Grandpa Style Fried Chicken | Crispy Spicy Fried Chicken Cooking by our grandpa for Orphan kids

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KFC Style Fried Chicken | Crispy Spicy Fried Chicken Cooking by our grandpa for Orphan kids

KFC Style Fried Chicken | Crispy Spicy Fried Chicken Cooking by our grandpa for Orphan kids

Grandpa Kitchen
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Kerbie VK
watch this vegans
ali jm
يا الله ما اروعك ♥♥♥
Mat Kange
God bless you Granpa
umi humairah
auww i'm touched
wiki stui miki 2007
i want to cry
Elçin Yüksel Kutluca
What is Maida pls can someone explaın me ?
snigdha dey
Railma Carvalho
Excelente vídeo. Fez um prato delicioso, com muitos ingredientes, temperos, sempre com higiene.
E está evidente que não precisamos de cozinhas ricas, modernas, cheias de utensílios domésticos para se fazer um prato bem gostoso.
Grandpa é um ser humano extraordinário, simples, feliz e solidário, quanta generosidade. Trabalhando para fazer crianças, jovens felizes e saciados. E o ajudante também é um ser especial. Parabéns a todos eles. Eu gostaria de ouvir o que eles pensam da vida, do amor, da amizade, da justiça, etc, num vídeo. E se possível, mostrar o lugarejo que vivem, o dia a dia, a casa dessas crianças, a casa desse mestre, etc. Felicidade, um grande abraço e muita luz!
nur adani
seriously you are inspiring
Dale Keown
The best grandpa in the world
Dazz Mt
When people got hungry

They watched homemade food and be jealous
BaZzG Arnav
U defeated kfc
cika cutez
Helo from indonesiaa grandpaa😉😉😉
christopher optimus prime
This man lives a good life you get what you give so give abundantly
Jas Ward
I would have liked a grandfather like him
كرديه وافتخير
انا بحب الهنود
كرديه وافتخير
انشالله الف صاح
Hardik Mittal
great job man👍👍👍
Di Do
Those pieces of chicken are bigger than those of the KFC🍟➕🍔➕🍗!
God bless you grandpa!
Zill Jannah Abdullah
Massive respect to your 1 family 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 salute!!! May God bless aamiin
Pariya Aksornsawat
Hello grandpa from Thailand.God bless you.
Nefertinhy Tan
long live grandpa be healthy always and may our creator bless you more, tears flowin my eyes as im watching your vids.. 😭❤️😘👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Joanna bae
love you grandpa I like how you take care of the kids! makes my heart warm😁😍💪👌👍✌👏
Valdienia Alves Santos
Imagino como é gratificante esses sorrisos lindos. Muito lindo esse gesto de amor ao próximo!!!! 😘
bigg boss special
i suggest you bachcho vala part wothout music dekho
Ravi Kiran
Very nice anna
Isra Haitham
Ganz viele Grüße aus Deutschland 💕
Durch Sie wird diese Welt ein Stückchen Besser 🙏🏻❤️
Sagar Bandari
Hats-off to U Thata (Grandfather).. Very Impressive Thatha.. my Eyes Got Wet With This Video..
God! It’s always these two Indian folks that always do the hard cooking for those children. I mean I give major, thankful credit for those kind gentleman, but what I’d really like to see is more people coming together as a community so they’d help Grandpa and the other man all together to help feed the children!
Franklin Flor
Ling Ling M
Is it possible to visit your grandpa when I travel to India. I would love to taste his cooking
Rasta Nerd32
I love what you do, it’s amazing.
Roho Roho
Plzzz anybody tell me that,the ingredients that put in this chicken to make it crispy......i got the name oat, corn flour but other i cnt undersood :)
Erica Viana Lima
O senhor merece todo o meu respeito parabéns grandpa!🙏♥
sana mam
Awww so sweet grandpa
I didn’t skip d ads and subscribed too
Love ur cooking and feeding to ones who badly need it

Kudos grandpa 😘😘😘😘😘😘
I wish God can gives you a long life to keep doing right things..
How bout' you chill
At least we know he washes his hands before cooking
Kimberly Simmons
I hope God blessings fall upon you. You are truly a God send for these kids. I am very delightful in watching you prepare the meals for the kids.
I wish j could go hug you help you and give u million dollars.
Haitian Beautee
He's too cute, and that fried chicken look super delicious.
Allysa Rae
he had a beautiful heart 😭❤
KaguraLee iam monbebe
Stay health grandpa
Many many many love for u
God bless u all
Stacie D Souza
are the chicken halal?
lA B
Looks delicious 😍😍💗💗
mr Rodriguez
German BJ
Omg grandpa you are a very wise person😢💞
Zay Milo
After 1st round of frying: meh, looks ok. After he bust out the egg yokes and went in for a second round: yooo this dude’s a master chef!!!
Rakhi N
very appreciating work...
keep it up grandpa👍
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