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The Toy Testersrrsls
You are the best baseball highlight YouTuber
Reynaldo De La Cruz
Hello Fellow Haters
Pudge Rodriguez with the Marlins catch to win the championship is legendary... not on this video
msantos .securimed
0:26 Nice fingernails... they must be to better signal the pitcher...
Seymour Whitetail
2:30 dude was safe
Mike Taquino
On the play where LoDuca tagged out Kent and the other runner, does the right fielder get an assist on the second out as well? Guess the same thing could be asked about the old replay with Carlton Fisk.
daniel west
ball full-time planning coat spanish comprehensive pursue load portion heat.
Dom Din
I love you 🤢
Ball 4 my ass😂😂
Cheddar Pants
Fisk tagged the second runner with an empty glove - the ball was in his other hand...
hahaha Molina is in 90% of these
bram van coevorden
sorry daughter tennis rating way.
Phil Bowman
Mats Granqvist
It's almost like sports, but for retards
As a batter, believing you´ll get intentionally walked with 2 strikes already, thats pretty naive. At least be in position.
Emily Fox
When you carry the team as Zenyatta.
I agree with others, you are THE top highlight page on YT. There is one where Mauer reached around the webbing behind home to catch a pop out too.
That last
Jimenez Lai
buck martinez
that pitch to Bench was way outside anyway... the ump blew that one!
great video
Donald Parlett jr
I didn't realize they allowed "stickem' " in baseball
you could make this whole video and then some if you just did Pudge Ivan Rodriquez highlight -GOAT catcher
Zachary Arnold
What is the deal at 1:58 I don't understand how people were called out?
pepe salas
En todos los deportes hay jugadas chidas
blanco perla
Entonces si el le tira y es bola es out maldita pelota del diablo 😂😂😂😂😂
Alex Kennard
The catcher painted his nails it just makes me feel wierd
Brooks Adamson
SMH!!! My fellow white people all run the same...legs moving super fast...arms flailing about and head tilted back towards the sky like you're praying to Jesus that it's almost over lol
can't do things like this any more since they don't have to throw the 4 balls for an int walk.
Pablo Maldonado
Y pensar que yo odiaba este deporte y hoy lo amo!!!
The Sarge
That next to last play the dude was sooo safe.
2:14 landed in foul territory
배에 달라붙은거 디게 웃기네.
Even baseball highlights are boring
TJ Productions
0:15 this catcher is so dirty
Ali Bomaye
I come from Scotland where ther is no such thing as baseball. I had known only three baseball players names for some unknown reason. Babe Ruth, Lou Gerhig and Mickey Mantle. I seen a copy of Babe Ruths biography, thoroughly enjoyed it, added the other two aforementioned players...superb. Bit of research and Ty Cobb was added, utter bastard but a great read. So one thing leads to another and now i'm watching this game on youtube. Don't really understand the stats but incredible viewing and no mistake. Anyone got good recommendations about baseball biography/autobiography. Would be much appreciated from a guy in a non baseball land.
Kevin Grier-Bruce
Wow. Terrible major leaguers. Why would they try to walk you with two strikes on? Fuckin retards
ralph sampson
I know I'll catch hell for this but, I don't think a player should be able to land outside of the playing field while catching a foul ball or home run. The catcher near the end of his video makes a great catch and continues to flip over the rail and lands in the dugout. Great catch but, he is not in the playing field any longer. Yes, I understand it's legal. It's just not right.
Ben Clabaugh
how do you not have the brian harper play? Come on!
Douglas Coleman
I wonder why it stuck to his chest protector...cough, cough, ahem...look at the pitcher's mitt, neck, whatever...
Jorge Ceja
the last one was so great 😂😂
and all those snippets where the apex of the game.. that's it... boring ass game to watch
Catcher tags two guys out with mitt and has the ball in the other attention
Chris Martin
Where's Mauer's play against the Yankees where he fakes the throw to first and comes back and dives to get the runner at home
MIKEcrafter89 TeamLA
Unforgeteable? :'v

Así me salió la notificación Xddd
Ivan Rodriguez to win the championship with the Marlins....
Ryan Hendrickson
Good video but you missed one of the best ones. Brian Harper's off the pitcher, diving up first baseline bare handing it and throwing the runner out at first.
Silvia Pelin
WOW beautiful
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