Ahmet Power HD
potatomonkey snufflebums
@0:50 dem deedee moves tho
Darren Ivano
get ready for another round of Adpocalypse
Adi Wadi
I honestly enjoyed this movie and recommend it to anyone interested
It was much better than the last too
The Unknown Psycho
Gonna watch it just for Trey Parker
Music For Relaxation
I saw this movie yesterday
If MJ was still alive he would be bratt.
Ariadna Nuñez Perez
gu la pelicula
Kellen Lancaster
returns to continue the adventures of Gru, Lucy, their adorable daughters—Margo, Edith and Agnes—and the Minions
Savana Roux
Wait trey Parker a director of south park
Patrick Siegler
Wait! The logo was supposed to say Despicable Me 3 not Despicable M3!
alanna toy review
i wached it yesterday
Indra Kun 我哦了分有
i wonder why this is pg
Ethan Peterson
I like that laugh at 1:52
Constance Anderson
Boy that was entertaining and fun to watch I love his smooth moves
Itai Trabelsi
אני אוהב גנוב על העולם
Betty Fisher
owen dalman
Alejandro Cordova
Like the end music. Sound like Danny phantom theme song.
Tyler Wood
0:00 is one of the best songs I've ever heard.
Jason B
if you wanna watch it for free go to solarmovies sc .com
LIKE if this worked
Max McGall/ MaxPlayz10
I already watched full movie XD
carolina fortunata
reminds me of megamind, maybe the soundtrack
Azhan Shah
Mâlik g2k
Just here for Michael😍❤ The best mix! DM3 + MJ = ❤ #Moonwalkers
Ashley Pavia
Michael Jackson
Ana Morillo
What time to seei it
Hau Dang
Ivo Lubis
oml the song is it from glee??
Conor Buckman
Anyone wanna know why there was 3 pods heading towards the tanker...

Henry The Hero
Your mom
0:27 I know it's a kids movie but that transition from the water to the side of the boat looks sick
Just saw the movie it was complete garbage
Ramon Sandoval
I watched this when I was visiting Mexico :3
Mustafa Toffy
Paul Davis
Watch Despicable Me 3 for free here http://gestyy.com/qCJUOV No ads
8BIT Scorpion
I just saw the movie but thanks to Bratt (Trey Parker) all I thought about was Randy Marsh.
Ana Pinheiro
Hazem Hussien
uhajuybnmui,k,ungovernable mmmjjjnbnjñjcjdjd djxjdm'sJk. kmjnfb h. mbwbgxbagb%hahsdnsndbbhzdbhbchs bcgdbfgb. b fb de dbee v fdv feel f dxfc rdvdfv. rf r f r r bgf. rf re r vf frf frfr fv. ddf. feel f rrvdf. bhbghbngqhxabadxw
Segera hanya di RCTI.
kawaii unicorn
Saya dari Indonesia
Twenty One Tyler Josephs
honestly Bratt's keyboard would be alot more dangerous if it only played the g note...
Eryk Show
like who watched this
0:00 song?
osama abdullal
0:27 Sea Walk !!
{ Michael Jackson Fan Club }
2 Things I love about this - Despicable Me movie & Michael Jackson
Sherry J. Williams
":Despicable Me 3 FuLL'MoViE'2017'hd, 𝐅𝐮𝐥𝐥-𝐌𝐨𝐯𝐢𝐞 [𝐇𝐃]™ Quality in English ♥‿♥:

Watch☛ https://t.co/Hp7BQ1ayb3 ,"
Aurora Salmoran
No es un buen trecho de
Gamaal Metzken

hgctcf cfxfscrttdrsf xdzdd swysgsesgfd drsgsfs HD e be s gf gfebfvfds fhf
Junaid Khan
Because in despicable me the villain was gru and in despicable me 2 the villain was vector and in despicable me 3 is Bratt
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