5 HORRIFYING "Hidden Meanings" Behind Company Logos!

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All images were fairly used during the making of this video for educational purposes. We do not mean to victimize anybody emotionally.


5) Timberland Hanging Tree: http://goo.gl/HRmJuO http://goo.gl/0FTulu http://goo.gl/GuS6To

4) Apple Cyanide: http://goo.gl/KPxUbg http://goo.gl/A7wu34

3) Starbucks Mermaid: https://goo.gl/15A1ZP http://goo.gl/djuB2d

2) Marlboro KKK: http://goo.gl/IgxdEa https://goo.gl/450y7M

1) Satanic Subliminals: http://goo.gl/kC9Iuz http://goo.gl/PFFyXW

Music: Kevin MacLeod - Decisions

Top 5 Unknowns
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Youngone1534 Young
This is a bunch of malarkey! Pure hearsay.
Good Shitt
Your voice reminds me of the kid who likes the games on my phone
The Apple was the fruit Lucifer used to deceive Eve, a fruit that God said not to eat under penalty of death, so he could tell her that what God said was not really true, that they would become like god's.

The universally accepted symbol of that encounter is the apple with a bite out of it.

Why did these guys name their company Apple, why is Apple's symbol an apple with a bite out of it, and why is Apple helping NSA and others track you, and record every thing you say, and every where you go, and all your postings?

Could it all be linked?
Benju Eme
I thought that the Apple logo is to represent how adam and eve bit the forbidden fruit
kristoffer nilsson
this is so fucked who actually believes what hes saying fucktard
Nick Houser
"I took a white bitch to Starbucks, that little bitch got her throat fucked"
The Dank Player
Dude if a guy died of food poisoning beacuse he ate an apple, that doesn' t mean that they got a inspiration of it, Jesus u ar really making it sound over dramatic
Chandler Pavlik
Timberlands. Hanging tree!!!........ or it's just a tree.......
The Naemes mosqueda
Timberland 1952-2010s
Apple 1976-2014
Starbuck's 1971-2013
Darren Clyde
Every signle one of these is bullshit.
Janet Gaurie
Ignorance and reverse racism.
David elwell
You lost me at timberland..i believe this in a way. But good god lmao.
Anthony Balat
The apple logo fact is false the true story of the apple logo is the bite in the apple represents the computer term "byte"
rylan hart
apple form the tree of knowledge??????????????????????????????????
Paul Smith
Fuck this was shite wish i hadnt clicked it,utter nonsense every single one
Diogo Azevedo
Terry Jeacock
How come you differentiate the general populous into African Americans and White? Surely in today's world we can say 'Black and White'?
Regarding the Apple logo... the bite in the apple is purely to demonstrate size - showing its an apple and not a cherry - nothing else. I believe even Steve Jobs when asked about the Turing rumour stated that he 'wished' they has thought of that, but it isn't true.
Eduardo Aguayo
Fuck yeah I'm going to buy timbs💯💯💯🔥
Leonard Branch
He said Lynchings were done on law breakers. Here we see how we get misinformed, especially by Covert White Supremacists.
The nike swoosh is racist because racists make a "swoosh" sound as they walk.
Stephen Hill
Please buy a pop screen for your microphone.
Crazy Wolf
black people will say anything is racist.
Your mouth is too close to the mic pal
Never seen so much bs in one video lol
David Irvine
Best Buy some timberlands
Rricardo White
srary as hell fuck it,s 3:08 am satan hour
Sam Castrejon
The Starbuck siren is actually a smart idea. Once you try their coffee you can't go back to regular coffee. Was I the only one who saw this?
Wired different
Sirens are mermaids before they where made kid friendly
Awesome Animations 101
I know this is 100% irrelevant, but whoever subs to me I'll sub to you with 5 accounts :)
Awesome Animations 101
Nice video.
formerly 987946216430
Monitors are racist because it takes less time to load a completely white webpage...
dwayne Coleman
even this channel is too you didn't have to call out the numbers upon fin
Stephen Ireland
Apples first computer sold for $666.66The apple with a bite taken, represents Adams fall and mans inherited sinful nature:(
This is all such bullshit, as any Satanic boogeyman only has context within a Christian belief system...666 from the Christian Book of Revelations (written by the prisoner John) refers to the Emperor Nero...
Really, 'Timberland' mean Timbuhluhh. Horrifying
Whooz Ahnfirst?
Thanks for the info. I'm buying a couple pairs of Timberland's tomorrow morning.
Ja'Corey Noil
that racism shit make me sooo fucking mad💯💯💯😤😤😤🚫🚫
casie goodman
David Johnson
look at the tree pause the video now find the letters in the branches
all dis kkk shit got me scared
yo dis almost mad me shat my self because m black and all i saw was kkk members.
Drew Weidman
this video is trash
The KKK and Satanic claims tell more about the US culture than anything else I'd say.
Edwin Fox
Ridiculous video! You called Baphomet (Baff-O-Met), Bap-Hamet and pronounced Deity (Dee-et-ee) as Diety (Diet-e). Also 6:44 look how tiny that ashtray is!
Thomas Blevins
When saying you want to sell to a group of hard working people becomes racist you know that blacks are aware of how hard they actually work lul
saad al ghul
if the timberland logo is racist why include the amount of white people hung being mentioned? surely white peple cant be racist against whites
Dern Vader
The symbolism is how the ultra-elite communicate with each other. You don't have to know another's language to understand the symbolism.
jimmy b
The first one is completely wrong, the logo is a tree because the company's name is TIMBER-land...
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