Goldberg says goodbye ... for now: Raw Talk, April 3, 2017 (WWE Network Exclusive)

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One day after his earth-shattering match at WrestleMania, Goldberg bids farewell to the squared circle for the time being, courtesy of the award-winning WWE Universe.


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Dean Joubert
Goldberg should get his Rematch after his loss against the Beast Brock.
Manpreet Randhawa
if only, goldberg were always young..😔😓
Manpreet Randhawa
u know why undertaker was same weight because he did not left wwe since he started, but goldberg left in 2004 so his weight was lost and he forget about wwe...he lived with family...if he did not left then obeviously goldberg could lift undertaker easily...goldberg was looking small because he was so old at that goldberg old match....
Manpreet Randhawa
Goldberg is the biggest lifter in wwe history, he lifted every wrestler...he is the lion of powerful strength..his voice like aggressive lion.
Manpreet Randhawa
BIGGEST legend in WWE history, powerful lifter goldberg...he lifted every wrestler....undefeated streak...he lost match only with cheating......
Manpreet Randhawa
goldberg never defeat wrestlemania but he forced by brock in 2017,he lost wrestlemania because match was fixing and goldberg was so old,not young goldberg, this was not young goldberg like 1997....goldberg was shed his weight and he was no experience because he returned after 12 years and he did not use gym and he has not enough weight, he forgot his action moves...he lost just becausr of old age....u dont know about that goldberg when he was in 1997...miss u bill, nobody can defeat u in single match even undertaker and brock and others.
Manpreet Randhawa
undertaker never faced goldberg that time since 1997 to 2004, because undertaker knew that he will lost from goldberg, he knew about the powerful strength of GOLDBERG.
Manpreet Randhawa
Goldberg streak 173-0 and undertaker streak only 21-0....they r two undefeated legends in wwe....undertaker knew that time when faced goldberg...goldberg was looking very old and small unlike young goldberg in 1997.
Manpreet Randhawa
hey guys u all know about goldberg power at that time since 1997 to 2004,goldberg was undefeated with single match....
asad klair
His son is savage
Mark Calaway
He deserved a better reaction then this
sujal-vikas Jain
I am sad.........😥😥😥😥😥
Nishad 09
who's next?
for now...
Briege Byrne
now John Cena the only good wwe superstar left
nTR Plays
Ayush Vines
Waiting for his resturn
Aeneas Skywalker
I hope John Cena is NEXT!
Jacksepitceye Boss
Ryan Connell
That dab
Karim Badawe
fans : Please Goldberg comeback we miss you
Goldberg: i'm back
WWE: giving him one last Run As a champion
Fans: Give him One last title Run !!!
Goldberg gets one more run wins the championship
The Next Night
Fans: Boooooo
I mean seriously WTF
Devin Miller
There's a rumor that GOLDBERG WILL RETURN to WWE one more time sometime later this SUMMER....
Hacker Zone
come back soon Goldberg,,, we Will miss you...!!!😭😭😭
Foe those who are saying that he is retiring he is NOT why read the title it says FOR NOW and check his page in wikipedia it doesnt say that he is retired
Mohammad Usman Bashir
Hats off to the most dominant force in the history of professional wrestling 👍
1:41. lmao
Pranav Rastogi
Guys he is 50 years old and deserves respect😊😊
Just imagine after the dab his son climbs down the turnbuckle and turns around ....... SPEAR!!! JACKHAMMER! .... 1..........2.......... HE KICKED OUT!!!!😮😮😮
Man From Now Here
gσldвєrg íѕ thє mαn rσmαn rєígn íѕ вítch ín frσnt σf gσldвєrg
Man From Now Here
gσldвєrg íѕ thє mαn rσmαn rєígn íѕ вítch ín frσnt σf gσldвєrg
efkan basar
and brock
Wyatt Barnes
....Gage's dab lmao 😂
would be funny if goldberg got angry after that dab and speared his son
is he coming back
Roy Karagila
was that nikki bella?
Kadir Moummad
Brock Lesnar 👎👎👉👏🚫 werstlememnia zero👎👎
Kadir Moummad
Goldberg you have this 👍👍👏
Max Meza
greatest universal champion ever
Scotty Donnell
Goldberg, come back
Taqi Kazmi
plz sir come back again plz im your biggest fan and until now im just wacthing your wrestling plz come back again plz
This is only a portion of his full speech, he actually talked for 5 or 6 minutes
Alexander Garcia
you are my father Goldberg , i love you
Joshua Vargas
So sad to see Goldberg leave but like he said you never know "who's next "
Harmeet Sidhu
plse come BACK GOLDBERG...without u WWE is boring...lots of love from INDIA #wwe
Shabab Ashraf
The real brave wrestler in wwf history.the one n only mr.BILL GOLDBERG.
his son looks like he does not care if he lost his title
Parbhdeep Singh Sidhu
who want to see roman vs goldberg?
Anupam Pandey
Goldberg never lost any matches in his career ( fair matches) ..
....Brock conquered this Legend in WM33...bcoz "HE" made him to do.....
i hope he doesn't come back... he was a big waste of time...
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