Comey's Firing Is Inspiring 'Godfather' Comparisons

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A senior intelligence official equated the White House's means of firing FBI Director James Comey to Francis Coppola's classic 'horse head in the bed' scene.

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Mihovil Beck
"Who cares, nothing matters, no one knows anything, everything sucks" That's basically working title of War and Piece.
Natalee Steele
I havnt seen one of those calculators in forever! I remember my dad had one .
Sophie Pieroen
Don't want to ruin the joke but the Dutch headline read: 'Scared of cover-up after firing FBI- director' ;) Good effort though xx
xue 717
And cut at the interesting point? Come on, continue.
Ninosław Brzostowiecki
Oh man thank god they did not fire Colbert. He is the beast.
John Kikianis
You do the math you get the right answer....
The Shadow
Canadian intelligence service has warned the PMO of increasing likelihood the US administration may initiate a false terrorist attack to justify a declaration of martial law.
Go home Sarah Huckabee to change that dress you’ve been wearing it for days now funky bitch. Duh!!!
masao shiose
Why does his Dutch sound so German? lol
Ken wilkinson
Witch Hunt ? DING DONG The Witch Is Dead !Impeach Donald HUMP & Make America Great Again !! & Take Dumpster Slut Kellyanne Conway /dicklicker Spicer and boy humpa tucker Carlson with you !!!M DING DONG You Orange ASSWIPE !!!
Awab Qureshi
Missing: My jaw
Last seen on The floor
divyankur gautam
poor qatar got in the cross fire...BTW qataris have accepted that fact, you have not !!
Seth Friedman
Why is SC afraid to debate Alex Jones ?
Colbert is just spinning comedy gold week in & out. I salute you!
George Montero
This is getting tired....
Vrees voor doofpot na ontslag (translates to: Fear in front of coverup)
4 Spring Hill Rd, Concord MA
The "doofpot" in the Dutch newspaper headline means "deception". Writer's genius says, "Don't translate that. Just don't. I have a better idea."

Actual transl'n: "Fear of coverup after dismissal FBI topman".
Vinny Lewis
FOX's "Hollywood Walk of Shame': Trump hate equals ratings" says Stephen Colbert is not funny..........I TOTALLY AGREE..................He's a hilarious GENIUS
Grumor Town
Watch that doofpot!
We have a very bad situation here...if Trump gets dumped..we end up with Pence...OMG maybe we are better off with the idiot Trump because he will destroy the GOP, destroy the GOP's credibility and maybe we'll gain some republicans at the end of his term.
We are totally fucked either way... Pence ideas are so archaic and totally fucked up! He will send us back to the year 1937...
Women will lose, all minorities, poor people, No more science in schools, you will have to pray to his god... I can go on and on. We are fucked big time people :(
Doctor Hill
Thumbs up if you're not a victim.
Danny Davis
This mans ass must be lonely. Because Shit keeps coming from his ugly ass mouth!!!
Trump looks like abod of jor&dan=Both r lierz , kkkillers and theives...welcome to the Royal trea
Shane Mountain
more then two hundred years building the self proclaimed 'greatest country in the world' and it reduced to a corrupt laughing stock by a senior citizen and a foreign dictator and all right in your face with the thinnest of lies. This is how the keys to all the nukes in America fall into the hands of a lying incompetent.
Juan Trip
I would love to see one episode where or when, Stephen Colbert plays the music and Jon Batiste tells the stories. Just one time and see what happens.
"If you do the math, you get the right answer" damn. John babtist needs his own show 👌
Rome N
he (orange buffoon) is a cancer and need to be removed before we all die
Almin Mahmutovic
3:54 alstublieft 😂😂 where my dutchies at??
Coen van Tilburg
3:44 it reads 'Fear for [withholding of information regarding a certain subject, in this case probably Russia] after the firing of FBI-leader'
Nicson Flores
Watch that doofpot!
Patrick Angland
the gag with the adding machine never gets old.
Doofpot = deception (or foolishness
Nikolaos Vitoroulis
the DON... I GET IT, Double Entendre!
That last line was brilliant!
Ada Endeveld
doofpot means "cover up"
Ada, the Netehrlands
Erik Raudr
just for the record... "iets in doofpot steken" is a phrase for making something go away unnoticed. ( and the artikel was about it being an attempt to make it go away
Daniel Salmon
Stephen Colbert: "america is run by a group of powerful men many of which are very religious doing anything they can to protect there oil industry" truer words have never bin spoken
Fear of a cover-up after the dismissal FBI chief that´s the translation of the doofpot quote ...
Johnny Murgatroyd
Trump will literally nuke every city on earth before he allows himself to be overthrown.
Svukic Music
Question: why are Trump supporters willing to defend the indefensible, no matter what?
Nyraxx Gaming
qatari royals are not religious
yoyo mama
the guitarist is sure annoying at times...
No sponsors dropped the show #DROPTHESPONSORS Drop the sponsors of Stephen Colbert (liberal OOZE PUKE FUCK) Late Show #FireColbert
C. Stargo
Comey should have been fired right after he failed to indict Colbert's boss Hillary after she committed blatant treason.
Trump is a danger to humanity and this country. Impeachment can't come soon enough.
Ora Champa
So why Americans always put up a German accent when they are trying to pronounce Dutch? Shout out from The Netherlands.
Phonetic in English: Vrase vore doafpot na ontslag FBI-topman. Mind that we pronounce the g als we are gurgling, like in Achmed.
wish stephen would stop to respond more to batiste
Destiney Haddox
Please have that guy's microphone taken away....he sounds like a heckler and is distracting from Stephen Colbert. Seriously, there's no reason to hear his comments, they're not even jokes. Just, "Hmm" "Wow" "Yeah".
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