Lamborghini Huracán Performante record at the Nürburgring

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On 5 October 2016, the Huracán Performante set a new production car lap record of 6:52:01 min on the Nürburgring Nordschleife with Lamborghini test driver Marco Mapelli. Discover the Huracán Performante:

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Kayzen L7
that's a real drive, not like these rich man that think they need to accelerate in red Zone to have the best power of the engine... GG man, and what a car
Porsche fanboys and more annoying than GTR fanboys, not quite as bad as Tesla fanboys though
Javier De La Rosa
Tampoco m voy a creer que sea más rápido que el Ferrari 488 gtb aligerado cuando lo saquen ni de coña
Javier De La Rosa
No m creo que sea más rápido que un La Ferrari en un circuito haced un vídeo y enfrentarlos en un circuito
Javier De La Rosa
El NIO EP9 se lo folla en un segundo jajajaja
Javier De La Rosa
Además el coche más rápido del mundo es el NIO EP9 y no es de combustión es electrónico
Javier De La Rosa
Una de dos o el marcador es una mierda da sobresaltos senota que el vídeo está retocado no creáis este récord
Javier De La Rosa
Más falso el vídeo que los billetes de 30 € a mi no m la dais aquí hay algo que no m cuadra
Stefan Marinkovic
that v10 sound
Tough guy gaming TV
The hater are saying it's fake the Lamborghini a sv ran 6.59 sec on the nurberbrig so it pretty obvious Lamborghini is going to beat the 918
7 Months on the top. Than there has been the new GT-2RS and Porsche was back. Like this development.
(Moreover they were not driving the stock wheels in this Lambo, but so did Porsche in their 918)
Craig Dirty .Dority
He makes up a lot of time on that straight. Fucken hell.
Ro Mc
Dude gt 2rs 6.48 bitch please
This time is fake. When you watch it side by by side vs the 918 video you see the the speed of the 918 is higher at every point of the track.
doge george plays fun
Boozle Vlogs
For people that say it's fake it actually has disadvantages.
1. The roll cage is for safety and makes the car heavier
2. It has a passenger seat and the driver seat is bigger which makes the car heavier
3. It has a wrap, once again heavier
4. Speedometer is just delay issues
It's real. Anyway real or fake the Porsche GT2 RS 2018 bet it. Still not the fastest time. The fastest time (Not from a production car) pulled off a 6 minute 11 seconds in a Porsche 911 anyway. So this all doesn't matter and no record was really set, the performante (For Production record) only held it for about 5 days so it makes no sense why people would complain real or fake anyway. They lost the record.
Cool Gamer
Did they realese the lamborgini estoque
You can basically see the fuel gauge moving down lol
David Shekelstein
so many haters...
haters gonna hate
GT2RS chopped that time in 5 secs rekt
Judging by the movement of the steering wheel this car is so controllable it's a joke. Can there be anything more perfect that that? Compared to the Aventador SV this is a true game changer.
I am dreaming if owning a Huracán one day but that is in the distant future and I might never archive it. Will have to settle down for cars in the 100.000 Euro price range but they are only 15-20 seconds slower than this beast. Again, absolutely incredible what the engineers have created here.
Tajinder Johal
Petrol need going down aswell lol crazy car.
Porsche killed Lamborghini xD

2017 911 GT2 RS 6:47.3
Adam Norell
ring times mean nothing if they're not set by the same person on the same day in the same conditions, awesome car though, but ring times as a cock measuring contest is pure idiocy.
Paul Grocott
all these people saying fake and analysing this and that blah blah blah. Sit back watch the video and enjoy the sound of that awesome v10 at full noise
Van Der
Now the 911 gt2 rs has raped it!!! Way to go Porsche!!
Those damn downshift blips are pure glorious music!
Paul Englert Onboard
Alex D.
Rear engine full interior 0 bullshit GT2RS sends greetings.
Well... this is awkward lol
Danny BGD.
Just one word: Porsche!
Why do they say the top speed of huracan is 201mph when this barely got to 185 and for sure couldn't go 190
Well it doesnt matter anymore of real or fake. GT2 RS does it in 6:47:30. So new record.
ThePineAppleBurster 44
So first, you use slicks to perform that lap time, then you confirm it was all within regulations, then you release the telemetry but yet you refuse to do it again with supervision and your time isn’t even on the official board for production cars..because of the slicks. And oh, Porsche kicked your ass again.
And then Porsche beat the record by 5 seconds. the end.
Gary Rodriguez
911 gt2rs 6:47
Who really care if it's Lambo or Porsche they are all under the VW flag, so they should be the most proud .
Before anyone continues to call this a fake laptime can you post that onto nissans video of the GT-R?
say bye-bye to your record, mr Lambo.
Multi cam
Porsche GT2 RS did it in 6:47:3
RIP the GT2 RS just beat this lol
Tim Germany
GT2RS. That is all.
Julian Skillz
Porche reckt you guys.
Oliver Haugen
I guess Porsche took revenge
The GT2 RS whooped yo ass. Porsche is King.
Atte virta
Ahah not anymore 911 GT2 rs
911 GT2 RS says hi 🚘
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