My Teachers


If you're a teacher and you're reading this I just want to say, good job and you should tell all of your students to subscribe. Another thing, on twitter people have sent me pictures of them watching my video in front of the whole class and I think that's really cool. (also it robs me of like 30 views but whatever) 

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Sergio Castillo
Watch this video without audio I swear
[RgPx]AimbotKraken _
2:29 pokemon
GrumpyDragon 98
Funny stuff. You've earned a sub.
I told my teacher I wanted to be a base ball major and she said that would never happen I was crushed
Cringy Toes
I like math. xd
Jon Kendrick
I have an aunt that is a high school and she looked it up soooo ya
Athena G4210
im not trying to sound rude i love ur videos but u butchered half the numbers u counted
Andy Lu
Idol Mage
The rule is true, in my college, my classmates constantly brought it up and it happened a couple of times.
Christian Felten
My french teacher is garbage too!! I FEEL YOU BRO!!!
Krunchy 7
I hate math but if you were my math teacher i would love math 😸
Swoosh !
2:58 Math is a wonderful thing
Math is a really cool thing
So get off your ath, lets do some math
Math, Math, Math, Math, Math...
The Lia show
i can count to 20 and know the alphabet in french
Lps mythical creatures Castillo
Door in French is port not portal I have a French teacher and she said it's port not portal look it up
Hamilton Trash
I would love math if you were my math teacher
Noah Fraere
u forrgot to say wear ur seatbelt in '' My Thoughts on Sports
Magical Music
That rule is fake
Allie G
yas you is a lefty! I’m not alone
It's timtom
Oryon Rosales
CASSerole dish
0:47 you see it?
Gravity Antity
2:07 Unexpected

Help me im dieing of laughter xDDDD
The weird orange thing is GARFILD!
I honestly loved math class it was the only class I enjoyed because all the math teachers were actually good at their job/interesting and were good teachers
Natsu x Joker
Quatre. You forgot the R...
Alexia Art
2.7 or 4m
Live stream Universe
If you were my teacher I would love school
Swag Master 9,000
Pause at 2:49
Fake Name
3:28 - Did you look this up, or do you simply speak French?

3:32 - We're no strangers to love | You know the rules and so do I

3:41 - My name is Jeff | French pineapples shouldn't be on pizza | "puh-leeze" (extremely badly spelled "please")

3:43 - According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way a bird should be able to fly... (Bee movie script)
Tadiwa Mhiripiri
3:32 searched
Carter Browning
U can not leave school after 15 minutes
Nick Shannon
Cathal the psycho
Almost 5mil
LeGo TTitan
Were you in Technoblade's French class?
Jason Vorheese
Who saw the 420 at begining
Kathy Jobes
I would study for math test if u were my math teachr
Dragon Ball Family Kamehameha
Lol Mr.Batman
Valeria Falcon
I took French and I hate my French teacher.... it must be all French teachers
But no one will probably read this or care about it
Jameson Crawford
I’m in French
Alice Madison
Omg 2.26 wooow great interpretation XD

Justin birb
Ed Shearing
Rossome 10
I used to think that the teachers bed was in the class closet.
Esperanza Cervantes
Twa means 2
Jenny Gamer
I kinda wanna be a teacher when I grow up😅 and I think it's easy😅
Kawii Wolf
Who else also wishes James could go to “work” in his pajamas 😏😏😏😍😋😋
Why does James sometimes draw himself as right handed and in others he draws himself left handed. He is left handed
Diana Marshall
I wish you were my math teacher
Jerry Diaz
Jesus Simental
Rice Noodle
I wish you would work in your pajamas too, Papi.
It is you Tim Tom
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