Cartoons As Humans

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In this Reaction Time Episode I reacted to cartoon animated characters in real life. A very talented artist decided to draw some of our favorite childhood cartoons as humans.

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This guy hasn't even smiled through this vid, he's mainly emotionless.. I like him
1:06 it says "talpal" if you wanted to know :)
Galib Kuranovic
Homer simpson was made by pewdiepie that is felix
buzz light-year is just wearing a power armour suit from fallout
LolliKitten 24
Why is mario and luigi not small???? Mario is like a little midget guy. TOOOOO TALL!
And pika looks like a cat... ITS AN ELECTRIC MOUSE :O.
abdibasidking12 ahmed
spongebop is a DEMON
Violet Starfire
As weird as it is I always thought of squidwords nose as a little ceasers bread stick
ArcticWind 1122 Msp
Tal ur not actually that TALO xDDDD roasted (god I try too hard)
Gaye Davis
Awwwwwwwwww Micky is SOOOOOO CUTE
I thought fry looked the best.
Bray Roy
Do you ride dirtbikes I do
Sierra Smith
Patrick looks like a butt plug.
Corwyn Banks Jr
lol tell me why steech look look like a Giant gremlin
Michelle Cairncross
cute Joy
me when does a SpongeBob voice over: Patrick live under a rock
people: AHH!!!it's A WITCH!!!!!
mario amd luigi looks like the neighbour from hello neighbour
Brody Yard
3:59 this kids head is a a LEMON πŸ‹πŸ‹
Natisha Jordan
4:03 this has ruind family guy for me :-( and I love family guy!::'(:O
Stitch looks like a gremblin
Seth Leavitt
sex any one like that nasty stuff
maizie macintosh
Lol The Homer Simpson one was made by PewDiePie.
Lemon Head
Cyrus Manimtim
the pics just make the cartoons more realistic... It not the human version of the cartoons
Fruit Squad
Wtf is wrong with you 🀣 I like it😘😍I know I'm 11 and ur like 20 but I'm sort of in love with u
Patrick was a nos less cone head :D
Julie McClurg
Julie McClurg
Mickey is adorable!
NightCore Gaming
it looks more worst than ever and it burning me to death
'As humans' ,Yes, Mickie was fantastically done as a human!
Zapp Niggs
Your sooo funny πŸ˜‚ and you are good at talking
princess lipalam
dont u mean real life not humans
Peter Fisher
he looks like a cod character and he's wearing a beinie.
son goku
what would i look like?
Xavier Carmona
at 1:06 that got me dead
Singingboy51788 Rocker
So crappy
Braden Watson
# Riped Pickachu
Horselover 27
If you tried to stop it at 1:06 it said "Tal Pal"
Hannahmbxo Gaming and more !!!
Everytime I watch ur vids my phone falls on my lip 😭😭😭
miami likely
that stewie picture is my screen saver on my school computer
Doge Amazing
who realized that Stewie sounds British?
Cookie Chocolate chip
His nose is big because a squids nose is there genitals.
ChiChi_The Werewolf_Aphmaufan
I come from the future of 2022. In the future there will be a war of werewolfs and meif'wa's (werewolves won) howls Bye goes make to the future
Ryleigh Connors
Stitch is a gremlin
LuisTheGamer LR
Play minecraft
Stella Leyvas-Martinez
no stich is cute like always in everytyep
Angel John
stick with the impersonations you gat me laughing like I'm retarded
Jackie Parton
Family Guy
fry looks like he's fried
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