Ashley Conley
Evan please marry me?
min suga genius jjang jjang man bboong bboong
10:14 Evan, violently : KOREA FACT
this is what i live for
Alize Hoepfner
They are truly the human versions of Catdog!!
There's a place near my house called Houston's. Guaranteed best ribs in the world
CeCe Morgan
Adam is so chill
Angeli Lachica
At the last restaurant could they understand anything
Calvin Provido
i think they are finally broke
meow meow
Saijin Jien
Adam is the star here xD
Eashna Basnet
The chef talks bad words I find it uncomfortable
Can anybody let me know the song at 13:20 pls
Can anybody let me know the song at 13:20 pls
Weird Potato
The more "Worth It" videos I watch the hungrier I get. ⚫️﹏⚫️
Sondra Baker
best job in effin world
waifu inspector
1 dollar bill vs 100 dollar bill
$ icecream vs $$$ ice cream
Ha Ha
you guys should have tried Korean chicken! Koreans are crazy about chicken so there are more chicken places in Korea than Macdonalds in the world lol and It's amazing
Pfft. What if Steven tries a DNA test and sees he has a bit of Korean. Then Andrew and Evan are just laughing-
Tara Milk Tea
$ trash vs. $$$ trash
Andrew Leeseberg
Where is Season 3 Worth it?!?!
season 3 coming soon? :}
Hello L
When is the next season cmg
It's Mabel
Leanne Stocking
Steven is so attracted to David Chang.....
Ben Nguyen
Can you guys eat lasanga please
$ hookers vs $$$ hookers yes or no?
1. Take any inexpensive food
2. Put truffles, caviar, and gold on it
3. Call Buzzfeed
Hunter Alleman
Go to New Orleans pls
Serapina Chung
I went to the last two places,
and it was the real beef.
the crab is hella good too.
breaking point Pascua
$griled chees vs $ griled chees
Carlos Quiroz
Four guys and 2 pairs of chopsticks??? Lol
ankica milardovic
Evan and Adam should have their own series
I believe I have seen all your videos at least three times....I want to see the three of you more often.. If it's not all three of you, I don't think I would watch. Please make them more often!!!!!
Adaam is an artist with the camara yo
Stella Wan
and we are still waiting for season 3
Metro Animations
Wait... didn't McDonalds in america just just started doing McDelivery?
Steven got roasted!
Dominika Ožanová
2$ bagel vs. 1000$ bagel
Where You Can Find It: Westin Hotel, New York
McDonald's Delivers in London!(the area where I live)
Pls bring David to America
Enzo Picard
Heel tool poem emotion concerning decade since.
redme cry
pls do bowl of pho
Lacey English
Evan: They can't see your face
Adam: They don't need to see my face

I died :'D
2 month passed, still wait worth it newest video
Dezsi Odon
Jake Prillaman
Have they done one on wings yet?
anyone else find it extremely awkward when that korean chef was just talking them as they nod
Jacob Torres
Adam is definitely a precious cinnamon roll too perfect for this world.
Niko Weit
detective obvious discover television killer consistently away soil.
Ali Diaz
Adam is me
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