SWIMMING IN SCARY SHARK WATERS! We Have 2 Speed Boats - Family Fun Video For Kids

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Hi friends:)
Today was a super cool day we had 2 speed boats and we did a jungle shark tour adventure,we did not see any sharks but we know that they was there.Snorkeling was amazing fun and loved the boats,we saw some amazing fish.

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Thanks to everyone for watching me and my family on this super cool holiday we love you all so much,you are all part of our family now and that is the best thing ever:)
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Melissa Leech
שגב בן גיא
שגב בן גיא
Callum Pallister
you it the desd you choodr
Callum Pallister
UE luf it
Jen Rehka
so coooooooool
Ashley Walter
why do you call Matt hubby
Sandy Murguia
vello tiana
Diamond Kitty
Did you guys go to bora bora??
Hisham Rafiq
Where is the place
Lego Fun
I love the fishes like if u agree
Siddika Choudhury
Taaddfgfffdsaaqwserthb. Deadly. Right jib. Them kookiness thuggish 🤓😒😛😗😒😟😱💩💤😲👽🤖💜💙💚💛❤️💔💗💖💘💘💟♉️♉️♉️♉️♉️🔯-///3345)?, vcwwwwdfj.ia\////,
Lara Karppinen
I love you so much and you have a great channel
chyesha smith
why y'all can't go fast
Chad Woods
ahhhhhhhhhhhh! shark
Jomana Fola
nadire Beycan
I ❤️ you. Tiana
Jv Jv
Alix Jordan
raymond felix
Ariana loves. tiana. and. she also. love's the fish to and Ariana loves Diana is scard of the fish and Ariana loves tiana shows to
Nevaeh Pinkerton
Jordan is so hot
Phoecie Vlogs
thank you
Ashley Lewis
she was scared
Ahari Richardson
Gianna Gianna as me your friend this is my new phone number 3156014 can I come to your house today
Joel Roberts
superb I'd love to go there one day!love you tiana❤❤❤
Makaylee Auld
is there any jellyfish in the water I will not go in there but you are fantastic wow
Irma Gaytan
so cool.😃
KG Silos
It looked like there was a lot of fish in the ocean 😻
Ashley Jovi's channel
How is this a scary shark there is no shark at all in this video
Saida Att
Tirana your vidéo are so fune
Angelina Lin
how old are you?
dawn cooley
Hey tiana, my daughter always watching you because your video is funny and good........pleasee notice me😊
Friza akhtar
What about you do a skydive now
Lovely Randhawa
Veronica Mora
lol the back song is don't let me down
Anna Dawidoff
Cool lucky you 👍🏻
Ryan Plant
Have a great day Tania I'm actually fin my dad is ryan
Gözde Atlas
Marylyn Bae
where did u live
Ralitsa Yovchevska
love you
Sienna Guest
don,t get bitten by a shark
Claudia Munezero
I wish I was you tiana
Bella Kendall
why its mom here
patrizia d'annibale
a me mi piace troppo baby Tania
Sobia Khan
Mummy is the best chef and I love chip a chops
sophie kelly
wow! Fish
Patrick Mcginty
Christen Khaver Sangalang
At the start thers a closer music
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