Guys, who won? Was it me (Matt) because I ate more or was it Ivey because she didn't drink the milk first? Comment #Matt or #Ivey and let us know!
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Jackie ahlers #1
I want to see Ivey not acting all weird
And that is not how u eat
Is not that hot
That is from Korea
And i'm from Korea♡♡♡♡^^♡
Cameron FH
Matt won
Jessie Knickle
Is he this annoying kid that used to make Dinky music videos? Lol he’s over exaggerating .. they aren’t that hot ....
Princesz flower
U need to eat fast and do not stop because it will be more spicy. One more thing, don't drink a lot of water cause it wil moreeeeee spiceyyyy🌶
Nusrat Jahan
i want that now if you want this like (;
Courtney Makowsky
I live like 5 minuets from there!!!
Batrisya Vlogs
Im malaysian and mostly malaysian ate spicy food
Batrisya Vlogs
Thats not spicy at all
i like spise staf
Angelynn Phan
First of all, you’re supposed to eat them with chopsticks and you need the broth, milk helps for me, I’ve tried this before and I think Ivey won because it’s still spicy no matter what and try ice cream instead. And finally you should try the paqui hottest chip in the world, it’s made from the hottest pepper in the world, Shaquille O’Neal cried, use ice cream if you do it, don’t touch your eyes and also if you try wasabi it’s made from horseradish
Katelyn Wilfong
i dont like you
Tristan Headen
Chris Sistrunk
IS that your girlfriend
shania freeman
Matty you won because you ate way more then Ivey that's why she didn't drink milk
nitika pant pai
#Matt won
nitika pant pai
Ranyah Abu Samra
mix the sauce and noodles together.
Emanuel Ellis
Warm Water Works
Emanuel Ellis
Warm Water Works
Bobby Campbell
Mat I do it for u because I felt bad so I added 11 pack of hot sors and super spisy pepperoni
Marcilina Goncalves
The girl did nothing.
Killer 13518
There dating
Avery Legan
Lea Sykora
Goshujin Sama
nope ivey won. rules are rules btw lmao
Robert Payne
i tryed it and it wasn't spicy
Acacia King
never mind
Acacia King
ivey won
Silvia Villal
I love you mb
matt won I can clearly see you won
Alyssa Hope Lively
Sea weed flakes I think
Jim Adler
ah yes mattyb in pain, a mattyb vid i can rlly get behind, jk matt i dont rlly hate you
Maria Bahlawan
I hate Ivey so Matt won
walawala haha
Mix well omg
Jenny Tacata
I think they sopose to mixe it first
Rabiyabibi Gurreeboo
Matt won
Gabrielle Chambers
I put a like on this because it was so funny put a like on this comment if you agree
Emilio Gabriela jiménez
《 natalie nggg 》
Ivey deserved to eat these HAHAAA
Mehreen Khan
#mattyb and #ivy
diy videos and life hacks
Omg they instantly turned so red😂
Linda Santaba
Hello matty b
ariyana msp
In my opinion it wasn’t hot it was good
It'sAbeautiful World
if you dont mix it well and keep the sauce near the middle all the heat and spice are gonna be there if you did mix it it would still be hot but not as hot as what you did at first p.s i know cause i did this challenge my cousin made this mistake
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