Goldberg says goodbye ... for now: Raw Talk, April 3, 2017 (WWE Network Exclusive)

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One day after his earth-shattering match at WrestleMania, Goldberg bids farewell to the squared circle for the time being, courtesy of the award-winning WWE Universe.


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After that dab, Goldberg MUST spear his son and say "YOUR NEXT"
We will miss you Goldberg Farewell Mr . unstoppable
Jacket 319
0:52 gags
Randy Gonzalez
Brock Lesnar may have beaten Goldberg for the Universal Championship but he has not killed the legend only in Paul Heyman's fantasy, so like Heyman said to Goldberg I hope you enjoy your fantasy that Brock Lesnar killed the legend while it lasts Paul because at some point the legend will return and crush your fantasy
Abdullah Ismail
We Miss you GOLDBERG!
Om chaitanya
He is a true RAW fighter ....luv u a lot GOLDBERG
We All Blessed
wahab tariq
he will return again
Now, is when Golbergs' son returns to take a revenge for 15 years and he destructs all of the future wrestlers
Bollywood Vocalist
The last match between goldberg and lesnar was scripted, I still believe that goldberg is still strong and he Can defeat lesnar But lesnar is younger he has a future and goldberg is 50 I think now His prime days are finished! Thank you Taker and Thank you Goldberg!!!
Bryton Marxmillian
commooooon golgberg!!!!!just bcoz u lost one single from brock, doesnt mean u hav to retire dude. come baaaaaaaaaack😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
padma kant jha
You will be immortal in our minds.We accept one more return of you. You are the best legend wrestler ever in the history of not only wrestling but of the whole World.
Damn Lesler.
You are incredible.
You are the moves, theme, pin and victory of the whole World.
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Lol I didn't know he dabbed lol....
gooddoooggg hahah
never say never in the royal rumble
This moment does not deserve a Dab
and I never see a Jhon Cena vs Goldberg :(
Ryan V.
After the loss, he relinquished the title. After that dab, he relinquished his parental rights.
I never cared for wwe but goldberg was the most fun to watch and follow
Đức Trần
thank you goldberg
vincent 22
1:41 lol
Imran Khan
i salute to Goldberg.
A Kawaii Mudkip :3
did he really just cuss infront of his son
Electric Eagle
Dab 2017 go take a shower
Shubham upadhyay
goldberg says goodbye i tell goodbye wwe
adil khan
Goldberg Goldberg Goldberg Goldberg Goldberg Goldberg. ...............
Ashwani Tiwari
please Goldberg comeback
What has gone wrong with WWE fans, I have been watching wrestling since 2009 but something has changed a lot in wwe fans from the last 2-3 years
Goldberg is the dangerous man
not a boo in the building after that.
Cornelius Mwamba
am I the only one who misses goldberg already
mariamou magassa
reynard ch
1:22 The Microphone is trouble :v
Jacinth Lamb
Why!!!!!!!!!! it's just sad in just a few years a superstar goes nexy is probably John Cena
Nethujen Arunanthy
how to tell if you are a believer
Filip Novosel
Imagine if this was all an april 1st joke
That dab made me cringe 😂
Moses Cplion
what a legend 👏👏👏
Hatred Rules
The legend , and the biggest competitor of wrestling .....

I miss you Goldberg ...
Hiram Ortiz Jr
I hope you comeback soon Goldberg
Manish Ganvir
goldberg u r best.....please come back and show brock how best u are......brock is noting to you....we are waiting for u....please you
Vijay Jangir
one of the greatest beast in WWE Universe
Jacob Rose
You are the best Goldberg
el nino
his son the fan of tj perkins
Evil Knight Gaming
1:36 proof he's returning at wm 34 it will be Brock Lesnar Vs Roman Reigns For The WWE a champion ship Roman theme hits Brock from behind Brock gets Roman up F5 Roman kicks out Another F5 kicks out one more F5 1 2 3 Your Winner And NEWWWW wwe champion Broooockkk Goldberg theme hits jackhammer to Lesnar
Anders Henriksen
Goldberg is still a legend and he Will always be THE LEGEND.......
Yatharth Adsule
Goldberg's son deserved a jackhammer after that dab
brotha k3v
"for now" So does this mean he's gonna come back in the near future?
Usama Basra
Goldberg proved I am best wresler in the world
Jaydon Ramirez
We all love you Goldberg hugs and kisses peac brow your my hero
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