈😱😵💩👳👎🐐dit ben jijallemal
0:43 (insert what are those meme here)
Oskey Jones
do no why I like it but I love it lol
Max Padilla
1:23 dem jordans are lit fam🔥🔥🔥🔥
Zuhud Abdillah
orang kaya sepatu dibakar😂😂
The sausage is ready, gays !!
Thedirtyshoe Stuff
next you should cut an ice cube
Luca Trani
very compliments i like too much when you cut off the shoes
Now THAT is how you cook hot dogs

I'd eat those hot dog sausages.
NSC Hellcat
Karen Quintino
1:12 well now they're some sweet sandles
gingercat Vlogs
What song is that I want to buy it on itunes
Benjamin Bennight
The first one are scetchers
Adrian Pramadipta
can anyone stop flame about flaming knife (if you know what i mean)
Luxis for geometridash
to není normální
Luxis for geometridash
Russell Howards Good News
the shoe part was fun
Please don't burn plastic or rubber, unless its fishing line!!
#Crazay Cat
I'm sorry MrGear for saying this but these videos aren't really interesting all we see I'd you burning + cutting something, to me I don't enjoy someone doing something that doesn't keep me company. I'm sorry but keep making videos I bet you'll make great ones in the future!😜
Hi I'm evette Chapman
Y u no like food?
Zayne Mandz
that's how you c00k sausage's
Creepy Skull
6 mil
This Dood
DIY Sandals XD
Bass Booster
God help me my recommendations are all hot knife videos
SP Gamepross
Try to murder people with hot knife
Sonic The Hedgehog
Mr gear do you use your money to buy all stuffs
Raymond JohnsonIzone
1000 degree knife vs trump care
fraizelaine lopez
1000 degree knife vs unripable wallet
Joel Dayola
Well after you do that you will receive a triggered son
bro mans haven't got shoses and food.Fucking noob
Anthony Analla
1000° knife vs blowtorch like if it sounds like a good idea pls plus congrats on 6m
Clorox Bleach
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