Chicken Mike
Faces that say "Holy-fucking-shit."
That walking doh, insert pink panther music at 5:05
What have they done to Mass Effect, the first one looks better than this.. how sad to see what has become of such a great franchise. I'm still gonna play it but majorly disappointed, animations, facial expressions, ugly faces, weird expressions. Can't even make myself in it yet I could in 1,2 and 3... my character is supposed to look like me yet he looks like freakin Simon Cowell no matter what!
lostmind 12
I think were it went wrong is at dragon age 2
Bongo Bong Bande
Mass Effect Andromeda gave me cancer!
Catharina Broes
Dragon Age Inquisition was pretty good Pewds
Георгий Бандзеладзе
Учим английский вместе с Юзей
André Jorge
Best sonic game ever
Mass Effect Andromeda is 40 million dollars of Boring Weird Hideous Trash
memes daily
She had a stroke
baihaqi nur amani
Mass effect? More like massive faggs
Dark Death Evil Channel
So no one is gonna mention the fact the Felix held the barrel of a loaded gun? Dude be safe. XD
prashant kumar
Looks like some feminst sjw was given the responsibility for animation
Kingpin jones
Damn pewdie is packing heat
Дядя Дима
Че за нахуй? В игре в натуре такая анимация лиц? 0_0
joker joker
the dragon age knife scene killed me
Riley is a G
Let's bang Ok👌🏼
King Of Kings
Хороший ролик)
Troy Horner
Is that blue alien Natalie dormer?
Neuro Mancer
the main character's face is most aptly described as fugly or busted
I prefer chipmunk retard
Breanna Robinson
I love Love LOVE the mass effect trilogy but I Hate Andromeda I think it would be better if they never made the game just my opinion though and i respect if you disagree
comrade Evader
Dice is dead. BioWare is dead.
Corporation E vil A ss sitted on their thrones.
Mushroom Studios
My cousin said he was thinking about getting this, I showed him this video, he now will never get this game.
She looks like a domestic abuse victim
Little White Gurl
Pewds' laugh when he's sick is the best.
Ahmed Hussain
Enough enough please I will die of laughing
God bless your damn right words!
Un-broken and victorious
'Where did those 40 million dollars go?'

Besides to Hookers an Blo? Much of it probably ahem 'disappeared'. ;D
Un-broken and victorious
How to trigger fanboys: 'There are only two Mass Effect games' ;)
Juan Carlos Vilca Noriega
Mass Effect: A looks fine.
Lemon Lad
Crush the nozzle like Buggs Bunny, and just expect the bullet to come out the other end.
This is all because a bunch of idiots didn't like Fem Shep being attractive. Look what you did, you fucked up the series.
Chloe Price
They have fixed the faces a little bit now and do look a lot better but still fuck ugly compared to the other mass effects
-Paradox- // Zinix
facial animation of andromeda looks like an animation from SFM but done horribly...
"Halo 1 is garbage" I'm triggered
mah mam
Holy shit that was slaughtering
$40,000,000 isn't even a quarter of gtav budget and its just under half of the wotcher 3s budget
Preechapong Nilpetch
If you think this game animation is bad try Minecraft Story Mode
shiz myniz
There faces are so jenky
Aye Fam
4:34 me walking up to school on the first day
Ahahaha it looks worse than oblivion
Quan Hoang
4:37 Naruto Sage Mode lol
Sheppard: "I am on a quest to bang every milf in the galaxy."
Peebee: Hi.

Dark Messiah
Ass Effect: Andromeda
I actually like dragon age 3 o;
Lázaro Miguel
Cancer Effect
joshua ellery
SJW's ruined the game
the mass effect trilogy was one of my all time favourites. i waited for mea for years. and then i got this shit. mad
What is that ?? 6:56 and 7:23
4:00 the gal at da left
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