5 HORRIFYING "Hidden Meanings" Behind Company Logos!

Top5unknownssubliminal messagescompany logossatanicthe elitethe new world orderthe illuminatiilluminatihidden messageshidden meaningstimberlandtimberland hanging treemarlboromarlboro kkkstarbuckslogoapplescarysubliminal

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All images were fairly used during the making of this video for educational purposes. We do not mean to victimize anybody emotionally.


5) Timberland Hanging Tree: http://goo.gl/HRmJuO http://goo.gl/0FTulu http://goo.gl/GuS6To

4) Apple Cyanide: http://goo.gl/KPxUbg http://goo.gl/A7wu34

3) Starbucks Mermaid: https://goo.gl/15A1ZP http://goo.gl/djuB2d

2) Marlboro KKK: http://goo.gl/IgxdEa https://goo.gl/450y7M

1) Satanic Subliminals: http://goo.gl/kC9Iuz http://goo.gl/PFFyXW

Music: Kevin MacLeod - Decisions

FUCK KKKπŸ”«πŸ”«πŸ”«πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―
Woshi Fatpig
your working for the devil because your famous and you have a logo
Stuart K. Seels
What a load of conspiritard bullshit!
Happy Maker
itΒ΄s just a tree..
All these logos have a secret meaning
6 6 6 = 18, 666 = 600 60 6. simple numerical system
I feel like almost of this list is bullshit. Except Starbucks. Maybe it is kinda true
Eshant Singhal
Great work, Mate!!
Joost Joziasse
Bullshit Alert
Bafomet is how it's pronounced. Sirens are birds not fish.
Rome Dep
Lmaoooo who is the moron that said the TIMBERland tree represents racist hanging πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Steven Shields
the apple logo is the apple that Eve bit the reveal the knowlege of good and evil.
Jarvis Tech
So stupid that they could get something racist from that timberland statement.
Pusheen Cat
Wow people sure are stupid. How about boycotting all products so you can just die and the rest of us who don't grasp at straws can continue on with our lives and enjoy our consumerism....
big hupp
if you have read anything of history of codes and alan turing it has been said everyone around him and the parents and law officials that turing was molesting young boys in the towns around where he worked. but he was so valuable to the military that it was hushed until they learned everything they could. before he had his lethal car crash. look it up. try the scientists responsible for breaking the four wheeled enigma german code machine. the code list named ultra.
Sean SeanPaul
a reason why they put 666 or occult images in logos is for 1 to glorify satan and 2 for communication to like minded people. the apple logo, the video didnt mention the adam and eve legend...factual legend. the music industry or alot of artist are deeply involved in satanism. one of satans gifts that was bestowed on him was...music. he was in charge of music. he is the most gifted musician in all of creation. there is much more to music than people realize. it has miraculous properties that can even heal alot of ailments, i guess has alot to do with vibration. we have heard that in heaven there is alot of music and singing and alot is due to praising and worship of God but it also creates extreme joy and pleasure. we have music here that can produce an euphoric feeling but it is greatly limited due to corruption so in a corruptionless enviroment it beyond any thing we can comprehend in our worldly mind. satan can use music to do the exact opposite. it may feel good but it can do bad things. it is a very powerful thing
mr td202
Jonathan J
Or the Apple Product can be an example of taking a bite off of the fruit from the tree of knowledge, seeing that allot of people the believe the fruit was an apple or resembled an Apple.
Nathaniel Winston
the timerland one is just a tree, nothing more
"the order of bapomet"
its pronounced bafuhmet
Intrinsically Me
I stay away from Starbucks.
Nice Job with the grey album at the end
Daniel Stephen Poster
poor narration.
K-pop Trashue
I see timberland= I think of jungkook= I click
I bet the Tims with the original lynching tree logo is pretty expensive!!
Mark Johanson
Why not mention that Starbuck was the name of a coffee addicted character in the novel Moby Dick?
GoldenFreddy240 Arceneaux
really. just really.
john rowan
Alan Turin, what the British government did to this man after the second world war with his enigma code findings and everything else he discovered. They should hang their heads in shame. This man gave us the tools to the world of computers and virtual reality and much much more to come. If you haven't seen the brilliant movie watch The Enigma Code.
Tezzy Boi
dam timberland logo fuck me ☝
Jakobie Window
apple SEEDs have cyanied in them πŸ˜‘
makes a logo of a circle with line in the middle
"Theories about the line in the (whatever) logo"
With a last name like Schwartz, can you expect for them to be in the KKK?
Platinum Plus
isn't that a Monterey baja tree?
Jack Maclean
why can't a logo just be a logo without some weird deplorable backstory. I don't buy any of this.
young skrilly
I thought timberlands were rapper timberlins footwear
levis wasnt on here
Rajesh Tewari
This was crap. Save yourself some time, and don't bother with this.
Emily Gordon
Shuby Duby Pro blackness
The Apple logo was most believable to me...They fulfilled his wildest dreams with what computers where able to go, plus subliminally protesting his cause to be gay at the same time.
Muhammed Ali
bible ... Eve taking bite of forbidden fruit ... which was apple... instantly become aware of right/wrong, nakedness, get kicked out of paradise ... logo symbolises apple products are forbidden fruit ...
LoKi Entertainment
This guy is horrible at Pronunciation .
Ian Stratton
Maybe every company that uses a tree as a logo is really using a lynching tree.. Trees? Racist. Everything? Racist.
Saul Gland
The Apple logo has a subliminal message of a demon or an alien and Steve jobs said that the logo meaning meant the forbidden fruit of knowledge,if you judge anyone or know the difference between good or bad you are playing god we all are sadly like is different when you are one with our creator ,this image you are in is god and all the atoms aswell everything in this creation is metaphysical but your consciousness varies from others with your openness and happiness don't be deceived by those who want to be god
666 is not the "mark of the beast"
6 neutrons 6 protons and 6 electrons = The carbon that makes melanin people skin brown
Idont Know
word to my timbs!!
Man. Pop filter. You can get one for less than $10. Please.
Brian Maiden
Another Apple logo theory is that the apple represents the Tree of Knowledge in the Garden of Eden, the bite being representing Eve (humanity) disobeying God's fascist withholding of knowledge at the behest of Satan, 'the Lightbringer'. (Bear in mind, all of the above are fictional characters / imaginary friends.)

There's also a theory that Steve Jobs is actually John Lennon, or a clone; YT is your. While you're at it look up 'Paul McCartney is Dead' - quite the rabbit hole ;)
Neo Tech
Deadass B
8:40 top right torch. Am I the only one who seea a face there?
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