Game Theory: The REAL Reason YouTube is Broken

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Is YouTube Killing Pewdiepie? ►►
Fake News, the Real EVIL! ►►

"Okay MatPat, so if YouTube isn't Killing Pewdiepie's Channel what is?!" I hear you screaming at your computer. And to that I have one thing to say - YOU ARE! That's right you're to blame. But before you rage quit and storm off never to watch my videos again - let me explain.

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Linda Mason
twenty one 21 tweny won twenty one 21
chara dreemuur
i dont want youtubers to give up, help them stay determined! tell your favoruite youtuber NOW to not give up/stay determined ect.and person reading this also stay determined
com shank
notification sqaud
Spencer Berger
So what changed between 2013 and now? We're still promoting YouTube videos with high retention time, but back then videos who don't meet their clickbait expectation weren't getting popular like they are today. Is it the blatant fact that there is a risk of false clickbait giving us decision boners now that there are more of them? If it's that, then why doesn't YouTube just introduce/promote the fact that you can report videos that don't meet their expectation.
WTF is this nonsense?! Um... He has spent too much time analyzing video games and movies.... Has he ever considered that people clicked on clickbait videos and went "Huh.... This is entertaining. It's not what I wanted but it's entertaining"? I just can not listen to this over simplified stupidity! Er... overly complex.... UGH! >_< HUMAN PSYCHOLOGY IS NOT THAT SIMPLE!

Also, the David Pakman show is not a very big channel. WTF?!
Yoon Seunwa
(off topic) Just- waiting for a theory about Overwatch, maybe like who Pharah's father is..
Elizabeth Smith
I get a lot of buzzfeed.
Daniel Cao
No wonder I'm cinda dum .-. Weird....
Fiona McCann
I finally understand why, when watching a MinuteEarth video about why animals occasionally eat their young, the videos listed as similar were all edutainment videos for 4 year olds.
Now i really hate those kids channels, there So boring
Nightwhisper and Dreamsong
Great Vid!
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( (> so I'm like
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`ノ ) Lノ
Esther L
This is so creepy
The red screen at the end made me jump out of my couch
For a split second I noticed the triangle that says:

And other stuff had the illuminati in it for a split second
Bossiercomet 639
7:05 look close an illuminati is shown
Well that just adds to the growing pile of reasons why I am different than other people. I don't like watching something that wasn't what I wanted to watch in the first place. It's one of my pet peeves, I get mad when I didn't get the thing I wanted to watch. But when I do get bored of making decisions, I usually just go to my watch later.
María Florencia
That's why channels with dumb content get more suscribers than channels like this one that actually make quality content.
Clarise The Great
This is why I'm only subscribed to one channel that posts less-than-weekly.
Nethan Garvey
its like when you watch youtube all day and by the end of the day you just watching really weird trash
Gabriel Stoneback
i saw that illuminati.
So pewdiepie dropped substance and style for attention and being shameful... that's sad.
summer delnoij
So if you're trying your best to create something original, it won't be as popular as minecraft video's? How sad
top five youtube videos. you won't believe number seven.
Robert Bevilacqua
Dammit I love this channel and is constant mindblows
Fire Blazeflame
This is the greatest channel ever
Alan Dougherty
I well gave you 100000 dollars if you sucrabib my you tube chanal😉☺👍👍
Dave Malk
Anyone else here that actually got to MatPat's website?
Politically Incorrect
Interesting....although I'm someone who if I can't decide, I will just set up so I can watch all of them (Left Control + left click, watch video, control + W when done)
I kinda did it with this video actually, I got 17 videos to go through now so.....
macro and micro climate change and youtube
Noah Watson
Using Club Penguin emojis!!! 8:51 😂
whats the song at 14:44
Guillaume B
You say we're the problem, but doesn't that make youtube itself the real problem again? Shouldn't youtube adapt to our viewing behaviour and not the other way around? I mean, they're the ones trying to get a profit out of us by giving us a satisfying experience. If people are complaining about this stuff, they're obviously not doing a good job of giving us that experience. Surely there has to be a way to do something about that on their end.
Torgo Gorgo
I'm not going to support everything a channel does and all of it's videos just because I like some of their content. You seem to be advocating Youtubers following blindly and almost religiously.
Aye it's angelica
This video just got deep😳
RaoulWB / Rilliam
While he's talking about the decision fatigue, I'm here clearing my watch later playlist.
Numba1 Chaosninja
notice me mat pat! NOTICE ME!!!!!!!, no offense, I enjoy your content, but, is it actually just me or didn't we already know we had to be entertaining? Or is it "long story short" viewers and algorithm change?
Paper core
The Dopamine is real
Saimir Hoti
1:10 i have literally seen my cousins watching these videos to the point that one of them cried bc everyone else wanted to watch the new years fireworks and they wanted to watch those videos...
YouTube is Broken
Sans the Moral Compass
True, Matt. If we are to stop breaking YouTube, we need to stop being lazy about our kids and letting gadgets ruin their childhood. Get a job to work for you so you can spend more time with your hobbies and your family.
Cheeky Aunty Donna shoutout love u MatPat
Wow, "enlightening". What person in the world older than 16 y/o doesn't kn... oh. Ohh. Ok, nevermind.
well youtube sucks because...

the dislike button
Felipe Viegas
That was a real good video, matpat, do more like it :D
SteveStefano 505
I saw that cheeky bit of bill cipher
Flyin Raijin
if you are aware of your brain, you can control it
Redfalcon101 Awesomeness
MIND BLOWN!!!!!!!! (~~~~~~~~~) •¤•
Blocky Animations
Mat pat. Just some feedback. I LOVE the little people you used. Do them more
Youtube Patrol
play this at my funeral
Tad Strange
Illuminati confirmed
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