alexandra janiszewska
Okay, not all demons are bad.

I'm a witch and have been for a long time now, and I've discovered a lot of things, like how many other witches have demons as spirit companions. There are higher and lower demon realms, and the lower demons are the ones that are considered "bad" because they're the ones that leech of off negative energy and cause very negative emotions in humans.

The higher demons are more intelligent, for lack of a better word. They aren't as negative as the lower realm demons, and they don't necessarily feed off negative energy or life force. Though I have yet to speak to any higher realm demons myself, others I know and trust have, and some demons are apparently comprehensive and pleasant to be around.

Then again, I suppose it does only matter in what you believe, because it's in fact impossible to convince any Christians or Catholics that this is, in fact the case, because of what the bible says.

I used to believe in one God and satan, and be Catholic growing up. I am now, however, Pagan. The Hellenistic branch of Paganism, mixed in with some elements of Wicca and worship of Slavic Deities.

But I'll say it again, Not all demons are bad.

Ps: I am NOT saying my religions are correct and others aren't, but religion is how you see the world and I just ask you all to potentially /entertain/ the thought that this is, indeed, correct and that not all demons are "bad">
Catt Marlene
lol @ the person who said Ouija isn't pronounced like "squeegee". if you did your research, you would know that it is lol
Emily Gaskill
What happened to horselys corner?!?
Lauren Anderson
Wednesdays were always the worst day of the week...smack dab in the middle. Hump day. Then this came along and made the day so much better. <3
To me, I feel like the spirit box is pretty legit
ujico L.
Shane is absolutely hilarious and it’s entertaining to watch his reactions where he’s all skeptical, but I go Ryan with Ryan with believing in ghosts/demons and aliens. I dunno if I’m a boogara or shaniac lmao
Mike Caparbi
gotta speed that spirit box up
Alan Pyne
Look at it this way, Shane. You're +1 in the bridge category!
Crossroads AK47
really ! hearing steve , bright and FUCKIN GOATMAN over the radio
, sure purely coincidental
"Oui" = Yes (in French)
"Ja" = No
So, Ouija Boards are simply
"Yes No" Boards
Mister No One
new ship: Shyan
bcuz my life is a mess and I need it
Cheearra Esquerra
Popcorn and a Pickle. ☺️
“Do not @ me!” LMFAO!
What episode was the sallie house
What's with all this racism from Ryan to demons like come on give them a chance lol what's the worse they could do... kill you??? lol
P Burkhammer
Are the books behind you on the bookshelves placed specifically because the one behind Ryan's head says Satanic Verses, why do you need that?
Katie Paige
Ok but did anyone see the thing that moves past shanes hair at 3:41?
James Watts
Shane is simply more intelligently viable than the mentally feeble Ryan.
Derick Robinson
How have returned here im SCARED
Amy Jones
Where's Detective Horsley? Bring back Horsley Corner!
Chintara Divaa
00:03 look at shane's expression, Illuminati confirmed!!
Anyone else notice the orbs flying above Shane's head at 4:14?
Colette Stone
"We're not gonna talk about pickles in the pond again."
Again. AGAIN.
Colette Stone
I never noticed that the books on the right side of screen are color coded.
Quay Whitehurst
all demons are evil, I didn't know Ryan is a racist
i love shane with facial hair
Mauricio Gamez
I was there a few weeks ago. I live like 3 minutes from this place. You do hear a lot of creepy things around there.
The moonlight tiger
Ryan: we’re not a couple.
Me: you’re not a couple...yet.
Also I don’t know what you’re talking about. Goat mans bridge? It’s SHANES bridge!!
Vicki Cupper
Ok, wasn't expecting Shane to be so damned hot in those glasses.

Yeah, it's "weejee".
Elisse Bonifacio
I have a theory what about the goat man was a SHEEP!!!!
I've heard you're supposed to pronounce it like a compound of "oui" (French for "yes") and "ja" (German for "yes")
Aimee Eve
“Now it seems like we’re a couple, we’re not a couple”

Welllllllll now it seems like your a couple but whateverrrrrr 😂
Kendall Victoria
Jordan Shipley
shane is actually correct, there are deer out there! if only i knew you guys were filming over there i would've come and said hello! i live 5 min from there!!
Lazy Potato
Michelle Mendoza
Romy Elise
Anyone else notice the "satanic verses" book behind Ryan? They're asking for it...
RaBBit here are the behind the cenes this is fake
Martina Valla
I thought it was the police radio - and guys they were just saying there was someone on the bridge... yes, you!
Amaryllis Vnk
You guys need ur own channel
Re wolf
In 3:20 and out 3:40 what's that thing flying near the guy with glasses? Or it's just this video's edit? Seems too big for dust particle, and too slow for flying bugs.
Sam Pingali
Weird random white spot flies over Shane's head at 3:40
lillian gahan
'that made it seem like we're a couple. we're not a couple' .................ok.
Flazé Da
Ryan knows nothing about demons and that's hilarious.
Dean Strydom
Use the ghost box at Ryan's house to see how many ghosty-bois are squatting there
Fuck Off
There's no way this Ryan hasn't seen Supernatural
Savannah Pentecost
"Ryan and Shane: Scary Gaming"
I'm really surprised these guys are not haunted by now tbh.
Sharon Soo
Ethan Breton
ever war identify nnuzy expression so-called entire representative let.
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