5 HORRIFYING "Hidden Meanings" Behind Company Logos!

Top5unknownssubliminal messagescompany logossatanicthe elitethe new world orderthe illuminatiilluminatihidden messageshidden meaningstimberlandtimberland hanging treemarlboromarlboro kkkstarbuckslogoapplescarysubliminal

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All images were fairly used during the making of this video for educational purposes. We do not mean to victimize anybody emotionally.


5) Timberland Hanging Tree: http://goo.gl/HRmJuO http://goo.gl/0FTulu http://goo.gl/GuS6To

4) Apple Cyanide: http://goo.gl/KPxUbg http://goo.gl/A7wu34

3) Starbucks Mermaid: https://goo.gl/15A1ZP http://goo.gl/djuB2d

2) Marlboro KKK: http://goo.gl/IgxdEa https://goo.gl/450y7M

1) Satanic Subliminals: http://goo.gl/kC9Iuz http://goo.gl/PFFyXW

Music: Kevin MacLeod - Decisions

sergio roque
the shoe timberland came about for loggers ( axe men). Therefore u get timberlands.
Bobby Puedit
These hidden meaning make no sense you can make anything to be bad or satanic😑
Bubble Sisters
Wooww ITS A TREE 😑😑😐😐
marieke Elzer
roses are red
violets are blue
I'm here because of the thumbnail
and so are you
Optimus got slimed
timberland sucks dr martens only.
Zon Matic
King Sultan
oh would you look at that i actually made it to the end until shitting myself...
Rachel Lovelace
conspiracy theorists can find marshmallows in a pile of shit.
Rockers Abdirahman
likes I get a ps4
Rockers Abdirahman
my mum said if I got 2k
counrtney projectSNT
Lara McGowan
who else only thought of the hunger games when they hered hanging tree
Didldaj didldajdm
I'm watching this on the iPhone
Vel Thraytor
I like it how its usually the white people calling things racist, because black people don't give a fuck.
if you put 2 apple logos together its a clear picture of a alien..... look it up
Emily Stevens
The siren lures lonely white girls with her pumpkin spice
Hurricane Kaine
i love Tims. That person Had to have done something to get lynched. Tim did nothing wrong
John Nicholas
"DEADass Tims B"
Freddy Martin
30 second in and I'm like no not the timbs
everyone is way to pc now a days, every little detail sets some people off
Bro Graphics
The timberland thing is bullshit
Cra Speirs
jonny Harrison
What a load of bollocks
Rommel Maradiaga
This shhh bullshhhh The apple logo is bc Adam ate the shh
Peingun Dude47
the apple logo is not based on his death. there's a hidden phone in the bite and goes to the bottom
Carry The reaction
Are you are you coming to the tree ?
jerome williams
i don't care about unconfirmed rumors
Rafael Roman
This video is full of lies lol. All them logols are Satanist logos bruh...
Chris Namelast
you need help, sicko.
People who see racism everywhere are usually racists.
Karen Duncan
Hold on....you already discredited yourself at 1:11. That poem was NOT really by Maya Angelou. Please do your due diligence and learn the TRUTH. I can't even go any further watching this video.
Gladys Amato
first the 666 logo on some brands like Disney Janet their fault. Like Disney Walter Disney just wrote like that so it's not entirely his fault that he used to write like that
Gladys Amato
first the 666 logo on some brands like Disney Janet their fault. Like Disney Walter Disney just wrote like that so it's not entirely his fault that he used to write like that
Unidentified xox
Watches this video on my iphone OML DARK MAGIC! Baptises my phonePurchases some rice
Troy Bush
Apple is racist! Apples comes from trees, trees are used for making wooden stakes, and wooden stakes are used for killing vampires! THEREFORE Apple is admitting that VAMPIRES are real! and they hate them. and want to stake them.. Starbucks is the same with admitting, that Sirens are real and we should have a cup of coffee, and sex with them! THEREFORE Starbucks is promoting sex IE THEY ARE PIMPS!!! Oh and admitting that fairy tale creatures are real.
The Timberland one is some humor considering the black man loves them. Another funny thing is the black man calling himself nigger. This isn't racism for you baiting blunt skulls out there but rather an observation of this world, so don't even try. Relish these facts and make some changes. The one group of people that gets placed on a pedestal for constantly degrading itself. Let that sink in a moment.
fabulous Tae
The kkk in their fucking robes scare the shit out of me
Cadensa the Ocean queen
I'm on Apple!!
Daryl Owen
It is interesting to hear six six six at the end of the film just after clearing Phillip Morris of involvement in the KKK. The KKK was founded by a 33rd Degree Freemason who was regarded as the Pope of America in his time and is still regarded by Freemasons as one of the 3 Great ones. X in Greek pronounced Ksee corresponds with the numeral VI.
Haley DiTrapani
maybe.. apple's logo is an apple.. because.. the company.. is called.. apple...
Venny 84
Apple seeds actually have cyanide in them. But you'd have to eat twenty to die.
so this is where im confused. the shoes arent intended for people doing hiphop. sure there are more blacks than whites listening to hiphop but you dont need to be of that colour to simply like a style and doesnt therefor go against one skin colour in anyway. the only racist is the people asuming hiphop and dark skin has to be combined
The Default Guy
You wrote 5 Company Logos Conspiracy Theories/Allegations, Wrong.
I am a simple man.I saw Timb.I click the video.
"Our shoes are aimed at hard working people"= Racism
(On the Starbucks one)
You censored when you showed the old logo by itself but when you showed the picture with the two guys in front of it, it isn't censored.
blah blah blah
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