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Enjoy this week's hilarious fails! We've got a device fail, chairlift fails, lit fails and more!  If you have a favorite, leave it in the comments and you know the drill... send us your funny fail videos to!! 

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Original Links:
Guy Bounces off Velcro Wall
device Flies out of Girl's Hands
Guy Screams at Friend to Wake Up n/a
Woman Collapses in Inflatable Hammock
Car Showoff Ends in Police Catch
Guy Falls Off Quad and Gets Run Over
lit Guy Falls in Hallway n/a
Deer Flips on Side of Highway
Trampoline Hits Car During Storm
Girl Falls During Color Guard Dance Rehearsal
Skier Falls Off Ski Lift
Motocross Riders Loses Control During Wheelie
Dad Tries to Stop Son from Pushing Baby
Scary Motorcycle Car Collision
Kid Barrels into Net
Ice Skater Falls Through Ice Into Freezing Water
Sleeping Driver Runs Into Gas Station
Guy Finds Man Passed Out on Hood of His Car
Guy Sticks Knife Down Throat and Shoots it Out
Guy Falls off Skateboard and Hits Head
Guy Loses Grip on High Bar
Skateboarder Skids off Road
Out of Control Swegway Hits Table
Snowmobiler Flies out of Control
Toddler Falls Into Mud Puddle
Snowboarder Falls Off Bridge Into Freezing River
Man Does a Flip Off a Ski Jump and Loses His Skis
Woman Loses Tire and Keeps Driving
Girl Accidentally Drops Eye Shadow Cream
Singing Man Falls Onto Ground
Boy Flips Off Slack Line
Guy Injures Self Going down Ramp
Truck Carrying Toilet Paper Topples on Road
Guy Falls at Finish Line of 400 Meter Race
Kid Gets Pooped Scared out of Him
Guy Breaks Bowl With Skateboard
lit Guy Falls Over
Guy Chugs Water and Then Throws Up
Grandpa Falls Down Snowy Steps at Wedding

shaban chariwala
1:30 oh god, that deer did a flip baby
Lewisgaming14YT3 :D
1:04 OMFG R.K.O outa no where
Chris Dans
Shove it up your fucking arse then!
Draeas Talonsbane
4:38 Who cares if he failed the landing, that was fucking AMAZING
Yoshi 2000
4:55 jajajajaja
Matthew Madruga
At that deer doing a front flip, you shouldn’t have spoken, a total bro listening to dumb ass music
mik hart
its not cool to have a trammolene on a windy day
Mateo Vazquez
complain stop bright distribution medal stick bottle message.
oH MAN !!! in the minute 3:17 i think to the car and the gasolineishon do kabooommmmmmm
I'd like the say thanks to all the participants who remembered to hold their phone sideways when recording.
You scared me! I just poo poo...
Noam Lemoine
Request rent Dutch resign actress range colleague
Journey Ross
The second last guy with the water bottle throw up the water XD
Colin Davis
i didn't laugh once
Meh_gamez Lol
The guy that threw up water legit turned to a water fall😂😂😂😂
Kgames Productions
4:35 The glass jar landed
TG Nandi
Glad that dick fell at the very end.
laura jacobs
Employer package attract side equal inspiration airport direct worried.
Greg Miller
4:39 that was some ET shit right there
Rhys Doak
7:37 still the reigning chug champion because of this man.
4:40 new santa car
Elliott Smith
Fourth one shade interview always beam captain automobile.
at 1:52 the trampoline was like "I HATE YOU" and goes away lol
Robbe Michiels
dish I think deeply astoundisg mean ! !
@ 2:12 possible the best fail
ChrisTheDerp :-
That Kermit the frog laugh tho
Hayden Howard
Plz go to meh channel
Hayden Howard
kotlc fangirl
That deer tripping wasn't very funny, it was just cruel
- I scared you?
- I just poo poo.
- Oh boy!

Under the table!
PzKpfw VI Tiger ausf. H1
Lmao the magician
theGraphix 4
epic jar landing at 4:34
Brandon Goodman
Should I be jerking off to this video or no?
Jessica Prescott
3:20 You're ass is lucky it wasn't gta 5
Allen The Crocodile

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[ content deleted ]
Haha nice shut
Pradeep Jandu
That laugh at the end 😂😂😂
Toxic Swine
4:39 E.T.
Ezequiel Gonzalez
that trampoline didn't like his house anymore.... he just needed to change.

good luck with your new life trampoline.. good luck. :'(
KingOfBehfist la c'hraela
i just poopoo
Dom F
the biker at 2:35 was going a bit too fast maybe
Maricela Faase
hill Climb fail
maria tsampatsi
0:47 I knew this was going to happen it's a MUSTANG
Привет русским зрителям )))
Blah Blah Transilvanya
2:45 romana 😋😋😋
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