Game Theory: The REAL Reason YouTube is Broken

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Is YouTube Killing Pewdiepie? ►►
Fake News, the Real EVIL! ►►

"Okay MatPat, so if YouTube isn't Killing Pewdiepie's Channel what is?!" I hear you screaming at your computer. And to that I have one thing to say - YOU ARE! That's right you're to blame. But before you rage quit and storm off never to watch my videos again - let me explain.

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Toaster with a pink mustache
at the beginning I totally forgot that I was watching The Game Theorist 😅
Isaac Bendo
The pewdiepie theory is soooo true, I miss him playing games.
Brinnyboo vBGPCIP-S
.....but I don't even watch click on clickbait.
Dr. Freeman
3:23 Google is owned by Alphabet.
Dominik Baxter
I've been saying it's our fault for years
Can/are you going to do any theories about the new Zelda game (Breath of the Wild)? I think it'd be really interesting to hear your opinions on the new trailer lol
Hans Advance
i wonder how much just one view could help or hurt... or if a channel is really powerful when it souldn't or count every time you click somewhere
YouTube should ban clickbait all together
So, if it's about watch minutes, it seems like one of the best ways we could support content creators we like would be playlists. If I turn on a Kurzgesagt playlist and just let it run through all the videos while I'm playing video very hard...then they'd get some good retention and watch minutes, yes?
3:27 really to Gryffindor what about us Hufflepuff's?
Paul christian D
Damn you Matt Pat, you and your super smarts, making me reconsider my life on a daily basis, damn you.
mr beast is the only youtuber that can use a clickbait and keep us watching the video
on the last of us thing i still love and thats mostly what i watch bc i forget lol i really miss those games and horror games that pewds used to play #amnesiac
Bruh Bruh
Game theory now I have a weird complex that when i am watching content i like(yours for example) i can't exit it until I finish it. Cause i feel like i have to give you guys the minutes and also like your content so you can stay "on the air" can someone explain that to me?
Nori Shimogawa
Mate I love u and ur videos but did u really need to make game lab a YouTube red thing?
homosex is a sin
Google's owned by Alphabet but whatever
Kelsey Bull
Alexander Reichenfeld
"if its not go then why the hell are you watching" clicks off video
Mangle 25
hola quiero saver si isiste un video de teorias de el nombre completo de mario y luigi y lo isoste melo puede desir si no puede aserlo gracia
Blast King
Hey your stupid..... we viewers only came to watch the comments lololol
Blast King
so summary is this is next level bait
Anyone notice that a while ago after the update the pause button and full screen button would glitch tf out?
Lonely Chainsaw
On the subject of sleep aids, do you listend to asmr?
you, dude, deserve all the views of youtube.
foxy the pirate fox
he is talking about this vid to
Rixin Lan
dantdm has more subs
Jonny Adkins
Your smart
Cubby Stanley
Oh my god Matt... There are 3 B's in iDubbbz. this theory is trash. lol sike i love you
Can you tell me what's the name of the background musin from 4:57 to 6:46
Wayne Kiska
no we did not
Malek Bekka
Congratulations you have taken my mind and blew it up
Hazel Browne
the only time I complain YouTube is broken when I don't get a notification from the game theriosts or GTlive when there's a live stream or when i get a notification from a channel I watched once and am not subscribed to.
Dj Ace74
Om!!! The way you explain it is so satisfying! Good job keep op the good work
I think youtube paid him to say its not youtubes fault
Joey H rules
Why are you making videos on YouTube
Doc Copyright
Bill sees all...
Enermatrix Music
I've not seen Game Theory or Film Theory on my homepage for weeks. I kept refreshing and refreshing but not a single one would ever appear. Bear in mind I've seen the majority of videos on both channels. It was literally the same channels/videos appearing. It's as if Youtube doesn't get the hint that if I refresh the page, I'm looking for different videos. Instead, it never changes. It literally recommends the same videos for weeks on end when I have no interest in watching it.

Also, regarding the watch minutes section, I personally try to manipulate it. If I click on a video that I think deserves more attention but I don't want to watch it to the end, I'll just mute it and leave it running to the end. You might ask: "Why would you want others to watch it if you don't?" Well, it it's a producer I like but I'm not a fan of that particular song (e.g. not my genre), I still want them to get the attention they deserve and know others who like that genre will enjoy it.
Bill cipher XD
At around 10:00 in I forgot what he was trying to point out until around 15:00 when he said "YouTubes not broken WE ARE!" I was triggered at myself
What a load of BS, take a look at Pukdiepie now. He's pulling record views.
Ellis Undercuffler
wow I'm so confued I'm the problem
Waffle Bro
14:07 oh look he just made a illusion, when u focus on a corner of a button, youll see the other corners have dots between them
Grand Lotus
7:18 BILL CIPHER (obviously somebody else already noticed this)
Niki Playz Pokemon
Well it depends if it's romanatwood it's ClickBait but if not I'll give it a try
Smart Aleck Comedy
BOOM, huge dopamine.
When i got a shiny Pokémon i got like a 1000 crap tons of dopamine
We need more youtubers like MatPat that put loads of effort into their videos. Thank you MatPat for making great, entertaining videos.
C Rosenkranz
At 9:32 I can tell that's romanatwood
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