Here's how many "banned" refugees have entered the US under Trump

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Federal judges blocked President Trump's revised travel ban. The ruling was the second time Trump's travel ban was blocked by a federal judge, dealing a blow to one of the president's biggest campaign promises. The revised travel ban would have shut down the US refugee program for 120 days and barred citizens from six majority-Muslim nations. Here's how many refugees have entered the US during Trump's first seven weeks. 


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David Rose
Did you see that Saudi Arabia wasn't on the list? The Muslim country that cuts off heads and imprisons women from other countries that don't obey their laws? Oil oil oil!!!!! America gets their oil there. Who rushed in to "save" Kuwait in the gulf war which started a chain of events to cause the Muslim world to detest the USA and hate them.
why are these muslim's going out of there way to smuggle themselves in a country were there clearly not wanted makes no sense but yet again islam makes no sense
أكثر خنفشاري فاضي
its amazing that you have a system that doesn't give a single person an idiot in this case absolute power to do whatever he wants.
bret you
he said we'd be winning, but donald is so successful, i don't get it , he said we'd get tired of winning but he keeps losing, maybe he isn't who he presented himself to be? maybe a quick Google search would reveal his not so successful past and who's been financing his ventures since '09, duetchbank, Chinese investors, hmmmm?oopps
Moises Munoz
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