Goldberg says goodbye ... for now: Raw Talk, April 3, 2017 (WWE Network Exclusive)

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One day after his earth-shattering match at WrestleMania, Goldberg bids farewell to the squared circle for the time being, courtesy of the award-winning WWE Universe.


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jawahar singh
nice Goldberg
A.C.A.B 1312
It's the son of Goldberg?
Max Palmer
I know whats gonna happen. just like another wcw legend sting. hes gonna leave the night after mania and return the night after summerslam and get inducted in the hall of fame the next year.
Kushal Kumar
miss you Goldberg .goodbye .
Izen Syke
Something tells me Goldberg would make a great Fast and Furious character
Sardarzubairuniverse ibrahim
Sir Goldberg we miss U
Your real legend
Alpesh Solanki
A gentleman......
Andri Jatnika
1:43 i'm laughing 😂
Gortex Method
He will come back if they double his pay
Ahmad Azad
Goldberg Come Back At Samrslam 2017
Poker Carmona
old wwe
Ngawai Hohepakopa
dab dab dab boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
MEGA Cupcake56
I want to slap his kid. nothing against him. just the dab. why
Mohamed Mustafa
0:53 that dab might end Goldberg's career
It's pretty evident how much WWE really despises Goldberg. Couldn't even give the man a proper send off. They had to wait until after the show, and off air. And you know as long as HHH is there, Goldberg will never get the true recognition he deserves. Petty. Kicking out of spears is fine. But kicking out of his Jackhammer (after three spears, and one big spear through a wall)? Now you're just pissing on the man's legacy. I also find it strange that they ended him against the guy he had to beat twice already (thrice if you count the Rumble), who also just happened to look of the Aryan variety, ending Jewish Goldberg with 10 German suplexes. Just sayin' ...
JAX 09
0:52 Canceeeeeeeeeeer
Sadiq Iqbal
I have stopped watching WWE after WM 33. Not even watched single episode of RAW and SMACKDOWN since last 2 weeks. No more interest after the retirement of undertaker and goldberg. 20 years of my journey with WWE has ended on 3rd April 2017..
Roy Vasquez
good. bye
Sabira Shaikh
Stefan Ghilan
Goldberg suck
Sarv Meet
goldberg please come back....
R.I.P Goldberg
1996-1997 (WCW)
1998-2004; 2016-2017 (WWE)
Goldberg is a TRUE & HUGE legend.
Levi Guillen
Even though Goldberg left WWE he will always be my idol and I respect him
Laque Hunter
goldberg only sayim good bye because wwe made him lose at wrestlemania. how lame is that 😒😒😒
Santosh Pawar
Goldburg wish you happy retirement life bcz nothing is permanent your failure and win also if wann call 7977704488
king of kings
now : goodbye goldberg
then : goodbye jericho
Shreyan Pillai
GOLDBERG is the best he sholud bee back agian and say
whos nxt!
sohail nawaz
he is biggest fool of the planet who wasted his peak time of 10years coz of eggo and now when he is just a piece of meat and oldie, he came back for nothing....
he was the only real wrestler who can destroy anyone in its Brock's time dude go n try hard for more such absent minded kids...
mohd kashif
match fixing
Seth Rollins
Who Will Be Next Someone Who Has Not Wrestle In Maybe 9 Years Or 7 Years Or Maybe 5 Years It Could Be A Surprise Return.........................................................................
Dany. CDM7
0:52 most cringest moment ever
Rahul schon
Goldberg is still in lead 2-1 and a royal rumble elimination
Kenneth Creton
im gonna miss him to
Gwalior SISCO
gandu pad gay kya
aman kanojiya
Goldberg goldberg
shekhar yadav
miss u... goldbrg.....
anmie enthusiast
I am definitely a Goldberg fan as I was the rest of the Goldbergs hands I would be chanting everytime Brock Lesnar comes out 3 to 1 and saying but Goldberg you know because Paul Heyman opened his stupid little mouth and said when Brock Lesnar beat something to say but Goldberg but how does that make sense since he's 3 to 1 it doesn't make sense it's still but Goldberg if I was the rest of happy kitten that just to piss lesnar and rub the fact in their face and make me realize how stupid they sounded for saying that because when they say that after he's won 3 to 1 it makes no sense so why don't the fan to do that just to piss them off
Hameedullah Khan
when he dabed I cringed
Pitch Black Python
i have a feeling he will be back
Ahmadsaeed Habibzai
a ture champion
Iman Afshar
dont leave
David Meni
was this not televised?
Help Me Get 5K Without Videos
That kid got the L after that dab
suresh rajpurohit
Plz Don't go
Iman Afshar
goldberg its best
Iman Afshar
noo goldberg gone im cry goldberg its best im love him but ha gone im cry for goldberg😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢
Dipendra Singh
Goldberg gone for ever or he will come back ???💐
Admiral Bulldog
Sanju Sanju
Goldberg is the greatest legend of wwe
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