Alec Baldwin's Approach To Trump: If You Can't Beat Him, Become Him

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'Nevertheless' author Alec Baldwin reveals the tricks he uses to transform into his caricature of the 45th President.

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Wheat and no Cults
looks like sheriff mack
Rigsby 1
Baldwin. The only man who has benefited from the Trump administration
Legends these two
NO-ONE -Outside of Kalifornia or New York -give's a shuk about what you have to say to AMERICA. -You truly must understand you fuel our fire!.-HOLLYWOOD BITCHES!
The softest part of a woman's breast is?
Mayor McCheese would be better than that Orangutan Trump!
I wish Stephen's team cut out the introduction part of the interviews like all the other night show hosts do.
Richard Knapp
I never thought humor could play such an important role in my ( our) daily life
Let's just say the first 100 days were baby steps with baby falling down many times.
Sheri Patterson
I wish he was president too Steve.
BL Ranch
Bitch faces
Johnny Shields
DNC won't be in the oval office for the next 30 years.
T Mc
Here is the definition of Alec Baldwin: A lying CRYPTIC who hides his ethnicity .
'Keb Mo! Extra point to the show for this one!!
My Driving Videos
I love how this once known actor slams Trump but yet benefits financially from becoming him, People forgot about him, The younger generation never even knew who the hell he was and actually not many still do, But it suprises me that people think that Baldwin does an uncanny Trump, People you need your ears tested as Baldwin sounds nothing like Trump, I bet LMAO that Trump would do a better Impersonation of Baldwin, But hold on are'nt both classed as being the same, People say Trump is a racist but yet again so is Baldwin, Baldwin has had many affairs and we are to believe so has Trump, So hey i'm confused here
Timothy Couvillion
Donald J Trump is an uninformed psycopath that just wants to be liked.
Eb theDoc
@ Channel etc.: last time the world heard threats like this was 1932. Alec, Stephen, Kudos! Great!
What an incredibly boring man.
GroovN Cat
Fuck Baldwin!
One day the Trump mafia is goin to raid SNL and hopefully they'll broadcast that much deserved ass kickn!
Laugh it up bitches while u still can
Cuz all u do is try to instigate anarchy
In the streets while the rest of us go to work at real jobs.
Keb' Mo' AND Taj Mahal!? Thank you so much, Jon Batiste! <3
MDViper Studios
B list celebrity and D list conductor, Alec Baldwin
"suck the chrome off the fender of a car"...goddamn it, how i love that man...
donaghy has really let himself go. after six and not in a suit?? what is he, a farmer??
Heather S
Keb Mo!!!!!!!
Yechan Song
Tajmo is a great album
All you idiots who don't like Trump. Clinton Bush Jr and Obama were part of the same agenda. 1987 3 trillion debt 2017 20 trillion. Blacks forced into welfare and unfair incarceration rates. Fuck you Hollywood.
Steve has his nose in the dem party's ass
Doesn't Alec realize that he is a puppet for the NWO. What a tool. George Soros/Bush court jester.
Georgia Atkins
Every time I see trump; I flashback, and see Alex Baldwin and hear Alex Baldwin's voice. Great job Alex. So funny! My Take, On The 2016 Election.
Elsa Gaillard
Japanese pound empty through race suggest significant.
Eric Gardner
Too bad that Alec Baldwin is so insecure with himself that he has to cast aspersions at others to make himself feel superior. True confidence comes from edification of others and a humbleness of one's own self. Just another court jester, who wishes that he was good enough to be king, but knows that he never will be anything more than a buffoon.
They should really number these two part videos!!!
Llama Llama
Laughter 4Life
Alex isn't perfect either..not sure he is one to make fun of people. Does anyone recall what he did to his daughter? Lord knows nobody is perfect. Let the President do his job and get off his case already. You think you could do better? Do it!
Gaia Shield
that's why his name is fuckfacevonclownstick
lisa koola
i pee omfg hahahahahahahaha oh my his just great!
sofiane benmansour
yoo Alec you are the best re doing a tremendous job 😁👍👍👍
Foreseen G.
Alec Baldwin is handsome and likeable...he makes Trump more likeable somehow.
Trump Is My President God Bless America
Baldwin is a lousy actor. Selfie taking Hollyweird is all trash.
I wonder why so many triggered Trump supporters gather here on this comment section just to toot each other's tiny horns.
Bla bla blah Obama/Alec Baldwin/Libtards sucks.
Okay we get it you dont find anything funny and theres a reason why there are no right wing comedians in this world now please crawl back to Alex Jones and continue praying against the evil lizard society that is secretly controlling us all
Comedians' approach to comedy the past year: if you can't be funny, just be propaganda for the left. They'll like you no matter how shit or stale your act gets so long as you continue attacking the things your viewers personally hate.
j d
i bet he could suck a golf ball through a garden hose too
j d
hes such a prissy person.bad comedian bad actor again beetlegeuse was his best acting.
What an asshole!!!! He is the another snowflake, blah
Atleast hes doing something about immigration. When Obama basicly just let in illegals who would later commit crimes and drain the US in funds to support their 4 new borns.
Judy Gagnon
Alec Baldwin go hang yourself you fat ugly scum sucking idiot
REAL Donald Trump
Alec Baldwin is a washed up drunk
A couple of old pussies, on a shitty show, spouting their shitty opinion. Meanwhile we've already won!!! LOL!!! Get raped, liberal bitches 😂
John Carter
Gerald Broflovski
As a Trump supporter, I have to say you liberals won, we can't beat you. You have Hollywood, mainstream media television and globalist billionaires, I am thinking about joining you maybe I will be much happier being one of you less intelligent twats, obedient to their globalist agenda. Can't beat them, join them. Fuck it
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