Game Theory: FNAF, The Answer was RIGHT IN FRONT OF US (Five Nights at Freddys Sister Location)

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The release of The Twisted Ones may have been followed by the Cancellation of FNAF 6, but we can still use this book to get to the bottom of things! While Scott says the books are a separate canon, it's hard to deny that the books and games only seem more & more connected as they come out. And The Twisted Ones is no exception. In this episode, I will Reveal who created the animatronics in Sister Location and how these twisted robots can Control Your Mind! 

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Ben Reynolds
Emma The fox
Emma The fox
"she done got scooped" BHAHAHAHHAHHGS
Hafiz Alim Hidayat
tjoc killed Scott
Lex Beardy
Hello Matpat
its not in the book
panda boy gaming
Like the comment to get a panda helper in fnaf6
Emily Magyar
I couldn't believe that i could actually understand what I was reading. Using the incredible power of the human mind, according to research at Cambridge University , it doesn't matter in what order the letter be in the right place. The rest can be a total mess and you can still read without a problem. This is because the human mind does not read every letter itself, but the word as a whole. Amazing, huh? Yeah and I always thought sleeping was more important! See if your friends can read this too. HOLLY MOTHER THAT WAS LONG my friends had no idea what it said lol
Emily Magyar
I Saw The Roll Credits Undertale Really It Said Sans: NESS?
Emily Magyar
William Is Dead But He's Like The Children In A Suit And He Is Still Making Animatronics My Boi
Emily Magyar
#Ennardstopbeingsocreepy (another hashtag) #1likeequalsmoresecretstoberevealed
Tommy Paris
Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo why did you cancel it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i am springtrap... I AM SPRINGTRAP!
8:47........Matt.......the nightmares please stop. 10:27 THOUGH
Lps bianca productions
Jazz xD
don’t hurt yourself mat
Josh Gamero
Why the hell did my I find 3 different FNAF books in my school book order
Alexander Hetherington
There's already 6 games
Fnaf world
Fnaf sister location
21 minutes and 56 seconds of this video all I heard was just flfggd9odnejkegen kekehgdkeoejheorbyrn3hdkeh3ifkgxiehrueoridneosmedldmorejibberishehjeueheh3lbff jekjebjflfj4
Crazy Animation
Wait so if the animatronics hide under ground in the book isn’t it even more connected because you go down in a elevator in the thats where they hide?
Seggyx Yt
Nebula Fricker
Is this matpat
Alex Paramo
The animotronics in fnaf 2 are called shadow freddy and shadow bonnie.
magical flower elf
You got a problem.with books or something
Verónica Rocha
Spoiler alert for the twisted ones book because I'm not done with it
Camden Joe
Sister location animatronics are not twisted fanf 6 are the twisted ones they are different games.
Nick Manns
Those flashing discs like the one found in freddy is also in the sringtrap springlock suit that u get put in and have to turn to live........
Candice Viera
Is unipat still alive somewhere? XDDDD I WOULD LOVE FOR HIM TO MEET MY UNIBRO TOO XDDD(no really my bro needs halp)
Randomness Mef'wa
I'm slightly confused because In the book 'Silver Eyes', a character named Dave was wearing a golden Bonnie suit ( I assumed was springtrap) but yeah.
Red Stone Mine Cart Xavior
The only thing I can do to make sure
Maury Perez
can I don't want you talking about about you you know thing that and the Twisted ones book book I know what you mean it's it's chicas Party World a new game it's a new game coming out soon she's a book means that there's going to be a new game I don't know if it's going to be a 7:20 or 8 but I think maybe the Creator kids I want the creator of six make the Twisted ones book The Twisted ones a game where you have to wear you begin at I-10 and you have to not get jump scared or or you will you know the animatronic but do not be easy okay hard Downing works at the end Anna gets medium and heart so yeah I got the pizza and you don't be there you go back to normal but they're not actually do Shadow animatronics or fredbear and springbonnie that means that all the time just spring Bonnie suit fredbear doesn't make any sense yet it's just where is minireena yeah I don't know but I don't know why are they even though they're everywhere and they're even not in the Laura room you know and then you game there is Funtime fredbear now I get it is because from The fredbear Mask wasn't the new game I forgot but that's a new game that somebody's playing objects to not kill everything I'm sorry statements that there's somebody playing a game where you have to find objects and don't let them at Sonic's kill you so I said Sonic I meant animatronics don't kill you hey baby just a Mystery of Shadow fredbear and springbonnie because because why are going on there and the game I saw that Hayden you know I don't like for it says that the puppets there but wasn't it there the has to be with them
What if that box has forms and papers about new animatronics? Blueprints for what they will do? Or old disks to affect the player. Just think about it...
Jessica Tran
what no we can high five im jessica
SlenderMann 264
Does anyone want to see them do a Theory on the SlendyTubbies series?
Ethan Rizko
What if the different Pizzeria was the one and only first Pizzeria that was made
Pink Unicorn Lover
Purple guy was always “the twisted one” killing children making them have “silver eyes” since they are dead.
Sofitopi the derp lord Ortiz
If spring trap is real it means that he was truly wrong with the dream theory.And that he actually saw four dead children.creepy
Irena Vozgirdiene
#sister loction 2
Irena Vozgirdiene
Jeff Sargeant
SnitcherZgamer Z
STUPID Fnaf 6 is continued because scott reveal a 7 pics of fnaf 6 1st fredbear is jugling a three pizza 2nd fredbear is holding a cake 3rd and 4th freakshow babys eyed is closed and babys eye is open means fnaf 6 is starting 5th fnaf 6 chica 6th A book of scott cawthon release another book Michael Aftons Old Journal 7th the pages of thw old journal PLS Dont Beleive some one Wait until fnaf 6 is really continued i think some video you watch you really beleiving with no reason the pther reasons is fake WHAT A. SCUMBAG YOU ARE
I got my exotic butters I am ready to watch
AAA Channel

Sans NESS?
She dun gout scouped
Sherea Offer
Me too I have more power than Scott
Juan Silva
MatPat would be a good detective
Rebecca Sylvia
so purple guy and henry both have daughters, and purple guy's daughter is the one in baby?

the creepy thing is that after i watched this video i discovered a hole in my wall in my basement floor and a tunnel, big enough for me to walk through behind it. and my dad locked the door to that room on purpose!!! AND my sister keeps seeing what she calls "freddy" in the middle of the night! i'm getting suspicious of Scott Cawthon...
Willow The Wolf 27
The anamatronic on the twisted ones cove is nightmare

Willow The Wolf 27
I have the Freddy files
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