My Teachers


If you're a teacher and you're reading this I just want to say, good job and you should tell all of your students to subscribe. Another thing, on twitter people have sent me pictures of them watching my video in front of the whole class and I think that's really cool. (also it robs me of like 30 views but whatever) 

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Dipper Pines
Jacob Bohan
I'd love school more if math was illegal
My teacher does live at the school he uhh lives in a building on the grounds same as my principal it strange
Maybe he's dead
The 15 minute rule is true

If your a collage
space hoes
what grade will u teach
Kaka Brawijaya
Abuse To Humans

note: This comment is copied
Chelsea Gonzalez
ME TOO! My favorite teacher was my 11th grade AP US History! 😂😂😂
Timberwolf 43
James did you go to school with Jaden from Jaiden animations
Amelia M-R
I la la la la love maths
Rojdar A
2:07 Lol
_Anime Girl_
I love all my teachers♡♡♡ Especially my math teachers
Autumn Owens
My math teacher rules, I can eat, and play my phone anytime in class, and it helps I'm in honors math, and it is my first hour. So my breakfest is usauly hot cheetos
Google Koda
I feel the same dude

i love math
Adrian K
This was made on my birthday
Brett Thurston
I’m staring community college on Monday, scale of 1-10 how much does it suck
silvia Medina
He's at 4 million
silvia Medina
Bro he's at 4 million
Rachel Dun
Ed Shearing
Potato Neighbor Tim Tam
My best teacher HAS TO BE my fourth grade teacher. Man, she was great, she just got out of college when she taught me, but the next year she went to teach in a different school ;-; saddest day of my life when I found out.

But now I have a crappy 5th grade teacher who knows absolutely nothing and is having her wedding as we speak (probably not but I just wanted to sound cool and she's probably on her honeymoon or something BUT ANYWAYS) and now we have a substitute teacher who is in her 80s (I think) and used to be my neighbor when I was super tiny. (like, memory of a goldfish tiny, like, baby tiny) and I still have the memory of a goldfish, not even a goldfish! A GOLDFISH CRACKER! (No one steal my goldfish line, I'M WATCHING YOU RANDOM PERSON WHO'S HOPEFULLY NOT MY STUPID FIFTH GRADE TEACHER OR MY SUBSTITUTE TEACHER!) so I already forgot what the homework was for this weekend. BAI RANDOM PERSON WHO HAD TO ENDURE THE PAIN OF ME SPEAKING!
Lindsay Heath
The other day I played a clip of my singing and my dad, not knowing it was me, scoffed "That was AWFUL! They murdered the song. Unless that was you, Lindsay. In which case Ioved it" and then chuckled. I chuckled nervously and said "OF COURSE that wasn't me!"
bead of sweat rolls down forehead
James becomes a goat* USE THE CAPTIONS
Kim Monaghan
believe clutch Gaming
Emily's Room
Math is hard.
So is life.
Get over it.
1:15 he sounds kind of like Sasuke......... any Otakus out there?
Braydon Nelson
If you like this comment I will give you $50
Sarah hernandez
i use to think mt teacher lived at school to.Lol
Matthaios Kouzoukas
I hate my French teacher too
Jimmy Quinto
Dude I love you
Z Bromley
My maths teacher is evil
Ximi_is_amaze 1123
Door isn't portal it's Porte
Mason Deters
anyone notice how the choir song was rick rolling us?
Newzealandgamer7 347
Princess Vanessa
2:06 i couldn't stop laughing
Isabella Animations
Isabella Animations
“It's irresponsible to leave after 15 minutes. If someone does that, it's an excuse for them not to go to class.” Follow FAU's advice: If your professor is late to class, the students are expected to stay unless the professor informs them of a class cancellation
Princess Vanessa
i couldn't stop laughing at 2:06
RIP 69-420
djpikachu 1950
10 in French is deece
Eric Juen
the rule that you can leave within the first 15 mins of the teach not showing up is not true in austria.
That's why i had to stay for 8 hours streight in school without a teacher to be in calss.
i don't even know why no teacher showed up.
Haha even in Germany there os ALWAYAS someone speaking of that 15 minute rule. Now, I nearly finish school and still dont kno whether that rule is true....
3:27 je sais simplement parlé français
Mr Batman
HELLO JAMES, How are you?
Evan Hansen
wildest reactions
Don't worry James your not the only one who doesn't know sh*t in French I also had people with the same living conditions and they knew more French than me
Sophie Wysocki
Lmao kids say the teacher show up in 15 minutes thing here
Eli If the DMV
My subway sandwich

Steak and Cheese
Toasted (Obviously)
Banana peppers

Chipotle Southwest
Oil and Vinegar
Zacharie Biollo
I speak French and i laughted beacause he's so bad at i.
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