Spectacular footage Train plowing through deep snow Arthurs Pass


Kiwirail attempting to plow a route through to Christchurch today from Arthurs Pass made for some spectacular images.  07 June 2012

I want to drive the train......
Zen Allred
there's something good
Bandara Vamsy
Heet Shah
Did anyone notice driver throwing out some snow which may have entered the engine at 1:42😂😂
Awesome video, looks like fun ! :)
Oz Outback Family
How cool is this!
antonio carlos megazorkiyee cardoso
Josh Daniel
railroads need to be automated. passengers can't ride on these things because they'll freeze or starve to death.
To bad the advertisment banner on the screen for over two minuets...............
I did not subscribe just for that single reason actually n normaly I wood have.
hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah :) :) :) :) :) :)
reynald bonilla
Malik Arshad
khosh raho
The water
I want one
Jennifer Ray
It's amazing the train engineer can even see the tracks under all that snow.
Top Nitro
Johnny Pea
it seems reckless to drive a train that fast with snow blocking engineer's view (drive it into the ditch)
That train is coming through, and it does not care. :P
Typical New Zealanders.
Pokemon GO
So satisfying
why are there so many dislikes? I mean... WHAT DO YOU EXPECT!?!
that must be pretty interesting not being able to see the tracks as you plow through.
Henry Williams
Looks like when I lost my virginity, plowed right through that white stuff
Franz Fassl
Franz Fassl
tolle aufnahmen. bravo.
Paul Meir
Thanks for the upload. An above average train/snow video. Well done!
ULTRA_SD70ace Productions
0:18 where's the GoPro
Mister Zero
that train and the engineer are beyond despicable. the snow needed a damn home because the gov't won't let them go on Section 8, and this is what you do to them.
joe woodchuck
I wonder if the train driver even feels the extra load when it hits the heavier stuff.
Trump train plowing through snowflakes.
john smith
very irresponsible driver
perro negro
expresso polar!!!
Anthony Siriphong
Adrian Neils
Don't they have snow plows that sit in front of the first prime mover? Here in the states, that is forbidden. It's an accident waiting to happen. The plow guide can see way above all that snow. Rails or not , a diesel unit can still jump the tracks. It looks like a total gas until someone dies.
Gregory J
great vid
خالد علي
Jonatan Eriksson
Cool Video
Right. British trains are cancelled when theres 1cm of snow. This is deep snow and the train doesnt give a fu**
Fuuuk me bro - I thunk I need sum fush un chups now Ay!
Awesome video! What month of the year did this happen? I'm from the USA. I know that the seasons in New Zealand are reverse.
Marta Kuliffayová
Gurpreet Grewal
TriState Forestry Service
Trump Train blasting through little liberal snowflakes! Choo Choo!!
kiwi rail on the ball😃
Chris Wildman
the weight and power of those things are insane
Very cool. I wonder if we have trains like that here in Canada.
Anthony HT
Lost camera in 3,2,1 at 0:18! But you found it 10 minutes later if we've seen the footage I guess
jordan rader
01:10If he hit someone he wouldn't e even know
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