Hippity Hoppity Women are Property
>master teaches student with great potential
>student goes rogue
>new student with great potential shows up
>master teaches new student
>master probably dies at hands of old student
>new student must take out old student
Where have I seen this movie before?
Yea keep using tits in thumbnail... Thts the only way to trap me to watch this trailer you conniving fucks
Rizuwan Wan
marketing to get some viewers.hahaha.thumbnail liar me..wtf..
Stuart Crossland
When is the movie American Zionists coming out?
John Callas
Holy shit that's bad. And no tits :(
Sibyl Saint
Wow, Michael Keaton's a badass.
bloody brilliant
Ugur Avkas
William Leonardo
Batman and Robin
over fucking used trailer style! that fucking sound is fucking annoying!
Fart Ing
This movie is worth seeing, not bad at all. 7/10
You lost me at Michael Keaton
Else Katuuo
ooh i so gotta watch this
Maxime ACM
Evil Stiles from Rick and Morty reality
Marek Wasik
Damn...i just saw whole movie? Ehh...
mtwo mthree
when are the SNUFF Movies made by ISIS going to be exposed online? or are they afraid to show their depravities they commit for PROFIT
Elthon Elthon
German assassins including Adolf Hitler
billycrystal santa
who thinks this was better off as a video game?
Sandi3per4 Gaming
uncensored :3
Saw this movie in theatre with my moms because she's a fan of the books. I couldn't believe what a snooze fest it was. Very slow movie. Filmed with TV cameras and not the those nice expensive high budget cameras. Had the look like it was made for TV. Movie sucked. Hopefully if they make a second one it will be much better
Jr Jacques
raheel sher
How about making a movie on a real legend JUBA THE BAGHDAD SNIPER
asmıyoz mu arkadaşlar
j conrad
Daily reminder that the cia created and work with isis and other terrorist groups. The cia are not the good guys, never have been and never will be.
This looks like a pure violence movie...just hate and violence...John Wick style...oh hell yeah. Brain off, beer on, go.
When it says uncensored, I click it.
Fabian Mark D'Souza
Michael Keaton was the first Batman; he'll train him well.
G Naresh
Bgm awesome
David J
"He's off the charts" yawn.
John Duckworth
Most ridiculous movie, read the book. Its always better
that bass drop doe
American Assassin vs John Wick
Sandeep Thapliyal
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Tom Stoner
"Uncensored trailer". One F-word.

Krishna Chaithanya
everything was good until the A came!
brother old
girl show 18++ https://goo.gl/X8fKHY
Gooserino Kripperino
I'm so sick of movies with the threat of nukes as the plot... bitch it's time you levelled up.
Another pathetic movie where the hero is american and the others are terrorists, i really like how americans think they are the best or they are some kind of gods and they are some kind of bad asses and shit that is called greatness illness so whats next american nipple executioner or american ass crusher? , keep on dreaming.
Leah R Johnson
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brother old
love me?? click now
full show girl 2017 https://goo.gl/X8fKHY
Yatish Yale M
the actor looks v much like Paul Walker
Is that Paul Walker's bro? - I basically watched the whole movie through that trailer.... dang...
Not quite my tempo.
Kron Hertz
Terrible movie filled with cliches, uninspiring action sequences and dialog. I can't believe I sat through watching 2 hours of this crap.
M Khan
Fucking bullshit. An American is pissed because Terrorists shot his girlfriend well a syrian or Iraqi or Afghani or libyan might be pissed because your country fucking blew their whole family. Should they become assassins too. By the way those assassins would be named after streets and house numbers.
Agent house number 25 street 5, your mission is ..... LOL
im a simple man i see boobs on a thumbnail i click.
r a v e n n 4 1 1
Wow, after maze runner, here is another lead starring role.
Fuck Islam
Kai A
Worst..fucking...movie of 2017
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