$2 Hot Dog Vs. $169 Hot Dog

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“I had to order this hot dog two weeks in advance."

Thank you to:

Samson Kwong & Eugene Woo

Tyler Wilson

William Fidel

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Samson Kwong
Eugene Woo
Tyler Wilson
William Fidel

"HOT DOG FACT: I'm not doing that."
7:50 wtf did he say
Jesus Vasquez
Poor mans Joel McHale?
Amos Neeper
"what about these hot peppers for our hot dogs?"
"what are for?"
"for burning your butt hole"
The BroSis Channel
Why do I punish myself by watching videos like this.... I'm so hungry :(
Carmen Beltran
the most expensive hotdog came form a food truck ?
Tristan Mai
I swear if you didn't finish the last one I will cry
Sam Vasquez
The best hot dogs in my opinion go to the people in DTLA that are in every corner #fire
wurstküke thats how you pronounce it.... no I dont think so.. GERMANSQUAD WR U AT
Haley Marie
dogs'n'fries in Florissant, Missouri has the BEST hotdogs you'll ever eat!!!
blue mirror
guys it's just an ad ..don't get excited ..they got paid
life is
"money money money "
Fabiana Blanchard
I love this show so much!!... Can already see and feel growth and comfort here. Andrew is my spirit animal lol
Banana Man
Puase at 4:56 and look at Andrews arm
3:22 r.i.p Andrews arm
Filip Filipovski
Why is stevens dance always the same
Kinoh Harambe
Who already watched this 10+ xD
Danny Profound Bastard Escobar
The camera man awkward asf
Mickey's mom: Aww hi honey! Ok can you say ma ma?
Mickey : Hot Dog
Mickey's dad: Hey little sport! What about da da?
Mickey: Hot Dog
Parents: I give up on life
Watch their whole series has made me hungry, for donuts, hotdogs,pizza, cake, pasta,salmon, BBQ, and yeah
Labeeba Sayed
The only reason i watch is for Adam. The best moments are his moments.
Scab Boi
adam is awesome but i feel like he doesn't get enough credit.
Eliezer Santos
" What about these hot peppers for our hot dogs"
"What are they for"
"For burning your butthole"😂😂😂
SlimyBiscuit 504
Skyline is my favorite hot dog place
OMG I'M GERMAN really :D
SlimyBiscuit 504
Every one of these make me hungry
Christian Nunez
They got to try the Sanoran Dog in Tucson, AZ
Deana S
Andrew reminds me of the guy from community
Kocomi Yuri
Now I'm hungry........ *goes to a buffet
Windex cleaner Multi flavor
Y spend 180 on a good hotdog when I have one in my pants and it's free
Quincy Fournier
I mean Andrew and Steven are cool and all, but Adam has a special place in all our hearts💚💚
The Fab Yt
9:52 "Guys, they gave me a hotdog" I really can't stop laughing omg he's too cute
Sta Luel
what a fast ballade
SlaTeR Gaming
wurstkuche/worst kush
JTJWarrior Gamz
And then there's Adam in the back
Vivian Smith
Why did they play a funeral song for the final hotdog? Is the hotdog poison? Is it of the underworld?
emily h
can andrew and steven get married
Häare Que
Hah, 'kieobasa'. I don't really like hot dogs, I don't know why I'm watching this right now, but whatever.
Shaniqua Zastrow
Worth it video with Mac and cheese please 🤗
petros ekatontarxos petriths
plz tell me the song in 6:40 plzzzzzz I will subb to u also
Princess Barbie
Adam is so cute.... I really like him
Abby W.
I've been binge watching this series and I am STARVING!!!🍔🍟🌭🍕🍝🌮🌯🍜🍲🍤🍖🍗🍣🍰🎂🍮🍬
Colin Ancel
Does Buzzfeed not pay for these things?
Diana Rodriguez
I've had a dream to open a restaurant like this named "cum in the buns" they must be served with mayo and ketchup
Avery Phillips
I just watched the vicious dog guy say absolutely while shaking his head no
i like keith more than andrew js
Laura Estela
Andrew is so sexy 😍
Shane Funez
Make this show but with just Adam😂😂😂
Claire Xia
I shouldn't watch this series when I'm hungry. Every time I do that, I immediately crave the food they focus on. I can almost taste it, but not quite. It makes me feel so hungry.
Leo Doyle
$169 niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice
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