She wore the wrong shapewear for her body type
Pickle Juice
99.9% Of the comments are “guys stop hating on her, she’s not fat” but I don’t see any hate comments. Not hating... I love Kristen
Sara Samaletdin
I do not know why the one person said the dress looks great. You do not always have to tell compliments to people. It was a very basic dress ans unfalteringly thin and the spand made her stomach look a lot rounder. At least it did in the picture.
Yamile T
Keep doing you Kristen u look great without them
Yamile T
Am I the only one that thinks spanks makes you look bigger
Karelyn Rosa
Omg I love her! She needs to do all the videos 😍 In my mind, we’re secretly best friends 😂
Mckenzie Wright
You can get a $35 version of spanks at torrid. So I'm not exactly sure what you're speaking about.
Cynthia Holbert
Nah Spanx makes me look fatter and I'm only 135lbs. It makes my little pooch look like a small pregnant belly.
Tamie Pryor
I am happy that you did this video. Since I gained weight, I was certain that spanx etc were not working, and I thought maybe I was purchasing them too big, but if I get them any smaller, I don't know how I would get them on. They seem to just compact the fat so it's much more solid, like a basketball, as opposed to the squishy ball it was. Honestly, the only people this stuff works on are those who might have a slight muffin top they want to hold in or some dimply cellulite they want to smooth. If you have a belly, it's just doesn't do anything for you.
Kay Phillips
I feel like she looks bigger with the spanxs I'm not being rude I'm big to
the spanx tights have a slight difference looks better in my opinon like curvier compared to the assets dont like wearing em tho
young twat
Bunni Bunns
I noticed that her posture, at least while standing, was also better without either brand of spanx. Which is interesting, I wouldn't expect them to change one's posture for better or worse.
Arooj Mansha
carlee Malmberg
Is it me or does she look considerably thinner without the spanx?? I knew it was just all hype.
Ian Morris
End of the video... "Spanks come with these great little buttholes..."

Ohh okay now. Wow.
I found this out too. Elastic and "slimming" or not, it's still adding a layer of fabric arou d your entire body. F spanx, let it hang, girls!
Whose the asian one with the glasses shes cute
Xlllest Live
Honestly, I though without spanx made her look Thinner , so and just made her more fat
Ryan Taylor
I’m a qa engineer and I test the Spanx site. 🤓
Vampiric Lycanthrope
I feel like shapewear doesn't really make a difference because it always rolls down.
Sushi Rolls Paints
Kristen’s body isn’t your body. So stop trying to control her.
Shannon Douglas
you looked worse in the 88$ spanx. it's as if they outline your stomach and make it more prominent (not that that's a bad thing) instead of 'hiding it'. you looked smoother and a lot slimmer without. I hope I didn't sound like I'm being judgemental but I love you for you Kristen 😘😘
Captain Swan
Well it's clear that we don't need shape wear, and that natural beauty looks the best based on what people said about the photos in this video.
CrazyPanda 121
This is the video where Kelsey came in and she was doing that squad video!
Compression shorts are probably just as good, but I do like the Spanx I have when I'm having "I feel fatter" days , lol
Sage Parsley
she's turning more on the first one
Iris ohara nixey
She looked way better in just underwear xx
If you're only a little chunky, spanx work. If you're actually big, spanx or any shapewear is only going to make you look bigger. Fact.
Greta Schneider
Tania Shevchenko
Anna Akana!
Merle Seidel
Omfg portray sounds deeply interesyingdecide
J.P. Mitts
How about trying a waist cincher? Maybe that would look good.
Savannah Wright
she looks slimmer without them
Crystal Moncada
You look better without TBH
Tee Ada
You look the best in the "just underwear" pictures. No Spanx needed girl!!! You should call this video "Anti Spanx" cause you showed us that they really are not mandatory and that you can look even better without them. 😍💞👏
Shelby Wright
She is so pretty
Lily DeCataldo
Every time I go on buzzfeed I look for of Kristen is in it she so funny
Emma Blosser
U look better with no spanx to be honest
For some, Spanx work better than Assets. I've owned the same versions of both. The Assets do NOT hold up as well with normal wear. The Spanx will also add pressure to create a more hourglass figure. Also, I am not shaped like the person in the video, my shape is more pear, not apple, and my weight is more even throughout my body. Different shaped bodies will have different results.
it's shape wear and foundation garment in one! The least it can do is smooth everything out and hopefully hide bra and panty lines
Kayleigh Perry
Hats of to you. There's no way I'd be that confident in my body
Spanx: how buzzfeed got us bankrupt
Sway Tree
Erm... Maybe it is not about making you look thinner when you are standing still but to make your body not to shake so much when you are moving? I don't know.
She looks WAYYY better without it in the thumbnail.
Santa Ozolina
In the thumbnail, you looked rounder with the 88$ ones. Weird...
i have always felt that shape wear makes me look larger. i go with just underwear and jockey slip shorts. they don't attempt to be shape wear and i just wear them so my thighs don't rub.
Caitlin koch
Umm the spanx made her look fatter
TheGlam Mam
After looking at your pictures I see that spanx does shape your butt a lot better, but it also makes your stomach look bigger. Every time I wear spanx I feel like my stomach looks so much more round as to when I don't wear spanx, and now I've concluded what I already knew.
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