Shuhrat Ibadullayev
Ты не умеешь читать что-ли
So Superman isn't even in the movie except the dream scene?
Z Master
Jonathan PR
I miss Man of steel
Fernando Barbosa
The Best Movie Ever !!!!
Samson Jacob
Yairs Maximoff
Bill skarsgård new Joker
OC Dave
I can smell a trailer, just round the corner
Mehmet Burak SARISAYIN
I didn't like shape of "J" in the logo. Not symmetrical.
Gamers World khan
Where's Superman
Will it suck? Probably not bc Superman isn't in it. They can't seem to make a good movie with the Superman.
Joey Rodriguez
What about my boy Ezra?
star lord
i'm skipping boring thor to see much better movie. (i did this talking on popese)
Santiago Sanchez Cordoba
Javien Rodriguez
This Justice League movie is going to be number one movie of all all-time this my crazy the same I think this might be better than Star Wars and Spider-Man homecoming and it and Transformers The Last Knight and Logan and Thor Recon
matthew mixed marvel and dc channel
No herny cavill in these moments
K. T.
I'm hyped...but sad at the same time. I wish supes could be enjoying this with them.....but Noooooo! They had to kill him already.

I just wish he had more emotional attachment from the crew. I would of loved to see their reaction at his death.
All these videos must be a sign... NEW TRAILER INC!
Ishanth 2001
Wenger In
Teams gonna kick some ass LET'S GO LEAGUEEEEE
Pre Retcon Beyonder
So hyped
Mary Ellen Pallozzi
WB, make sure that you guys make The LEGO Batman-Ninjago Movie later on in the future for all of your long-time fans out there and be the, if not, THE most fun LEGO crossover movie Warner Bros. Studios has ever made in recent memory
this movie is even gonna LOOK better than The Avengers movies, saying that the action will be better is a no brainer. So excited for Steppenwolf and Supes return most of all
He is not the flash
Senjan Escavar
Why can't marvel do stuff like this
MKX Chrome
Sign the petition NOW - Don't wait. Your vote may make all the difference! #MortalKombat #Chrome #MK
Christiam disciple
Yeah baby!!!
Doomsday Paradox
Will there be another trailer ?
about 234ninjas
Who else can't wait to see this?
If you think Gal Gadots sweet tender ass is gonna pump me up to watch this film even're fucking right
sebastian guerrero
I still don't get what people had against Man of Steel or Batman versus Superman I really don't see the problems people had with those movies
DC Steppenwolf
Justice League will be the best movie of the year. UNITE THE LEAGUE!
I hope they don't repeat the mistakes made with bvs, by giving us a half baked movie, then release the actual version on blu ray. The mix of Snyder and whedon will be interesting, though I will miss Snyder's cinematic language and style post justice league.
edethaking eweka
What? I don't care about them casting the actors, or their favorite moment on set. I just want to see some new footage to get excited about the movie again.
Jitendra Yadav
Where is green lantern and superman
Danny1 pa
Please please be do well like wonder woman...I know I'm going to like it but dc needs this to be a hit
Sidagam Rohit
Tomorrow i have to face an interview that would probably get me a job.....

And here I am watching this video.....

And here you are, reading my comment!
Malcefium Mike
Just give me the movie already, I'm so excited to see it!
Miguel Gonzalez
Notice how the moments listed involve things from Batman.
Dety Sirath
UNIVERSE! please don't make this bad, please don't make this bad, please don't make this bad. I'm begging you. PLEASE
What about that time when Aquaman lost his trident and then borrows Diana's sword, it's one of my fave gifs out there
Right, this movie is coming out soon
Sujith Madhavan
Please don’t fuck this up Warner
Melih Rosenqvist
fuck man!! cant wait til see them... especialy Barryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
M /B
Man Of Steel
😘Keep Calm And Love DC😍
Nicky Morris
Anyone else hear him say "B.A." and initially think he meant Barry Allen, rather than Ben Affleck?
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