Ben Quinney
Living for revenge
the game
Is that villain Riggins from Friday Night Lights?
Evan Zamir
Damn thumbnail.
When there will be made a movie about the crimes commited by the americans and the thousand of innocent civilians killed in their pointless wars caused by them?
Directors Vision
You know it's going to be bad if they show the entire movie in a trailer...
Adrian Babulal
Damn... Tom Cruise must be pissed.
Where are the fucking breasts
Mr. Overdrive
I'm going to see this movie tommorow
If he wants to kill terrorists so much then he only had to visit the white house, would of saved $$$$ on his plane ticket!
Kevin Sørensen
Cheesy as fuck
Arun Vignesh
This guy is Mitch Rapp codenamed IRONMAN ? Really ? Wasn't he supposed to be taller and well built than this ?
hope for life
wathch and change your life:
Carlos Pena
Jack Müller
the sound editing really copies the style of baby driver..
not sure whether i like it
Shiva rides Cthulhu
i thought this was gonna be propaganda, then i watched it and was like oh, keaton's ex trainee is a terrorist now, maybe there's a deeper message. then i finished watching it and was like oh wait, no it's just propaganda

either way, it looks pretty shallow. but the action looks alright
Evelyn Lelievre
who tf is ghost
Shieda XiaoMao
Another john wick.
Darren Cahill
Am a big fan of The Vince Flynn novels the best i have read Mitch Rapp is one bad ass mother fucker and it's about time a movie was made and they are starting at the start although American Assisan the book was a different mission the traning is right but how mitches Girlfriend dies is wrong in the book she and his whole collage class died in the lockabie boming. I hope the movie is a sucess so they can turn the rest of the books into movies cause the next books get better and better.
Cem gül
jandarmaya dokunan eller kırılsın amk^^
Pushing 30
watered down John Wick Wannabe Jason Bourne Someone killed my gf flashbacksFkn... go back in the Maze dude
RedRose Riven
hmm all i see in those newer movies ( at least me ) if you're a terrorist baam you get to play the role of middle eastern bad guys ( arabs mostly) and if you' get the mafia role well heads up you get to play therole of bad ass russian guys with a cold blood shooting scenes......i mean comon the movie is good but these kinda of stereotyping really anoys me comon fellas bring us something creative the bad guys are not just only arabs and russian cartels pick something creative thank you
Came for the thumbnail and Dylan's name - stayed for the great action! Holy shit, don't fucking make a thumbnail like that, it doesn't do the movie justice.
Grace Donaldson
Аmerіcаn Аssаssіn Uncensored
Tenzo Go
The title of this film should have been BATMAN BEYOND
shane jones
It's got Micheal Keaton in tickets already bought!
duc ngyuen
good for him, he made it out of the Maze finally
Let me guess. Generic action/spy movie and the good guys win in the end.
Daleap Nhep
Kinda like Doctor Strange movie in a way.
Holy crap john which 3 is coming out
Fitzy 2
Is that where Jason Bourne trained
BurnUAlive 134
This movie looks awful
sundui galmandakh
so it is the bourne legacy 2
This is stupid.
Screw The Net
MORe Furcking bullshite about making assassins seems likeable. FUCKING TRASH!
Abdul Moiz
again protonium and again american ass on fire
calum smith1989
Cool looks good
Alias M.M.
Look real good. Keaton! But couldn't they bulk up the dude a little. i
There is no lazier trend in film making than calling your movie American something. Take the time and effort and give it a real name.
Squirrel Attackspidy
Too scrawny to be an assassin.
charlie brownau
Why are all the movies using shithouse blue tint
Couch Potatoes
Dylan is the best actor ever
perfectly edited trailer
American Sniper , American Assassin , American Ninja , American warrior , American bla bla

Fook murica such special needs
Yours Truly
Who's here for Dylan 🙋
Alex Millan
same shit as always
Dillon Lee
good site to watch free movies online?
mealtime 167
Alt-right dream movie .....
8 Mexican Guys
From batman to badman
charlie bowden
Just a repeat of an over used plot
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