Game Theory: The REAL Reason YouTube is Broken

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Is YouTube Killing Pewdiepie? ►►
Fake News, the Real EVIL! ►►

"Okay MatPat, so if YouTube isn't Killing Pewdiepie's Channel what is?!" I hear you screaming at your computer. And to that I have one thing to say - YOU ARE! That's right you're to blame. But before you rage quit and storm off never to watch my videos again - let me explain.

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tom mike
A GAME theory and a FILM theory in THE SAME DAY ?!?! God had truly bless us !!
Isaac Kachinski
you are correct
There are also channels struggling because youtube has initiated a Family friendly problem. There are youtubers out there who arent exactly family friends but People watch their videos and they get the watch time but youtube isnt paying them. they take away the ad revenue because of it. isnt this also a an issue between channels dropping and losing money because of this factor because youtube is instituting new rules and its screwing over people who are being forced to change not only the video but who they are behind their channels.
Suskai constellation
hhessssss soooo righhghghghghty
TheLazerians DT
Lol that random bill cipher XD
king art
Aiden Smith
Its funny, because the next recomended video has pewdiepie and h3h3 in the title. Well played mat, well played.
legend drex
So.....I don't watch my favourite youtuber soften if they have lots of videos(so I can slowly burnt through them and never feel alone)
what is this example I don't get it lol 9:00
Owen Robinson
matpat I'm seeing a pattern with everything you do now you sir need help with this Cola problem
Owen Robinson
aww mad Pat what are you thinking you should give Humanity more credit then you're giving you ignoramus!
Tylor Harris
did everyone miss Bill's apperance
Jack Dillihunt
huh, it just said that this was deleted a Minuit ago, then it said it wasn't deleted
You should make a third chanel about real life, called LifeTheory.
wierd things you wil watch
10 points to Gryffindor😐 No 10 points to slytherin 😍😍
Gamer X 13
If u keep drinking Diet Coke you could get Parkinson's like Michel J. Fox because of the fake sure.
Are you trying to tell me I'm only here because I'm too tired to find anything else? You are right if you said yes... totally worth sticking around tho
Bobbie Jo
big shots
Bobbie Jo
yes blame yourself shame on u. pew
Sathornet Fire
now this explain jackseptieye channel growth
I learned after to getting burned by clickbait so often I don't get hurt from not finishing a video
Nicolas Marrero
Mat pat, you ruined me. Too much truth. I knew all this was inherent in human behavior, but god damn you went deep. Thank your for doing this, but also, you're the worst.
Omar Chaudhry
This became an episode of Brain Games
H. Bagley
Felix can do whatever he wants at this point
so this is something else: 24,000 views and 27k likes
Peri Edits
OH MY GOD, Robert Saposkly is the guy who leads stage crew at my school!! I literally freaked out when I saw him on the screen. He's a cool guy.
the craft king #1
they need to delete YouTube altogether and started from the ground up every single video and YouTube channel will gone along with all those garbage ones as well all channels like PewDiePie we'll slowly climb back to their original popularity but those garbage channels I'll give you cancer instantly taken down by YouTube never see the light of day again
haha 9:30 Scotty sires volgs
been a pewds fan since 2013 but recently unsubbed because the cringe is getting unbearable
Christopher Tan
hi mat pat.
Death boy
Found the illuminatti already.
is it normal for me to not feel anything with the two musical examples? and is it normal that I'm fine most of the time with things not being 'resolved'?
do you think pewdiepie watches these?
Dark Energy
Is it me or does mat really look like Steve from stranger things?
Katester the Greatster
1:55 you should have had Bromance playing in the background.
fazeed kotta
Unresolved huh..? I could've sworn I remember hearing that in a FNAF video....
I don't get taken in by clickbait on youtube. I get taken in by clickbait news articles...

I'm only 18 :S
Stevie Wu
Kian Tube365
If A One Story Ends another One Begins(Twitch)
LolaAphelion 12
At least you don't lie...
James Murray
10 points to gryffindor
Anthony Wolf
Maybe a good way to solve this is to give bonuses to videos people watch to the end and then like once they've watched it. It may avoid the influence of the dopamine hit before a video and instead take the influence of the hit that comes after watching a good video. It won't solve the click bait unwraps and "maybe" problems but it maybe it'll boost the good videos from vlogbrothers and The Game Theorists <- (notable incentive right there).
Man Squad
pretty good theory
Stevie Wu
YouTube theory part DEUX LOL!!!
Seawping Pipatsattayanuwong
I think you should make Youtube Theory
Zamuthe Gamer
illuminati comfirmrd👁
11:35 - Subtle, but I noticed it. Neat.
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