iPhone 7 Plus 4K Cinematic Video Footage

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How to shoot cinematic videos with your smartphone: http://matteobertolivisuals.blogspot.com/2016/12/how-to-shoot-cinematic-videos-with-your.html

A quick 4k video test shot on the brand new iPhone 7 Plus in Utah. To watch it in 4K for a better experience.

Shot on iPhone 7 Plus
Edited in FCPX
Graded in DaVinci Resolve

Native camera app and Filmakr  4K 24fps

4k 25fps

Music: "Forgotten Stars" by Sergey Cheremisinov (http://www.s-cheremisinov.com/)

just goes to show that you don't need a camera that's worth 100000$ to produce something epic. the only limit is your brain
Andrew Yohanes
Can I ask? What actually cinematic scene means? Whats the different betwen any footage video? Is it because u make it 16:9 n slowmotion u can call it cinematic? I really asking hereThanks
Wanna see original footage, before post-production :)
I was going to say.. this proves you don't need an expensive $1000 camera to produces great videos.. but I forgot iPhones are like $700+.. lol..
did you use any of those stabliziers or anything?
Hey was wondering how do you upload a Iphone 7 video with the same quality that is on the phone? My uploads Loss Resolution.
Thank you much , your channel is dope
Rohit Navalgund
That is sick! You just re-wrote the rule that the best camera is the camera you have. Awesome.
The Backpackers Ltd.
This is so beautiful. Nicely done. Thank you for sharing.
Jawed Wahedi
I have a big project coming up in May for my news media class and this would be great!!...I have the plus do you have any tutorial links? Thanks!
These look very professional and hollywood, especially with the nice lighting. Awesome!
Bobby Washington Vlog
How did you avoid shaky footage? I love it
Alexander Jimenez
I was wondering how did you put those black bars in the vid, I'm trying to make a cinematic video and post it on Instagram but I can't figure it out??? Please respond thanks
daniel bijo samuel
Can you please checkout my video too
I phone 7 plus cinematic footage
which programme did you use for color correction ?
What fps ?
Look like a movie 😲😱
Colby Lynes
I'm always blown away by iPhone 7 video quality... like I once thought I needed an expensive camera for trips but now like my phone in my pocket can save things in the cloud and on my phone and do anythin.. and apples software is why i first fell in love with apple. They make it so simple to do things
Andy Samaniego
how do you get that slow motion effect? I want to get into video taping and just trying to learn as i go.
Andy Lam Visuals
Awesome footage!
Them shorts tho
Kevin Bonetti
nice Victoria Skimboards grommet at the beginning!
Roberto Licardie
You should do another one but this time using an iphone anamorphic lens! Thatd be cool!
I subscribed by the way! Great work.
Peyton Carli
Can you do a video on how you color corrected this/made the clips look so cinematic
Ausanee Langkulsen
Are you free videos?
Beverly Melrose
Really my iPhone can do this?
Thot Patrol
"The iPhone is overpriced."
rogelio carub
is this shot before or after ios update????
Brian Harrington
Awesome! What song did you use for this?
Terry Tary
Can you tell me what brand of lenses to get? That actually work
It's been about two months since I got this phone, and I totally was unaware that I could shoot 4K ... I know what I'm doing today🤘🏽🤘🏽
Nikhil Sran Nikhil Sran
Looks amazing!
John Birmingham
I had dejavu about the room with the bicycle in it and another of your videos, not being weird just truthful
Guantanamo Peterson
As a galaxy s7 edge user whose phone takes incredible 4k video I have to say, the quality of the iphone 7 4k is incredible!!
Musi velli
This looks sharper than my GH4 camera
Tonio Torelli
Mic Vo
How do you get your footage to be so sharp? When I record with my iPhone 7, the quality is grainy. Any tips on how to improve the sharpness and quality? I use Filmic Pro and Premiere Pro CC
I love the iPhone cameras for that soft; film-like look they give, as apposed to android phones with that overly sharp look that's a tad hard on the eyes.
Dani F
It's breathtaking and the detail isn't overrated like S7, some might say S7 is better in 4k, but some people like the natural vibrant and details on the iphone 7 plus
Bryan Cintron
Holy fuck

Imagine the 7 plus on a gimbal 😻
Can you do the same for S7? 4k recording in S7 is phenomenal too!! Great Details, and authentic 4k sharpness! Except that the Dynamic Range can't be the same as IPhone 7. I definitely think that Samsung mastered 4k UHD recording already but didnt focused on the dynamic range
Creative Chuvak
I really can't believe, what is film on Iphone! Very cool camera
JustNYC •
I am impressed
Aaron Johnson Media
This footage really is amazing. I would be really curious what kind of post-production went into this.
That irony when people laugh about shooting video with ur phone. Bet they dont even know how to shoot properly with their sony A7sii
looks more filmic than 35mm film
Is the iphone footage here ALL 4K?
T-Stop PH
Gosh, so many dumbass jerks in the comments section! BTW, god, impressive dynamic range on 0:13, how did you do it?
Spontaneous Flopper
I watched this on my iPhone 7 with the speakers turned up to the max and it sounds so good.
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