Mershed Poderders
Nothing can beat a bunning's snag
Shannon Anderson
I absolutely LOVE Adam. He is so funny and cute!
Andrew: I'm not gonna eat a hot dog without a bun, that's disgusting!

Me: I eat my hotdogs with white rice...WHERE ALL MY ASIANS AT?!


Andrew: This is the wine of Japan

Jadie Uresti
when 12 dollars is two expensive so you only spend 6
Tanjid Boy
adam is adorable 😃
Logan Daniels
Praise the Lord Adam finally got a real meal
Hot penis
PyroSmasher74 Xtreme
I'm going to Seattle this july
5:00 insubordination
What is the name of the background song playing when they were on the airport?
Faith Xiong
Have they done cookies?
Sounds more like worst Küche --- Must be more like Wuuuurrrrrrst Küche
the most exspensive one is not the best one. If u wanna make somethings exspensive just put gold or somethings like it on the dish. the point here is the flavor of all ingredients which are combined perfectly or not. i rather eat a $2 hot dog than spend more than $100 for a jam.
Ted Hill
Do u guys pay for the food
Melissa Rodriguez
Pregnant and watching all the Worth It episodes is complete torture.
Joifuri The Weirdo
I love the elegant music in the background while in front of a food truck 😂
Jose Angelo Dulalia
is that chopin ballade no1 op 23? playing when eating the 169 dollar hotdog????
Meher Productions
Andrew : "This is the wine of Japan"
Random Person
What's the song at the airport
Caitlyn Hughes
"Guys they gave me a hot dog" Adam is the real hidden gem of this series
Ted D
watching these I can never believe how cheap (barring the super expensive one obviously) food is in America.
Spongebob 24/7
"Guys they gave me a hot dog."

idk why but that was SO CUTE♥
GreatAmerican Dude
7:41 I had a vision I have a dream of one day being able to afford hotdog just like that you bastards are rude you should at least buy us all one if your gonna make us hungry
Pauline Ong
i love how Wurstküche directly translates to sausage kitchen
This must be on Food Network
Kim-Jong Trill
Hot dogs originated in north korea, hence the dog part
Brad Smith
Every expensive food pretty much just has truffle caviar flagra and wagyu beef
Elphia ελεφαντόδοντο
"Oh my God, are you going to propose?" - Andrew, 2016
Cheer&Dance 4life
When Adam says, "Guys they gave me a hot dog" I started dying of laughter then I had to rewind it and watch him say that like 20 more times!!! Literally Adam is my favorite ❤️
emma duncan
"You're either gonna love it, or you're gonna be like, uhhhhhhhhhhhh...really?" Andrew: "uhhhhhh, really?"
Gaming 4 Life
I love this FREAKING show
Mlg gamer Mep
These guys have my dream job.Just imagine eating AMAZING food AND getting paid for it...
I hate my life
I don't know if you can see but Eugene from Tokyo Dog was wearing a wire...
James Koh
anyone know the piano piece that starts at 8:50?
good challange!
Malaika Buendia
adam is such a cute bunny
Freddie Cakes
the hot dog does not look like its worth 169
legend mate
like whoever gets hungry
Александр Дашкевич
Они черную игру к сосискам ложат в хотдоги))ахахахах а Че сразу Бриллиантами не посыпали и КОлифорнием?))xD
Dreamy Cyborg
All the expensive things just have caviar on them LMAO
Lama Zaim
how did the worlds most expensive hot dog come from a food truck? WTF
Hot dog hot dog hot diggidy dog.Come inside it's fun inside!😂😂Mickeeeeeyyy
Bill Cosby
00:03 he actually didn't see him saw the camera...
The owner doesn't actually know how to say Wurstküche. Though I love the pseudo german vibe they had going there^^
Steven: It needs to have that snap back
Me: winces That's the pig guts.
Edgy Dabs
I don't like hot dogs but this actually looks good
The Mickey Mouse impression😂😂😂
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