Song at 6:41?
Cody Jr
Andrew is the opposite of steven
Alisha Px
I love how Andrew get excited every time he sees an animal 😂
I FUCKIN HATE WHEN HOTDOG & THE LINES OF SAUSAGE GET CROSSED! there's a fuckin hotdog and then there's a fuckin sausage. THE 2 SHALL NOT BE CONFUSED!!!
Taha Tayyab
"Drastically" 😀
Lenny's Cousin
This was exactly a year ago...
will broccolo
This is the best and only buzzfeed show I like!
Thaiz Betanzo
Adam is adorable lol
Who picked the Chopin's ballade no. 1 for background music when they ate the expensive dog. Didn't match well.
"A big hunk of meat"
Afrina Sharony
Was adam laughing 😲😍
Huan Andrew
▄︻̷̿┻̿═━一 You!
Sasuke Uchiha
They split a 6 dollar hotdog but they got a individual 169 $ hotdog each
Alberto Portugal
Steven’s the best
That $169 hot dog is augmented with dollar paper protein.
Sean Steimer
This is the worst video ever. Literally only one of the things you ate was a hot dog. The rest were sausages. You can't just put a sausage on a bun with a bunch of stuff and call it a hot dog, those aren't the same thing at all. This should be called "Worth it: we eat a bunch of overpriced sausages on buns with way too many toppings and pretend they are better than hotdogs even though they aren't"
jo jo
every bloody time when i see some americans trying to do somthing german ist so super not german that i must laugh very laud and Long ;)
Charlie MP
are they gay?
Adam cracking up in the back of the car is the most wholesome thing I've ever seen, oh my god
Mizzy potatp
You know how I know it's not worth it?.......because they never finish it
RGS Fifa mobile content
8:52 cumshot
Peter Pan
What the heck? Fresh Onions on a Hot Dog?
8:40 Chopin composition that was used in Kimi no Uso( your lie in april) XD
Buddyfight Seven
That was a pointless hotdog
Tyler Joseph's Kimono
I live in Seattle so I NEED to go to that place
Tyler Joseph's Kimono
Crazy Hyper Artist
I legit only watch Worth it, BuzzFeed Unsolved and sometimes the try guys and ladylike 😂😂
Themer Yollai
8:53 .. S K I R T
Ari Potter
they traveled to SEATTLE(which is a hour away from me.) for A HOT DOG.
clout doggo
" wait ur a bun guy? "
Oh yeah I like me some meat nice hot buns...
Chloe Rosenberg
Should of gotten a dirty water dog from nyc..$1 and it is amazing.
Chopin Ballade No1. G minor in the final of the video was a nice touch.
darlene fraeye
Adam is cute
Erland Amzai
That's nothing have you ever bin in swizerland
heath ashley
Mashed potatoes
Jarrett McClain
You should have came to Chicago
Jenny Nguyen
Did anyone realise that Andrew has a cut on his arm
Sarah Lancaster
I've just watched so many of these videos and I've come to the conclusion that Andrew is seriously so perfect. And I'm really hungry now.
Raizon X
I never eated Hot dogs 🤤😭
“Dog Cheese Squirting Out at You” oh! ok steven..
Kazer Ngu
4:56 did andrew cut is arm???
Kaoutar Azrou
DaWhat Boy
I feel so happy that Adam actually got food and eating the Tokyo dog
Always gotta have truffle or Caviar
Rhys Ofcake
this video is gay and phallic
Nobody ThatMatters
Imagine going to take a bite of the last dog and it’s drops on the floor.
wandering spirit
Tokyo Dog in Seattle in THE BEST for sure.
Truffle, Caviar, Wagyu, and Fioe Gras for only 169? That's definitely worth it.
Albert E.D.
Damn it I really need to stop watching your videos every time I do I get so hungry!!
chuFfy LoL
What editing program you guys are using?
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