HULK & SPIDERBABY AT THE SUPERMARKET Superhero Surprise Eggs Play Doh Stop Motion Full Episodes

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♫ Spiderman Frozen Hulk Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Nursery Rhymes ♫ Superheroes Prank Stop Motion

I used Play-Doh to make the characters shown on this video. Play Doh is also called: Playdoh, Playdough, Clay, Plastisin, Plastilin, Plastelin, Plasticina, Plastelina, Plasticine, Plastilină, Plastiline, Plastilina, Plastisin, Crayola, gyurma, plastelinë, plastelin, пластылін, modellervoks, plastiliin, Pâte à modeler, pasta de modelar, muovailuvaha, Modellera, arcilla, juegos de moldear, juegos de modelar, Пластилін, 泥胶, Modeling clay, Modelliermasse, Pâte à modeler, Massa de modelar, 粘土, Massinhas de modelar, 培乐多, 橡皮泥,彩泥, プラスティシーン, πλαστελίνη, პლასტილინი, प्लास्टिसाइन, פּלאַסטיסין, 플라, Hướng dẫn nặn đất sét, лепка из глины, πλαστελίνη, 플라, 점토, プラスティシーン, пластилин, moon dough, dough

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