My Teachers


If you're a teacher and you're reading this I just want to say, good job and you should tell all of your students to subscribe. Another thing, on twitter people have sent me pictures of them watching my video in front of the whole class and I think that's really cool. (also it robs me of like 30 views but whatever) 

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Mei Itsugaki
"I wish I could work on my pijamas" man you're so hot :ok
LOL! I'm English and in primary and I have the same teacher!!!
John Laurens
Who else got really happy when the puppet said"I wanna make a musical!" Like the best video bit ever
Trinity Wilkins
Don't look vv

jelly rex
please teach me math james
3:33 "We're no strangers to love, you know the rules. And so do I."
cat lover
I also love math
cat lover
is this bad I'm meant to b learning Spanish but... I know all French... and not a single word in Spanish I DONT EVEN TAKE FRENCH CLASSES
Maylin Tinal
James that myth is true. You can leave. But you probably shouldn't because grades and education and junk
If my math teacher said that i would do the homework and my buddies and put my name on both
Jovin Foo
my teacher literally lives in the school...
Study in the ph its fun
Kamiya Williams
so I will see them in fifth grade I die noooooo😖
Kamiya Williams
so my old school was bad kids was mean and they said that I'm a drama queen I hate the school so bad like you can even live it
Juggernaut 797
In year 7 I had a math teacher and she actually helped me improve my grades and get me back not the AVID program, btw AVID isn't for retards.
ED bat Kid ED
> _<
Mistah Windy
4:57 Hey look it's JaidenAnimations :P
the harded test in school 1 got a 4
Take a shot everytime he says i
Magi drag
My writing teacher told us to finish our book
yo, I also got a 3 on APUSH
Kamiya Williams
so I went to a New school I have more friends and I'm popular now and I fit in😄😄
Going Ham
Yeah I can see for a fact that you didn't learn jack from french class, nice google translation there.
Vilmos Chia
The shirt of the teachers always remain the same haha (except for mr Batman )
lmao rick roll in french 3:32
Mystic Midget
Is that Jaiden in the back at 4:53???
MagicalUnicorn Fanells
the background in 2:26 beeoncie ed shearing oh lord XD
Dan Wolf
Math isn't hard I actually like it also my teacher said there was a hidden spot from kids and that is where she lives and my whole class believed her
I go to a prep school-Last year I had this math teacher who actually made me enjoy math...which is very hard to do--WE PLAYED DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS TO LEARN ABOUT PROBABILITY!!! One day he put all of the desks in a line and we had to solve one problem the entire class(took about 40 mins) and we had a party the last 10! In the middle of that class he pulled in my brother-who he didn't know and invited him to join us. I learned so much last year in the math department... he "resigned", but everyone thinks he was fired or something because all of his stuff is still in his room.
The MrKriller
Cake Cup cake
(< <)
Shelby Smith
I was watching this while my sister was in the shower and she got out in time to hear the part about French and then she just opened the door and calmly said "that made me very angry... the way he counted just then.." (she's currently taking French) and then she just showed you up counting to 10 correctly with an accent and everything
Russian Sharpie
All the teachers are the same or they're just other versions
heikki kuusela
I took french for 9 and 8 grade and it was so stubid. i didnt learn much and i hated it
UniSparkles ASMR
My math teacher is awesome! She's laid back and jokes around but still teaches us. Same thing with my history teacher.
UltraGamer 2k17
If this video hits 195,000 views Subscribe to my channel!!! Or give me a shoutout!!!!
Rose BloodRayne
You know what, math is my best subject and I enjoy it. But, my mom DESTROYED my dreams of being a math teacher. (; - ; )
Trevy Bee
My french teacher is like va au le page 270 a 370 me:Frick this will be a hard day students: whoohoo on ne fait beacoup i like bacan
Trevy Bee
the teacher 15 min thing is a myth look it up.
Don't look at my profile picture
I ain't stupid enough to believe my teacher lives at school when I was small...
Since our school has no beds, plus the bathrooms at school are nasty...
my math teacher is so amazing and everyone in my class agrees with me.
The Ancient Cat
4:57 jaiden
Harrison Shepherd
Trent Marshall
the 15-minute rule is true
Ottoman Mapping
Oui je sais parler français, but James don't hate france😭😭
GG Partner Plays
Great, james is more popular than jacksfilms now
Me in Spanish
Kaden B
Little Ms. Piper
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