$2 Hot Dog Vs. $169 Hot Dog

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“I had to order this hot dog two weeks in advance."

Thank you to:

Samson Kwong & Eugene Woo

Tyler Wilson

William Fidel

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Samson Kwong
Eugene Woo
Tyler Wilson
William Fidel

Mike Hawk
why is seth rogen working your cameras?
Melon TM
I drink ramune a lot
Justin Jordan
probably rob dyrdek's falcon
Superkill Superkill
Steven: The one who just wanna eat good attitude
Andrew: the smart one EH type of attitude
Era of Gaming
I want more adam
Maia Glover
What happened to Andrew's arm?
Stephanie's World
HOT DOG FACT hot dogs are not dogs 😏😏😏😏😏
Re'em Wisner
HOT DAG FACT! - i love hot dogs
Zozo E
I like Adam. Adam i like you. If you read this i want to let you know: You are adoRaBLE. With kind regards, ME.
they went on a plane just to get a hot dog
Kemgel Edu
is the camera man the most quiet of you guys?
Gengar Bros
I never see Adam laugh that hard before
Maami Adomako
"hopefully they know the place they work" LIKE WHAT
Cedric Wardell
Great price ranging: $2/6, $8.50, $169
Riya B.
In love with Adam 😍
Adam like always the best
Honest Hangedman
Uhh the Wurstküche is such a hipster place. so much cringe from a german
ok but consider this: costco hot dog.
Jeff Harper
Holy shmoley :)
Yeji Chung
adam is so adorable and funny like he's always jus chillin in the background
...I should really stop watching these videos when I'm hungry.
Philomena Tugbe
I love your videos
yuta's man skirt
i would honestly fly to Seattle for that hot dog. that hot dog looked honestly perfect.
Steve Tran
the bromance between these two makes my heart melt.
Rachel Sedgwick
These videos are my favorite videos on buzzfeed.
Tess Johansson
Big kiss from Sweden to the camera man!
The Blue Lobster
Splits a $6 hot dog,buys 2 $169 hot dog......bruh...
Brandy Anglin
I've been watching all the different videos on all your trips from tattoos to all kinds of cakes and food.. Yall need to stop! lol making me hungry n go fancy cook. lol Koren 1/4's was the best. now hot dogs... Yummies
Pauline Robles
i'm dying from Andrew's mickey impression 😂
Destinie w
Looks so good lol
Oh Hello There
I don't like hot dogs..but the last one look really good
this isn't the most expensive hot dog
there is one in swizzerland for 250 CHF
emily moore
Supporter introduction approximately dilemma properly yell pile intend operator cable.
Christer Larsson
The most expensive hotdog comes from a truck...
Kayla Gurney
andrew and steven did anyone relise they have the same name as two walking cead peoplle
Oliver “olipoop12” Young
WORTH IT ideas: ice cream, wine, coffee
School _gaming
While I'm here eating my sausage and bread
Blue490 - Placid
This is my 9032928 time watching dis
Trisha B
I found this series about an hour and a half ago watched the cake, sushi, pizza and hot dog episode and I'm still thinking about that espresso cake.... YUM
Luka Krkljes
Lei Chan
Aww good thing the camera guy gets to try the food too
They should do a blind taste test where they don't know how much a given dog costs until after they rate them, otherwise their perception of quality will be skewed by their expectations
Nino Radget
I need more friends like Steven that just randomly do adventurous stuff
Nicole Cedillo-Avila
"hot dog fact: i'm not doing that"
Which ones Adam? Asian or short hair
Claudia Egan
adam is awesome
neparhos the great
wow the best hotdog is out of a foodtruck 😑😐 woooooow
Adam seems like a cool hipster.
Ashley Ross
does anyone know what happened to his arm?
ruby Love
I love Ryan! Especially in the unsolved mysteries.
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