Isaiah Thomas continues to add more to after-practice workouts


Following Monday's practice, Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Isaiah Thomas went through an extended workout with assistant coach Phil Handy. Thomas continues to rehab his injured hip.

Wayne Eatman
Don't rush back,he still has a slight gimp, a majority of athletes dont let the injured part heal properly just rush rehab to get example...Gilbert arenas..
Sports Galore
Would Love to see him back to face Warriors on Christmas Day
gg Drey
Let him come back January perfect timing this is time for shumpert to step up and play point guard
david scott sr
west Side
Don't rush it Isiah Thomas I rather you see you play 100%
I can hit more 3's than him..... why am i not in the nba
Im not sure he is 5 foot 9, He looks a bit shorter than that out there, his shoes look too big lol. Good player though
Chuma Gault
izzat chan on auto in the bg?
Note4 Smartphone
pure as water u cant guard him
Jared Lewis
Can’t wait for IT to play again
Christian Ian Diagdal
kingjames 💪💪💪
Tbh i thought it was just some random kid in the thumbs 😂
Rok Podlogar
he will be back january 3rd
Rok Podlogar
can't wait for this little engine that could to excite the crowd. it's gonna be majestic.
Qi Nuo
dis game is fiyaaaa...both team fighting so hard,,haven't seen bron angry in a while
Godly Slice
Right now I know he wants to start cooking like he one of the best so I hope he doesn’t come out like Derrick rose when he gets injured, cause that would be very devastating
Isaiah Thomas
Imma be back Christmas day watch out GSW
Go Yokes
Late December or jan should be the best time for IT
Stephen Curry
Klay wil defend him well lmaooo
Justin Stlouis
Isaiah need to work on defense if anything
hurry tf up u midget we need you
Joshua Prusha
I'm sure there's added pressure, with Irving and Celtics playing so well. Show Angie he made mistake of trading IT and most of all cause the team could use him ASAP
jayy uzii
He looks perfectly fine but him back in the lineup coach
Leigh Arlington
He's a warrior and a great player. But don't rush him back.
How is this shortie even in NBA?
Summer Sanders
Do not come back to early big Big mistake:(
John Doe
boston did him wrong.... carried them to an ECF birth, and they shipped him out of town because of an injury... with that said though... when the cavs get him back. they are going to ball out... IT can shoot 3s well... LBJ is going to have great spacing to drive... what cavs need is for love to start playing better.
We need him right now i hope he comin back soon
so cute!
He's still not 100%, 4 months more maybe..
committed kingz
He looking good
Dang you can tell his hip messed up. He looks like he can barely run
Oh course he looks slower because hes not moving at game spend, these drills are for in durancence. His shots an stroke is on point. His next faze would be run, stop, elevate pop. Test the strength of his hip on lift offs an landing.. its a process, if anyone has every had a injury.. most on hear seems to b quite young in their logic...
monta ellis
Can't wait until he comes back, no rush .
Ellis Sutton
He squares up very well
Reuben Ahmed
dude is 90% of kyrie, just needs the game winner in game 7 and he will be the same.
Vighnesh Ramesh
Everyone is acting like this guy is a beast and that's why the Cavs are losing. Isaiah ain't kawhi leonard, hes a defensive liability and the cavs have plenty of offense, the difference isn't going to be that big. The only good part about IT is that he is slightly better than Rose and Wade at shooting threes
Dave Cavalier
When he can play?
Kaijun Jiang
Time to prove Boston wrong!
Eduardo Navarrete
He's gonna be essential for the Cavs to shoot back up in the Eastern Conference. LeBron will reach the finals again
ThatOneOddShadow / NBA2k17/ TBT NBA2k / etc.
Jumper looks like a D’Angelo Russell Base from 2k18 am I right?
jacoeb hampton
Ive had a hip injury before he aint even close basketball is about side to side quickness which we havent seen
Get Over It
From a Celtic fan he is looking like his old self, I’m happy we got Irving but don’t get it confused IT is no scrub, he is shorter than every1 else but the dude can ball offensively, he will make the Cavs better
tracy powell
You'll soon understand that Brad Stevens made I.T. who he was( system),you never herd about him until he came to Boston. Not saying he can't play,but he won't be good as in Boston.
Joshua Prusha
I hope they're NOT rushing him to come back early, just because they stink right now
The Little Guy!
At least he’s shooting 3s. Some thing we can’t seem to do this season
wildkid2018 burden
isaiah thomas shooting stroke is like a young derrick fisher when he was with the lakers
Teal Mamba
His running doesn't look natural yet, it looks like hes haing to compensate for one leg a little by pushing off harder in stride.
Le Needhelp
looks really stiff, but we need him back asap...our defence is lacking and lebron is tired
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