Lamborghini Huracán Performante record at the Nürburgring

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On 5 October 2016, the Huracán Performante set a new production car lap record of 6:52:01 min on the Nürburgring Nordschleife with Lamborghini test driver Marco Mapelli. Discover the Huracán Performante:

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guys, get over it, the laptime is real. this thing is SUPERGLUED to the ground by the ALA system.
Ayush Paul Chowdhury
My mustang can do faster than this lol
Kade Matyis
johnny x
4:38 - Speedometer jumps !! (From 131 to 161 to 190).

Slowdown video playback using Youtube feature at 0.25x speed.
Pause video, click at 4:37, do double-click play/pause button as fast as possible.. keep continue until you see that.

Conclusion: FAKE ?!
I think the aventador lp-750-4 sv seems faster than this car on this track
Reading through this thread with so many little girls crying "fake" and I'm like, why do you even care? None of you will ever have 300K usd to spend on a car. This will literally never concern you.
juega con jorge
y si me regala un lamborghini huracán??
Jonathan Tomasi
slick tires lol
has anybody tried the Sesto?
forza 6 did a great job becouse the sound is verry similar.
given its lower top speeds on straights it corners reeeeaally freaking fast to beat the 918. also brakes seem to be outstanding. street tyres? till proven otherwise: good job guys
Javier De La Rosa
si y una mierda para ustedes
Mihai-Dorin Batrin
Nice engine cooling, all the time under the 90 degree. It's funny that the fuel gauge dropped by almost a quarter of the tank. Good job Lamborghini!
Makes me think of an old LaserDisc arcade game, like Sega's GP World. Really weird. Great run.
Dodge Demon1245
Look at that fuel drop from beginning to end
Anyone notice the fuel marker ? in 6 minutes, it "drink" 1/4 of fuel tank !!! LOL.
People just love to provide conspiracies and shits ha? Why don't we just enjoy the video and the achievement(Lap Record)? Even if some of the people's claim is true, it's still an amazing thing. Let say that if Lambo didn't put roll cage and there's another seat, just imagine and shave some little time like -2 or 3 secs. It's still fast considering the Engine is just NA compared to that Hybrid V8 with rear wheel steering of 918s. Tsssss.... people. And I don't think that such a big of a company with big reputation would give us an obvious and easy way to spot if it was fake (I don't think so), and it's listed in official Nurburgring lap records so it's little to non as fake.
I don`t know the record is fake or true. but he is fantastic driver
Lala Dela Torre
fast forward videos its like editing.. nice one
Durmax For Life
Karl Hans
its fake like 9/11
Z. Daoudi
Beautiful V10 sound! Thanks for the video!
Shiben Chakravorty
Look at 4:28 the speedometer jumps from 131 km/h to 160 km/h in a single frame. Then somehow hits 190 km/h in the very next frame
Son of a Preacher Man
please remember drive safe, not like an ass...but don't drive like a pussy either.
shreenath shinde
And for all the haters of Lambo it is not FASTER its QUICKER cant U understand the difference RETARDS!!!
James Bond
He needs to drive like 200 meters on the last line. Time starts before the first corner and stops after the last corner ! The record would be something like 6:54, 6:55 !
Mr. Black
i thought lamborghini doesn't want to embarrass the 918 because of what they said with the SV lol
even a type r is faster :D
Wales Gaming
That is one hell of a driver
Well, the lap is obviously real. I'm watching it as I type. This time might be possible with a lightened, more powerful Huracán, because the AMG GT-R did 7:11 in the Sport Auto supertest, which means a Mercedes test driver probably could get that car to 7:00. This car is quite a bit more powerful than the AMG and is being driven by the company's test driver, so the time seems possible to me.

But seriously, I really don't care, because fastest lap is useless in competition. The Nissan might be fast, but heavy as a pig like it is, it chews through tires and brakes faster than a kid chews through bubble gum. So it's fast but doesn't last five laps on the track. Chevrolet Z06, same story, overheats like the cheap junk it is, very fast of course but useless as a track weapon. Not saying the Huracán is higher quality, but being fast around the Nordschleife under controlled conditions doesn't mean a whole lot.
Neck Peck
until a independent driver comes close to that lap time... I'm calling it fake.
Are Zim
can chiron beat this?
Edson Marlon
I would like to see this car racing the 918, I bet 918 is way faster... still unbelievable, why they posted so late the video anyway!?
On doettingerhöhe, the long straight at the end, the huracan is driving slower than the 918, yet the huracan in the video completed it first?? Hmm.
#1 - Can ANY manufacturer make a "claimed" lap time with out having any other Sanctioned Time Keepers/ Third Party Witnesses that can run multiple timing systems that have been calibrated and verified as legit ? ?
#2 - If a driver is good enough to make a lap in anything, in the 6min. and 50something second range.....within a small margin of error......shouldn't HE & The CAR be able to do it twice...this time with everyone watching??
#3 - Shouldn't it be mandatory that the vehicle, fuel, tune, and tires be verified AND a 2 or 3 lap average establish an official time??
#4 - NO! this does not mean that VW holds the record of the ring!!! It means VW is co-signing on the bills, Audi is providing the small parts to keep costs and time down.......but a Lambo is still ALL LAMBO! Oooo, how dare them finally have switches and dash clusters that work. Believe me, if the Germans could make a beautiful, sexy car......they would......but they can't......look at the monumental visual DuD that is the R8 ! That butt-ugly hunk-o-shit has all the sex appeal of Jeremy Clarkson. It's a great car....that no one wants to look at. Everyone want go Italia. :))
where is gtr nismo ? hahaha
Chris Sadler Jr
i love the huracan
this lap time is ridiculous, obviously not fake, I guess some people and car makers are jealous because Lamborghini make better cars.
Too slow to be finished
Cam Webster
Guys it's so fake, all the lambo fanboys can shut up. As proof for lamborghini speeding the video up, the 918 was faster down the back straight between two selected points (higher speed at both points) however the huracan gained time on the 918 on that straight. Now try and explain boys (hint: you can't....)
Musta Vyrea
Lamborghini win, no turbo no hybrid, an atmospheric of all life.
Nicholas Allen
This car has a top speed of 320 km/h. It has a wing which produces a considerable amount of downforce, and active aero at the front similar to DRS in F1 cars (for all you normies). If you can't work out why this car smashed everything else on the ring, maybe go watch some gt racing and you'll understand why.
300km like the sigh in a bullet train.
Maciek Chibowski
check out the fuel indicator and compare it in the beginning and the end of the video :D
Nathan Downes
What is the name of that paint job?
Patrik Žec
whoooa I saw this car in local cars magazine :-)
Amazing I will get it and put it with aventador in my garage😎🍻
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