Grandpa Kitchen
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Karolina Toso De Morais
chi shamsudin
That chickens looks tasty af! I need to know the ingredients, i only understand a few. Grandpa youre amazing & definitely the best chef!!
renga raj
More than for the dish,i always watch it for grandpa's innocent smile ,long live grand pa 🙏
Gamer T
KFC wish they made chicken like that 😂
Questionable Choices Inc.
If you did this in NYC niggas would be fighting over that shit
Paulina Glav
I watch this videos because they're unintentional ASMR ;P
Chiamaka Ifeoma Uzoma
To see the happy faces on the children eating brought tears to my eyes, no child should be without parents, but at least they have love and someone who cares for them. I wish I could adopt them all! ❤️
Chiamaka Ifeoma Uzoma
This man has a big heart and I admire him so much! ❤️
Zing Panyang
Great job share happyness may god bless u alll
Abdullah iraqi
876 cold hearted bastards
Marisol Garcia
recipe ...subtitle ingles
Marisol Garcia
subtitulos en i gles please for recipe..😉
Islaskye Islz
That smile :') Dont ever say that you are unlucky on life. These kids are so young and they just wish for a plate of food. This is sad
0451 Shodan
Umm yeah that takes forever...KFC here I come
sinta ane
grandpa i hope u always healthy and strong coz u are the angel for them...
John Jessrick S. Liongson
Absolutely Amazing Talent Chef Grandpa - very proud of you - I salute you HUGELY.
md mohsin azam
humanity restored....
a grand salute to his work....
rumba- la la
Miranda Harvey
I just love this man God bless you..
Jose Marcos Amaral Da Silva Amaral
Muito lindos oque vcs faz amei o vídeo só do Brasil é muito difícil de vc ver pessoas nobre como vcs 👏
ยาการียา หะยีมะเด็ง
อยากกินด้วยสิ ทุกวันนี้กูจะอดตายแล้ว อยากกินบ้างสิ เห็นแล้วอยากร้องไห่เพราะน้ากิน
Gerardo Peña Pérez
KFC chicken lol
samongo Sigmaringen
Gott bless you opa and pour familie.
Noorul Amilin Abd Gapar
I feel really bad for the orphan
zzz 0412
i want a fuck kfc!!!!
Can someone tell me the ingredients he out in each scene? I don't understand
Raizel Sharma
Pls tell us..wht ingredients use in it..
Plz explain..
Donovan Chang
The color of that chili powder was so rich and beautiful!
Abhishek Hazari
Admin Make A Fund for Our Beloved Grandpa and for Children... Nd We will donate through Paytm 😊😊😊
Mani M S Mani M S
bayya telugu petu videos please bayya e video
anto Sheenrphilip
i cried a lot faces of those orphans..oh god
Farah A
make mac and cheese for the children!
your grandpa is awosome i wish my grandpa is alive
Kerbie VK
watch this vegans
ali jm
يا الله ما اروعك ♥♥♥
Mat Kange
God bless you Granpa
umi humairah
auww i'm touched
wiki stui miki 2007
i want to cry
Elçin Yüksel Kutluca
What is Maida pls can someone explaın me ?
snigdha dey
Railma Carvalho
Excelente vídeo. Fez um prato delicioso, com muitos ingredientes, temperos, sempre com higiene.
E está evidente que não precisamos de cozinhas ricas, modernas, cheias de utensílios domésticos para se fazer um prato bem gostoso.
Grandpa é um ser humano extraordinário, simples, feliz e solidário, quanta generosidade. Trabalhando para fazer crianças, jovens felizes e saciados. E o ajudante também é um ser especial. Parabéns a todos eles. Eu gostaria de ouvir o que eles pensam da vida, do amor, da amizade, da justiça, etc, num vídeo. E se possível, mostrar o lugarejo que vivem, o dia a dia, a casa dessas crianças, a casa desse mestre, etc. Felicidade, um grande abraço e muita luz!
nur adani
seriously you are inspiring
Dale Keown
The best grandpa in the world
Despair Bear
When people got hungry

They watched homemade food and be jealous
BaZzG Arnav
U defeated kfc
cika cutez
Helo from indonesiaa grandpaa😉😉😉
christopher optimus prime
This man lives a good life you get what you give so give abundantly
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